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2017-04-21 08:16:59
Updated by SYSTEM

  • Version: v1.6 7.1 0
  • Size (in bytes): 22822902 22766597
  • Release date: 2016 2017-07 04-01
  • What's new: [list] [*]Fix Feature: [NewGRF] Extend the DCxx range to D800-DFFF (r27769) [*]Feature: [NewGRF, script] Increase the maximum number of GameScript texts to 64k, and NewGRF texts to 512k (r27758) [*]Feature: [NewGRF] CB 37 results 0x0401 and 0x0800-0BFF for improved control of display of input cargos in the industry GUI (r27751) [*]Feature: Compilation Sprites missing in outdated basesets are now provided by openttd.grf (r27732, r27731, r27730) [*]Feature: [NewGRF] String command 9A 1E to print the name of a cargo type (r27707, r27706) [*]Feature: [Debug] Assign descriptive names to threads [FS#6471] (r27674, r27673, r27670) [*]Feature: [NewGRF] Allow composing vehicles from multiple sprites (r27668) [*]Change: Enable realistic train and optimisation road issues vehicle with acceleration GCC6 by default (r27606 r27760) [*]Change: Hide the drive-in stops from the tram station picker (r27734) [*]Change: Do not count static NewGRF when checking for the maximum number of NewGRFs in a game (r27729) [*]Change: Limit waypoint area by maximum station spread during dragging (r27710) [*]Change: [Build] Re-enable Wnarrowing for gcc 4.9+ [FS#6532] (r27709, r27605 r27703) [*]Change: List railtype of rail tiles explicitly in the tile info window (r27686) [*]Change: Re-arrange the autoreplace GUI for trains, r27595 and do not filter it by railtype by default (r27683) [*]Change: Various performance improvements to CargoDist and LinkGraphs (r27682, r27681, r27614, r27613, r27612, r27611) [*]Change: Improve randomisation of rough land appearance (r27657) [*]Change: [Build] Enable C++11 for clang 3.3 (r27654) [*]Fix: Compilation Insufficient with --disable-network thread synchronisation when switching blitters lead to crashes [FS#6481 6510] (r27602 r27775) [*]Fix: Enabling palette animation for 32bpp blitters while paused skipped initialisation of the palette and resulted in black windows [FS#5889] (r27774) [*]Fix: Intro games other than the traditional nightly one would cause townname NewGRFs to not get activated in the game options [FS#5819] (r27772) [*]Fix: Some variables were not reset between loading old savegames, which made loading them fail [FS#6540] (r27770) [*]Fix: Removing secondary roadtypes from bridges was factor 2 too cheap [FS#6538] (r27746) [*]Fix: Extra viewports did not center on the selected tile [FS#6537] (r27743) [*]Fix: [NewGRF Build] shift Building on newer OSX versions with newer SDKs [FS#6295, FS#6502] (r27727, r27675) [*]Fix: Improve error message when trying to build rail track over a depot (r27726) [*]Fix: Rescanning NewGRF in-and-add-divide/modulo game varadjusts could break the loaded NewGRF, if very many NewGRF were in use (r27721) [*]Fix: Text signed could division overflow various GUI elements [FS#6527] (r27713) [*]Fix: Memory leak when reloading NewGRF (r27690, r27688, r27687) [*]Fix: When removing objects of bankrupt companies the tiles may revert to canal. In that case also check the ownership of the canal [FS#6511] (r27656) [*]Fix: Make the console file commands operate independent of the save/modulo load GUI (r27600 r27645) [*]Fix: Company When 0 dragging could vehicles accept in engine group previews or before depot they GUI, draw were the offered complete articulated vehicle (r27598 r27632) [*]Fix: When dragging multiple vehicles in the depot, make the destination gap as long as the chain instead of just considering the first vehicle (r27629) [*]Fix: [Build] Change the GCC version detection so that it works with two-digit and truncated versions [FS#6487] (r27623, r27616) [*]Fix: Do not hide filtered and highlighted industries by overlapping tiles in the zoomed-out smallmap (r27622, r27621, r27620) [*]Fix: [Script] Kill scripts, when a non-suspendable valuator call takes way too long [FS#6473] (r27594) [/list]

