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2013-02-12 00:49:00
Updated by Andrew Lee

  • How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch [i]warsow_x86.exe[/i].
  • What's new: [b]Engine/gine/game:[/b] [list][*]Added identdded identity annd context info foor mumble 1.2. [*]Added precaching of playlists (up to 15 files). [*]Cache resoe resolvedd addresdresses for master seror master servers so co cliicking ing ‘join game’ doesn’t caust cause UI I or bacackground music to stutter. OpenAL souround module amutomatsicallyc convertsto stuttereo. sou[*]OpenAL sounds module automatically converts stoereo msounds to mono so they can be properlyan be spatiaroperliy spatialized. [*]Updated armor skiins. Bugf[/lixes: t] Made the fog te[b]Bugfixture nopicmip. Changed the default values:[/b] for s_mus[licvst][*]Made the folumeg toexture nopicmatcip. [*]Changed the default.cfg. Fixvalue for s_musicvolume to match d crefashult.cfg. in instagib, wh[*]Fixed crash in instagib, which was uas usually trigly triggeered by insnstajumps. [*]Shootable dooors and buttuttons woorked oed only once. [*]Fixed off-by-one error ir in glDrawRangeElements ‘eElements ‘end’ paarametermeter. [*]Map p fixes: wdm5 teleporxes: wdm5 teleport placements and layout fixes. ements and layout fixes. [*]Map fixesixes: GA spawnwned only innly in duel in wdm6. [/list]

2011-04-07 05:37:43
Updated by infimum

  • Version: Vv0.4261
  • System Requirement:
  • What's new: Engine/game: Added identity and context info for mumble 1.2. Added precaching of playlists (up to 15 files). Cache resolved addresses for master servers so clicking ‘join game’ doesn’t cause UI or background music to stutter. OpenAL sound module automatically converts stereo sounds to mono so they can be properly spatialized. Updated armor skins. Bugfixes: Made the fog texture nopicmip. Changed the default value for s_musicvolume to match default.cfg. Fixed crash in instagib, which was usually triggered by instajumps. Shootable doors and buttons worked only once. Fixed off-by-one error in glDrawRangeElements ‘end’ parameter. Map fixes: wdm5 teleport placements and layout fixes. Map fixes: GA spawned only in duel in wdm6.

2007-04-02 02:45:49
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