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Uninstall Tool v1.6.6

webfork on 18 Jun 2016

Uninstall Tool is a small and fast utility that performs software uninstallation like the slow and bloated "Add and Remove Programs" applet. It includes a number of nifty features missing from the standard applet, such as display hidden installed programs, calculate how much disk space a program occupies, search by typing known letters of the program's name, deletion of entry if uninstaller is unavailable or fails to run etc.

Note: Starting from V2.x, Uninstall Tool has gone payware. As such, I have included a direct download link for the last freeware version that I have.

Runs on: WinNT / Win2K / WinXP
Writes settings to: Application folder
License: Freeware
How to extract: Download the "no setup" ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch utool.exe.
Latest comments
Eldad on 2007-12-09 13:52

Hi... this is NOT freeware. It has 30 days evaluation.

ChemZ on 2010-08-25 13:01

What 30 evaluation? Being using it fine for a few months already.

Works quite fast I might add. Good features for it's size.

ChemZ on 2010-08-25 13:03


V1.6.6 has no time limit.
V2.x does.

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Multi Media Center v1.0 RC3 Private

Checker on 8 May 2013

Multi Media Center organizes all your media - music, movies, photos, games etc. with a simple fullscreen interface with large fonts optimized for TV-out. You can interact with the interface by mouse, keyboard or remote control.

Runs on: WinXP
Writes settings to: Application folder
Unicode support: No
License: Freeware/Open Source
How to extract:
  1. Download the RAR package and extract to a folder of your choice
  2. Optionally delete the SourceCode folder to conserve disk space
  3. Launch mmc.exe
Latest comments
JGamezc on 2010-11-30 22:11

Error with file mmc.xml, unable to open.

Emka on 2011-12-27 20:11

hp down, dl link working

webfork on 2011-12-27 22:17

Emka: updated, thnx

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