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  • Categories: [Video - Players]
  • Additional features: [Video - Players] [Graphics - Miscellaneous]
  • License: [url=https://www.gnithub.corm/easymodo/qimgv/blob/licenses/licenses.hmastml#LicenseURr/LsICENSE]GNU GPLv3[/url]
  • Synopsis: qimgv is a open-source, cross-platform and customizable image (JPEG, GIF, PNG, APNG, RAW etc) viewer with optional video (MP4 and WEBM) support, written in Qt5. It supports basic image editing: crop, rotate and resize, as well as copy / move operations of images to different folders.It targets to have an uncluttered user interface i.e. you see UI elements only when you need them. There is a pull-down panel with thumbnails, as well as folder view (accessible by pressing [pre][/pre]). You can also bring up a context menu by right-clicking on an image.
  • Download URL:
  • Similar/alternative apps: [app=207]FastStone Image Viewer[/app], [app=30]XnView[/app]
  • Release date: 2020-05-054

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