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2017-05-29 06:51:50
Updated by billon

  • Unicode support: No Yes

2017-05-29 06:46:44
Updated by billon

  • Icon: Updated
  • Screenshot: Updated

2017-05-29 06:39:39
Updated by billon

  • Version: v1.115
  • System Requirement: Win98 WinME WinNT
  • Size (in bytes): 586630169
  • Release date: 20000-0017-005-28
  • What's new: [list]Added:[list][*]'Added 'Sortlways On ETop' option.[*]Lower pane that displays image preview of the selected clipboard item (only Uwhen the select clipdboard ite'm ois bitmaption).[/list]

2014-03-21 16:42:15
Updated by Checker

  • Forum topic ID: 05746

2014-02-26 19:21:14
Updated by Checker

  • Version: v1.101
  • System Requirement:
  • Synopsis: Clipboardic is a small utility that monitors clipboard (whenever you copy or cut) activity and automatically saves the data into a Windows clipboard file. When you need the copied data again, you can simply select the right clipboard file, and Clipboardic will automatically insert it into the clipboard (to paste). Clipboardic also allows you to easily share the clipboard data between multiple computers on your local network.
  • Size (in bytes): 58301959
  • What's new: [list][*]Added 'Sort On Every Update' option.[/list]

2013-02-12 00:52:38
Updated by Andrew Lee

  • Synopsis:
  • How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch [i]Clipboardiic..exe.[/i]

2011-03-07 18:45:34
Added by webfork