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by Jzilla
Tue Jul 22, 2008 1:36 pm
Forum: Portable Freeware Discussion
Topic: smtp server like mini-Relay without virus ?
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I too use mini relay and have found no problems with it. To keep my password tools etc safe from overzealous anti virus, I keep them on a write-protected SD memory card. This with its usb adapter is small enough to keep in my wallet. Being write protected means I can plug it into any computer withou...
by Jzilla
Tue Jan 15, 2008 6:36 pm
Forum: Portable Freeware Submission
Topic: Xinorbis - powerful hard disk analyser
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Xinorbis hard disk analyser portable mode

From the help of the latest version the author states it is possible to run portable. And that he is open to suggestions to improve this mode of use By default Xinorbis will store the user preference to the registry every time it is closed down. In order to stop all registry access create a file cal...
by Jzilla
Mon Sep 04, 2006 1:38 pm
Forum: Freeware That Are Not Portable
Topic: Browzar
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More discussion about this IE wrapper at this blog Also I may be splitting hairs but in my mind this software isn't truely portable. While it is reasonable to assume that any machine you use it on is going to have ...