Change history for Zim

2021-10-14 06:46:25
Updated by Midas

  • Suggested by: smMidaragdus

2021-10-14 06:45:25
Updated by Midas

  • What's new: Available changelog is at [url][/url].

2021-10-13 06:07:02
Updated by Andrew Lee

  • Version: v0.74.02
  • Release date: 2021-109-152

2021-09-15 07:47:59
Updated by Andrew Lee

  • Version: v0.734.50
  • Release date: 2021-019-015

2021-02-07 06:06:45
Updated by Andrew Lee

  • How to extract: Download the installer and run. You will be given the option to install a portable version to a folder of your choice. Also, make sure to deselect [i]".zim file association"[/i] and [i]"Create registry keys and uninstaller"[/i] as these are enabled by default.After installation, do not select run. Instead, go to the destination folder and edit [i]environ.ini[/i]:[section][Envirfonnt=meonto]HOM[E=.nvironment]HOME=./TEMP=./tmpXDG_CONFIG_HOME=./XDG_CONFIG_HOME=./configXDG_CONFIG_DIRS=XDG_DATA_HIG_DIRS=XDG_DATA_HOME=./dataXDG_DataXDG_DATA_DIRS=XDG_CACHE_HOME=./cache[/font][/section]Basically, the default values are relative paths [i]"../"[/i] that points to the outer directory and we want to point them to the base directory.Finally, launch [i]zim.exe[/i].

2021-02-07 06:01:19
Added by Andrew Lee