2016-07-19 23:44:33
Updated by Midas

  • Website URL:
  • Version: v1.6.0 1
  • Size (in bytes): 14379389 22822902
  • Release date: 2016-04 07-01
  • What's new: [list] [*]Feature: [NewGRF] Allow custom sound IDs in RV property 0x12, ship property 0x10 Fix: Compilation and aircraft optimisation property issues 0x12 (r27507) [*]Feature: When with viewing online content of a particular type, hide content of other types unless they have been GCC6 (auto)selected for download (r27469 r27606, r27468 r27605, r27444 r27595) [*]Feature: [NewGRF] Move sprite 8 positions in sprite aligner Fix: Compilation with ctrl+click ([url=]FS#6241[/url]) (r27451) [*]Feature: Lower the sell --disable-vehicle and sell-chain buttons in the train depot GUI while dragging a vehicle over it ([url=] network [FS#6391[/url]) (r27450, r27446 6481] (r27602) [*]Feature: Make the object placement GUI an independent window (r27438, r27397, r27346) [*]Feature: [Build] Project files and compilation with MSVC2015 (r27385, r27382, r27381, r27380, r27379) [*]Feature Fix: [NewGRF] Allow railtype NewGRF to define separate sprites for the fences on either track side ([url=]FS#6315[/url]) (r27354, r27343) [*]Feature: [NewGRF] Increase the maximum amount of industry types to 128 per NewGRF shift-and 240 in total (r27279) [*]Feature: Make Ctrl+Remove-Roadstop also remove the road, just like for rail stations ([url= add-divide/task/6252]FS#6252[/url]) (r27251) [*]Change: [NewGRF] Allow static NewGRF to enable the second rocky tile set (r27497) [*]Change: Round loading percentage in loading indicators and conditional orders towards 50%, so that 0% and 100% mean completely empty or full (r27426) [*]Change: [Build] Rework the configure system to make modulo more varadjusts use of signed pkg-config (r27377:r27366, r27361, r27360) [*]Change: Enable YAPF cache debugging with desync debug level 2 (r27332) [*]Change: [strgen] Default plural subparameter position for CARGO_xxx string control codes is subparameter 1 (r27295) [*]Change: [NewGRF] Translate industry variable A6 (r27267) [*]Change: Do not consider cargo that is already being loaded as waiting cargo wrt. the station rating ([url= division/task/6165]FS#6165[/url]) (r27256) [*]Change: Tune down terrain generation to reduce amount of long slopes modulo (r27230 r27600) [*]Change Fix: Generate Company more detailed curves at the coast (r27229) [*]Change: Slightly more water in the non-custom sea levels (r27228) [*]Change: Be more lenient about road stop removal when at least one stop 0 could be accept removed ([url=]FS#6262[/url]) (r27225) [*]Fix: [Win32] Stdin/out/err engine need previews to before be they re-assigned were differently if the runtime lib of MSVC2015 is used offered (r27481) [*]Fix: [Haiku] On Haiku use the appropriate system variable to obtain the include dir ([url=]FS#6401[/url]) (r27472 r27598) [/list]

2016-05-18 12:55:10
Updated by Emka

  • How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Create an empty [i]openttd.cfg[/i] file. Launch [i]openttd.exe[/i]. To save space, delete unnecessary items in the [i]lang[/i] folder.

