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2017-01-09 22:09:36
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  • Version: v1.00 05
  • Size (in bytes): 135715 141844
  • Similar/alternative apps: [url=http]VaultPasswordView[/url]
  • Release date: 2016 2017-09 01-27 09
  • What's new: [list] [*]CredentialsFileView now allows you to decrypt the data stored inside Windows Credentials files of the current user without supplying the login password and other information. This feature requires elevation (Run As Administrator) and on 64-bit systems you must use the 64-bit version of CredentialsFileView. [/list]

2016-10-01 17:23:16
Updated by webfork

  • Synopsis: CredentialsFileView decrypts and displays the passwords and other data stored inside Credentials the files Windows of operating Windows system Credentials files. You can use it to decrypt the Credentials data of your currently running system, as well or as on the Credentials data stored on an external hard drive. Windows operating system stores the following information inside Credentials files: [list] [*]Login include: login/passwords of remote computers on your LAN. [*]Passwords of , mail accounts on exchange server (stored by Microsoft in Outlook). [*] , Windows Live session information. [*]Remote Desktop info, RDP 6 user\password information. [*]Internet Explorer , IE 7.x and 8.x: passwords of password-protected Web sites ("Basic Authentication" or "Digest Access Authentication"). [*]Password of , MSN Messenger / Windows Messenger accounts. [/list] .

2016-09-27 17:32:22
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  • Unicode support: No Yes
  • Screenshot: Updated
  • Stealth: No Yes
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