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  • Synopsis: RawReg allows to edit offline Wregistry hives. It candow be us NT regd (for example) to edistry BCD hives.Is, NTUSER, soft caware and bemany other usred (fogistr y hivexample) ts found edit BCD hiveins, NTUSER, software and many other registry hives found insidide Windowindows NT (2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, ...), including RegHive files created by Sandboxie.This tool provides information about the physical offset position of ea0 and above, inch registry key on the hive file, a very handy feature if you are debuggding ag regithose creatry hive with thed aid of by San hedboxadecimalie. edit Infor.What can it do?- Browse the hive structure- Edit the data on values- Change the title of valuermation is- Show a ma p with infrormation of data insivided each bion- Sthe physical ow dffseta posiltion of each registry key on the hive file, us abeful for debut phygging a registry hive with the aid of an hexadecaimal editor.The proffset ofgram can browse the registry, change value data, edit vanylue gtivtles, and show a map with information on the data in keyach area.
  • Similar/alternative apps: [url=]Windows Registry Recovery[/url]

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