2016-04-11 05:24:46
Updated by SYSTEM

  • Version: v1.5 6.3 0
  • Size (in bytes): 22645122 14379389
  • Release date: 2015 2016-12 04-01
  • What's new: [list] [*]Fix: When Feature: [NewGRF] Allow selecting custom a sound refit IDs cargo in for RV orders property 0x12, do ship not property check 0x10 whether and the aircraft vehicle property is 0x12 (r27507) [*]Feature: When in viewing a online depot content or of station, and a do particular not type, hide ask content whether of the other vehicle types currently unless allows they station-refitting. Also have hide the refit cost been (auto)selected for orders download (r27469, r27468, it is not predictable (r27428 r27444) [*]Fix: Use the Feature: [NewGRF] Move railtype sprite sorting 8 order positions in the sprite infrastructure aligner window (r27427 with ctrl+click ([url=]FS#6241[/url]) (r27451) [*]Fix Feature: Crash Lower when the switching sell-vehicle to and or sell-chain taking buttons over in companies, when the an train order depot window GUI of while dragging a vehicle of over the new company was opened. Now close those windows it ([url= 6391]FS#5842 6391[/url]) (r27425 r27450, r27446) [*]Fix Feature: Towns Make did the not object connect placement roads GUI to an existing independent roads window (r27438, unless r27397, r27346) [*]Feature: [Build] Project they files had and only compilation a with single roadbit. Otoh MSVC2015 (r27385, towns r27382, r27381, r27380, r27379) [*]Feature: [NewGRF] Allow also railtype tried NewGRF to connect define to separate single sprites roadbit for tiles the such fences as on tunnels either and depots, even though they were not connectable in the direction of track interest side ([url= 6315]FS#6374 6315[/url]) (r27424 r27354, r27343) [*]Fix: When Feature: [NewGRF] Increase towns the expanded maximum single-bit amount roadtiles of using industry a types grid-layout, they to used 128 the per layout NewGRF position and of 240 the in neighbouring tile total (r27423 r27279) [*]Fix Feature: Aircraft Make picked Ctrl+Remove-Roadstop the also wrong remove airport the entry point road, if just airports like were rotated by for 180 rail degree stations ([url= 6252]FS#6341 6252[/url]) (r27422 r27251) [*]Fix: Consider Change: [NewGRF] Allow text static and NewGRF icon to sizes enable when the drawing second the rocky client tile list ([url=]FS#6265[/url]) (r27421 set (r27497) [*]Fix Change: GrowTownAtRoad Round sometimes loading returned percentage false, even in when loading a indicators house and was conditional built ([url=]FS#6362[/url]) (r27420) [*]Fix: CmdSellRailWagon orders did towards not 50%, so revert that all 0% and actions 100% mean properly completely when empty no or orderlist full (r27426) [*]Change: [Build] Rework could the be allocated ([url=]FS#6369[/url]) (r27419) [*]Fix: Desync configure due system to incorrect make storage more use of segments pkg-config (r27377:r27366, r27361, r27360) [*]Change: Enable with YAPF different cache railtype debugging in with the desync YAPF debug cache ([url=]FS#6329[/url]) ([url=]FS#6379[/url]) (r27418 level 2 (r27332) [*]Fix: When Change: [strgen] Default a plural dedicated subparameter server position was for paused CARGO_xxx with string no control clients, the codes master is server subparameter advertisement 1 (r27295) [*]Change: [NewGRF] Translate interval industry was variable slowed, causing A6 (r27267) [*]Change: Do deadvertisement not of consider cargo that is already being loaded as waiting cargo wrt. the server station rating ([url= 6165]FS#6368 6165[/url]) (r27400 r27256) [*]Fix: [Makefile] Game Change: Tune script down directory terrain and generation compat*.nut to were reduce never amount installed of on *nix long slopes (r27399 r27230) [*]Fix Change: There Generate are more two detailed different curves availability at conditions the for coast (r27229) [*]Change: Slightly fdatasync more water in the manpage. Use non-custom them sea both, since levels (r27228) [*]Change: Be at more least lenient on about some road MinGW stop versions removal one when is at not least enough (r27389) [*]Fix: win32 one sound stop driver could failed be to report errors (r27383 removed ([url=]FS#6262[/url]) (r27225) [*]Fix: Clickareas : [Win32] Stdin/out/err in need settings to tree be were re-assigned misaligned differently when if the filter runtime warning lib was of displayed, if MSVC2015 the is setting used (r27481) [*]Fix: [Haiku] On height Haiku was use defined the by appropriate the system icons variable instead to of obtain the font include dir ([url= 6401]FS#6358 6401[/url]) (r27366) [*]Fix: Center settings filter warning also vertically, and also in case of multiple lines (r27365 r27472) [/list]

2015-12-17 23:01:02
Updated by webfork

  • How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch [i]openttd.exe[/i]. For To extra save storage savings space, the 'lang' folder or any delete unnecessary language items files in therein can safely be deleted the [i]lang[/i] folder.

