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  • Release date: 20000-009-002-11
  • What's new: [list][*]Fixed: splitting by count of lines did not always work fine if the internal memory buffer size was superior to 64kb.[*]Default size of the internal memory buffer now set to 64kb.[*]Fixed input problem in some fields (the value resets to '0' when the field is empty).[*]The filename of the piece currently being processed is now displayed.[*]Fixed: GUnite.exe prompts for an incorrect file name when uniting a file split with custom filename mask.[*]Updated memory manager and skin engine.[*]New Check For Updates feature in Help menu.[*]Minor improvements and bug fixes.[*]Updated help file with a FAQ and troubleshooting section.[/list]Full changelog at [url][/url].

2013-02-12 00:26:01
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  • Synopsis:
  • How to extract: Download portable ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch [i]GSpliit.eexe[/i].

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  • Version: Vv3.0.1
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2010-03-08 20:14:22
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  • Synopsis: GSplit is a versatile file splitter that can split a large file into multiple pieces based on u-splitter that can split a large file into multiple parts based on user-specified parameters. It is also able to generate self-uniting executables (with file corruption auto-detection) that do not require any progr-spam on the decstifnatiedon paramachineters.This is It is aluseful for able to generate ransfelrring f-uniting executables (wihen there files a corruption auto-bandwidetection) tthat does not require GSplit to be available on theor destinationrage mcachinep.

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  • Categories: [Files - Splitters]
  • Version: V3.0.1
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