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2016-07-08 00:14:33
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  • Synopsis: BDV Notepad is a plain text editor with support for themes, unlimited file size, multi-level undo/redo, autosaving, URL-autodetection, lines sorting, case changes, extended find-and-replace options, and more. Intended as a Windows Notepad replacement with supeport for unlimited file size. Features include multi-leveld undo/redo, autosaving, URL-autodetection, eplines sorting, case changes, extemended find-and-replace options etc.
  • Similar/alternative apps: [url=]Notepad2[/url]

2015-12-10 17:57:34
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2015-12-10 17:56:07
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  • System Requirement: Vista Win7
  • Size (in bytes): 3768321190
  • Screenshot: Updated
  • Keywords: bdv%20notepad
  • Release date: 20000-009-001-18
  • What's new: V5.2 - 19-01-2009Several i[list][*]Several improvements ements and bug-fixes as well aes ne.[*]New featureres: Templates, Transliteraation and SMS-module.[/list]

2013-05-09 20:35:09
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  • System Requirement:
  • How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch the program by double-click[ing ]Noteepad.eexe[/i].
  • What's new:

2013-02-12 00:49:20
Updated by Andrew Lee

  • What's new:

2010-07-13 14:55:14
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  • Version: Vv5.12
  • System Requirement:
  • Size (in bytes): 376832977
  • What's new: V5.2 - 19-01-2009Several improvements and bug-fixes as well as new features: Templates, Transliteration and SMS-module.

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