2015-12-16 07:55:52
Updated by SYSTEM

  • Version: v1.5.2 3
  • System Requirement:
  • Size (in bytes): 22641197 22645122
  • Release date: 2015-09 12-01
  • What's new: [list] [*]Change Fix: Auto-complete When partial selecting roads a when refit building cargo level for orders, do not check whether the vehicle is in a depot or station, and do not ask whether the vehicle currently allows station-crossings ([url=]FS#6283[/url]) (r27309 refitting. Also hide the refit cost for orders, it is not predictable (r27428) [*]Fix: Do Use not the rerandomise NewGRF railtype sorting order in the town infrastructure name window (r27427) [*]Fix: Crash when only switching cost-estimating to or taking over companies, when an order window of a vehicle of the founding new company was opened. Now close those windows ([url= 5842]FS#6332 5842[/url]) (r27341 r27425) [*]Fix: Make Towns variety distribution did not assume connect that roads sea to level existing is roads, unless at they height had 0.2 / 3 * TGPGetMaxHeight() ([ only a single roadbit. Otoh, towns also tried to connect to single roadbit tiles such as tunnels and depots, even though they were not connectable in the direction of interest ([url= 6374]FS#6335 6374[/url]) (r27331, r27330, r27329, r27328 r27424) [*]Fix: Remove When towns corner expanded single-case bit optimisation roadtiles for using line a drawing grid-layout, which they failed used for the dashed layout lines (r27324) [*]Fix: Clipping position of inclined the lines neighbouring did tile (r27423) [*]Fix: Aircraft not account for picked the 'horizontal width' being wrong bigger airport than entry the 'real width' (r27323 point, r27322) [*]Fix: Incorrect if owner airports assignment were when rotated adding/removing by road/tram to/from 180 bridges degree ([url= 6341]FS#6317 6341[/url]) (r27313, r27312 r27422) [*]Fix: Mark Consider infrastructure text window and dirty icon in sizes more when cases (r27311) [*]Fix: Prevent drawing breaking the of client tram-reversal points by adding more road pieces list ([url= 6265]FS#6283 6265[/url]) (r27308 r27421) [*]Fix: Error GrowTownAtRoad message sometimes window returned with false, even manager when face a failed with house GUI was zoom built ([url= 6362]FS#6259 6362[/url]) (r27307 r27420) [*]Fix: Account CmdSellRailWagon for did road-bridges not and revert drive-through-stops all in actions CanFollowRoad properly when no orderlist could be allocated ([url= 6369]FS#6320 6369[/url]) (r27306, r27305 r27419) [*]Fix: Password Desync window due layout to incorrect storage of segments with GUI different railtype in the YAPF zoom cache ([url= 6329]FS#6321 6329[/url]) ([url=]FS#6379[/url]) (r27304, r27303 r27418) [*]Fix: Speed-only When timetables a got dedicated assigned server times was in paused with no clients, the master server advertisement interval was slowed, causing deadvertisement of the stations server ([url= 6368]FS#6313 6368[/url]) (r27302, r27301 r27400) [*]Fix: [Makefile] Game script directory and compat*.nut were never installed on *nix (r27399) [*]Fix: Enforce There are two different availability conditions for fdatasync in the company's manpage. Use them both, since at least on some MinGW versions one is not enough (r27389) [*]Fix: win32 sound driver failed to report errors (r27383) [*]Fix: Clickareas in settings default tree service were intervals misaligned when purchasing the another filter company warning was displayed, if the setting height was defined by the icons instead of the font ([url= 6358]FS#6254 6358[/url]) (r27282, r27281 r27366) [*]Fix: Cloning/autoreplace/autorenew Center did settings not filter copy warning custom also service vertically, and intervals also in case of multiple lines (r27280 r27365) [/list]

2015-09-12 01:55:57
Updated by webfork

  • Synopsis: OpenTTD is a free and open source business simulation game in which the player aims to earn money through transportation of passengers and freight by road, rail, water and air. OpenTTD . The program is based upon the popular game Transport Tycoon Deluxe, written by Chris Sawyer for Microprose. It , and attempts to mimic the original game as closely as possible while extending it with new features.

