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2019-05-24 05:13:51
Updated by billon

  • Categories: [Internet - Miscellaneous]
  • Version: v1.2230
  • Size (in bytes): 1194027355
  • Keywords: quick%20set%20dns setdns nirsoft
  • Release date: 20189-065-223
  • What's new: [list][*]FixAdded support for IPv6. In order to set the IPv6 DNS servers, you have to use the 'Set Active DNS (IPv4+IPv6)' option. If you want to set only the IPv4 DNS servers, like the previous versions, you should use the 'Copy e 'Seet Active DNS Command Line(IPv4)' option - Added quotes to the [i].exe[/i] file.[/list]

2018-06-23 19:29:12
Updated by billon

  • Version: v1.212
  • Size (in bytes): 119259403
  • Release date: 2018-06-1022
  • What's new: [list][*]You can now spFixecifyd the connection name in command-line, for example:[font=mone 'Cospace]QuickSetDNS.exey /SetDNS ","Command "Localine' option - Arddead Connquotecs to the [ion"].exe[/fonti] file.[/list]

2018-06-10 18:19:48
Updated by billon

  • Version: v1.201
  • Size (in bytes): 118897259
  • Release date: 2018-056-10
  • What's new: [list][*]Added new default DNS servers: Cloudfare ([font=monospaYou ce][/font]) and Quad9n ([font=monow specify the connection name in ce][/fommant]). Be aware that these DNS servers are added -line, for example:[font=mononly whspacen you run ]QuickSSetDNS.exe in the first /SetimeDNS (without [i]"," "Locfgal Area Connection"[/i] file)ont].[/list]

2018-05-12 04:31:47
Updated by billon

  • Icon: Updated
  • Screenshot: Updated

2018-05-12 04:23:51
Updated by billon

  • Website URL:
  • Version: v1.1520
  • Size (in bytes): 112338897
  • Unicode support: No Yes
  • Download URL:
  • Stealth: Yes No
  • Keywords: quick%20set%20dns setdns
  • Similar/alternative apps: [url=]Public DNS Server Tool[/url]
  • Release date: 2018-05-11-09
  • What's new: [list][*]Added '[i]Open Adapter In RegEnew default DNS servers: Cloudit[/i]' option, which fallows you to open the settings of the selected re ([font=monetwork adspapter in the Rcegistry]1.[*]You can now manually set the DNS servers in the Registry, and then use [i]/SetDNS[/i] command with '[i]reg1.1.1[/ifont]' value to up) andate the system with the Registry changes yoQu made,9 ([font=monospace][/font]). Be aware that these DNS server exs ampre added onle:[i]y when you run QuickSetDNS /SetDNS rin the first time (without [i].cfg "{F41A4233-02DA-42D6-A97B-A2D12F9FE0CD}"[/i] file).[/list]

2015-11-09 13:10:27
Updated by billon

  • Version: v1.105
  • System Requirement:
  • Size (in bytes): 1093212337
  • Release date: 2015-07-11-09
  • What's new: [list][*]Added '[i]Open Adapter In RegEdit[/i]' option, which allows you to open the settings of the selected network adapter in the Registry.[*]You can now manually set the DNS servers in the Registry, and then use [i]/SetDNS[/i] coption to choosmmand with '[i]reg[/i]' value to update the system with the Registry achanges yothu mader, font (namr e xand size) to dismplay e:[i]Quin ckSetDNS /SethDNS reg ma"{F41A4233-02DA-42D6-A97B-A2D12F9FE0CD}"[/in window].[/list]

2015-07-19 19:15:54
Updated by Checker

  • Version: v1.105
  • Size (in bytes): 109184322
  • Release date: 2015-057-2219
  • What's new: [list][*]Added 'Puoption to Icon Onhoose Tanotheray' font (name and size) to display in the main wiondow.[/list]

2015-05-22 21:37:26
Updated by Checker

  • Version: v1.035
  • Size (in bytes): 109180854
  • Screenshot: Updated
  • Release date: 2015-025-1822
  • What's new: [list][*]Fixed bug: On some systems, QuickSetDNS faileAdd to display network adapters in the 'Putop Icombo-bn On Tray' optioxn.[/list]

2015-02-19 17:22:42
Updated by Checker

  • Version: v1.023
  • Size (in bytes): 1079138085
  • Release date: 20000-0015-002-18
  • What's new: [list][*]AddFixed bug: On some systems, QuickSetDNS failed 'Ad to display network adaypters On Toin the top' coptionmbo-box.[/list]

2014-08-31 00:12:10
Updated by Checker

  • Version: v1.012
  • Size (in bytes): 10789137
  • What's new: [list][*]Added 'Router DNS' item, which alAlows ayou to choose the internal DNS server of your rOn Toup' opterion.[/list]

2014-03-21 22:37:17
Updated by Checker

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2014-02-24 19:04:54
Updated by Checker

  • Version: v1.001
  • Size (in bytes): 10702837
  • What's new: [list][*]Added 'Router DNS' item, which allows you to choose the internal DNS server of your router.[/list]

2013-10-29 15:02:17
Updated by I am Baas

  • Dependencies: Administrator rights

2013-10-28 11:48:39
Added by Checker