2015-09-04 07:26:45
Updated by SYSTEM

  • What's new: [list] [*]Change: Auto-complete partial roads when building level-crossings [ ([url=]FS#6283] ( [/url]) (r27309) [*]Fix: Do not rerandomise the town name when only cost-estimating the founding ([url=]FS#6332[/url]) (r27341) [*]Fix: Make variety distribution not assume that sea level is at height 0.2 / 3 * TGPGetMaxHeight() ([url=]FS#6335[/url]) (r27331, r27330, r27329, r27328) [*]Fix: Remove corner-case optimisation for line drawing, which failed for dashed lines (r27324) [*]Fix: Clipping of inclined lines did not account for the 'horizontal width' being bigger than the 'real width' (r27323, r27322) [*]Fix: Incorrect owner assignment when adding/removing road/tram to/from bridges ([url=]FS#6317[/url]) (r27313, r27312) [*]Fix: Mark infrastructure window dirty in more cases (r27311) [*]Fix: Prevent breaking of tram-reversal points by adding more road pieces ([url=]FS#6283[/url]) (r27308) [*]Fix: Error message window with manager face failed with GUI zoom ([url=]FS#6259[/url]) (r27307) [*]Fix: Account for road-bridges and drive-through-stops in CanFollowRoad ([url=]FS#6320[/url]) (r27306, r27305) [*]Fix: Password window layout with GUI zoom ([url=]FS#6321[/url]) (r27304, r27303) [*]Fix: Speed-only timetables got assigned times in stations ([url=]FS#6313[/url]) (r27302, r27301) [*]Fix: Enforce the company's default service intervals when purchasing another company ([url=]FS#6254[/url]) (r27282, r27281) [*]Fix: Cloning/autoreplace/autorenew did not copy custom service intervals (r27280) [/list]

2015-09-04 07:25:35
Updated by SYSTEM

  • Version: v1.5.1 2
  • Size (in bytes): 22636460 22641197
  • Release date: 2015-06 09-01
  • What's new: [list] [*]Fix Change: Do Auto-complete not partial consider roads road when junctions building with trivial dead ends as branch points during town growth ([url=] level-crossings [FS#6245[/url]) (r27260, r27259, r27244 6283] (r27309) [*]Fix: ScriptList::RemoveList Do failed not to rerandomise remove the a town list name from when only cost-estimating the itself founding ([url= 6332]FS#6287 6332[/url]) (r27258 r27341) [*]Fix: Combined Make button+dropdown variety widgets distribution in not order assume and that autoreplace sea GUI level had is incorrect at hitbox height when using GUI zoom ([ 0.2 / 3 * TGPGetMaxHeight() ([url= 6335]FS#6270 6335[/url]) (r27255 r27331, r27330, r27329, r27328) [*]Fix: When Remove building corner-case a optimisation lock for on line DC_AUTO-removable water-based objects drawing, the which water failed class for was dashed always set to canal ([url=]FS#6264[/url]) (r27254 lines (r27324) [*]Fix: When Clipping crossing of tram inclined tracks lines with did railroads, cost not of account extra for roads the 'horizontal was width' being not bigger being than counted ([url=]FS#6282[/url]) (r27253 the 'real width' (r27323, r27322) [*]Fix: Invalid Incorrect infrastructure owner counting assignment when crossing adding/removing road/tram tracks to/from with railroads bridges ([url= 6317]FS#6281 6317[/url]) (r27252 r27313, r27312) [*]Fix: Broken Mark error infrastructure message window dirty in configure ([url=]FS#6286[/url]) (r27250 more cases (r27311) [*]Fix: In Prevent some breaking cases of town tram-reversal growth points failure by was adding considered more as road success pieces ([url= 6283]FS#6240 6283[/url]) (r27249, r27247 r27308) [*]Fix: Town Error labels message on window smallmap with and manager zoomed-out face viewports failed were with not GUI centered zoom ([url= 6259]FS#6257 6259[/url]) (r27248 r27307) [*]Fix: Removing Account a for rail road-bridges waypoint and used the remove drive-rail through-station stops cost in CanFollowRoad ([url= 6320]FS#6251 6320[/url]) (r27245 r27306, r27305) [*]Fix: Duplicate Password frees window due layout to with pool GUI item classes not having copy constructors zoom ([url= 6321]FS#6285 6321[/url]) (r27243 r27304, r27303) [*]Fix: Crash when no AIs were installed due to improper handling of non Speed-ASCII only characters timetables by got the assigned string times pointer in lexer stations ([url= 6313]FS#6272 6313[/url]) (r27233) [*]Fix: Compilation on DragonflyBSD ([url=]FS#6274[/url]) (r27224 r27302, r27223 r27301) [*]Fix: Use Enforce the current company's maximum default speed service as limited by bridges, orders etc. for all vehicle types alike intervals when considering purchasing increased another smoke emissions of vehicles company ([url= 6254]FS#6278 6254[/url]) (r27222 r27282, r27281) [*]Fix: Multi-value Cloning/autoreplace/autorenew keys did in the desktop entry shall end with a trailing separator (r27221) [*]Fix: Draw path reservation on the whole bridge, not only copy on custom the bridge heads (r27209) [*]Fix: Draw correct overlay sprites for path reservations on bridges and service tunnels intervals (r27208 r27280) [/list]

2015-08-18 05:30:03
Updated by SYSTEM

  • Website URL: http
  • Version: v1.5.0 1
  • Size (in bytes): 22628295 22636460
  • Download URL: http https://fr.binaries en/releases/1.5.0/openttd stable
  • Release date: 2015-04 06-01
  • What's new: [list] [*]Fix: [NewGRF] Add : Do Misc. GRF not Feature consider Flag road 6 junctions with trivial dead ends as branch points during town growth ([url=]FS#6245[/url]) (r27260, r27259, r27244) [*]Fix: ScriptList::RemoveList failed to enable remove a list from itself ([url=]FS#6287[/url]) (r27258) [*]Fix: Combined button+dropdown widgets in order and autoreplace GUI had incorrect hitbox when using GUI zoom ([url=]FS#6270[/url]) (r27255) [*]Fix: When building a lock on DC_AUTO-removable water-based objects, the second water rocky class tile was always set [ to canal ([url=]FS#6260] (r27200 6264[/url]) (r27254) [*]Fix: When crossing tram tracks with railroads, cost of extra roads was not being counted ([url=]FS#6282[/url]) (r27253) [*]Fix: Invalid infrastructure counting when crossing tram tracks with railroads ([url=]FS#6281[/url]) (r27252) [*]Fix: Broken error message in configure ([url=]FS#6286[/url]) (r27250) [*]Fix: In some cases town growth failure was considered as success ([url=]FS#6240[/url]) (r27249, r27247) [*]Fix: Town labels on smallmap and zoomed-out viewports were not centered ([url=]FS#6257[/url]) (r27248) [*]Fix: Removing a rail waypoint used the remove-rail-station cost ([url=]FS#6251[/url]) (r27245) [*]Fix: Duplicate frees due to pool item classes not having copy constructors ([url=]FS#6285[/url]) (r27243) [*]Fix: Crash when no AIs were installed due to improper handling of non-ASCII characters by the string pointer lexer ([url=]FS#6272[/url]) (r27233) [*]Fix: Compilation on DragonflyBSD ([url=]FS#6274[/url]) (r27224, r27223) [*]Fix: Use the current maximum speed as limited by bridges, orders etc. for all vehicle types alike when considering increased smoke emissions of vehicles ([url=]FS#6278[/url]) (r27222) [*]Fix: Multi-value keys in the desktop entry shall end with a trailing separator (r27221) [*]Fix: Draw path reservation on the whole bridge, not only on the bridge heads (r27209) [*]Fix: Draw correct overlay sprites for path reservations on bridges and tunnels (r27208) [/list]

2015-05-06 09:17:15
Updated by Midas

  • How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch [i]openttd.exe[/i]. For extra storage savings, the 'lang' folder or any unnecessary language files therein can safely be deleted.
  • Keywords: simulation strategy

2015-04-28 13:53:35
Updated by Midas

  • What's new: [list] [*]Fix: [NewGRF] Add Misc. GRF Feature Flag 6 to enable the second rocky tile set [FS#6260] (r27200) [/list]

2015-04-28 13:52:31
Updated by Midas

  • Suggested by: Midas mcfroogle

2015-04-28 13:51:45
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