µTorrent v3.5.4.44520 Updated Adware

billon on 16 Aug 2018
  • 2MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 14 Aug 2018
  • Suggested by Vurlix

µTorrent (or uTorrent) is a lightweight BitTorrent client that supports multiple simultaneous downloads, file level priorities, configurable bandwidth scheduler and speed limiters, even the ability to only run while user activity is detected. Also includes boss key, built-in search function and RSS capability for subscribed downloads.

Note that this software was changed to adware after being added to the PortableFreeware database.

Alternatively, µTorrent Portable is also available, which automatically adjusts paths.

System Requirements: WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / Wine
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? No
Unicode support: Yes
Path portability: Requires manual entry of relative path (eg. ..\..\personal\work.doc)
License: Adware
How to extract:
  1. Download the installer, extract Carrier.exe with 7-Zip to a folder of your choice and rename it to uTorrent.exe
  2. Create an empty text file called settings.dat in the same folder
  3. Launch uTorrent.exe
Optional: To disable advertisements.
Similar/alternative apps: qBittorrent Portable, Halite
What's new? See:

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CD 2006-03-24 13:23

Why use anything else? Under 150 kb. No registry entries. Reliable, low resource usage, no spyware/virus, skinnable. Does exactly what it is supposed to.

Pepe 2006-07-14 05:01

This version uses 5 mg of RAM, olders versions, 3-4 mg;

azureusisbetterbutslower 2006-07-29 21:28

azureus uses more than 80mb of ram and it opens just a bit faster than adobe photoshop so i think 5mb is very ok for most people.what i dont like is you download 3gb for every 2gb of data.I mean they say it is for every torrent app because of bittorent's nature but azureus doesnt get that much rubbish data.and i think some trackers dont allow using utorrent

Shadowslayer 2006-09-11 13:22

They do that to eliminate compotition but I think that kills torrents for inter-client torrents. Utorrent is small, nice interface, low resorce usage and I have NEVER donwloaded extra data becuase I always hash check when downloading inbetween days.

Dispite the pro and cons of Utorrent and azureus, I think Utorrent still wins. Besides its portable! ^^

AceOfSpades 2006-11-29 17:14

not only is this so much faster and has performance compared to azuzerus. And on top of that is not even a megabyte in size! It should be considered perfectware ;0. Azerus is java and java gui is really, really, slow. Using Azerus for torrenting is like trying to put up a picture with a sledge hammer.

Jainendra 2007-03-14 09:22

Well I am sure that most of the friends here will disagree but I have always experienced that it cripples my internet whenever running whereas my download manger running at same speed does not bother me at all.
Any suggestions...

Andrew Lee 2007-03-15 04:39

Running BitTorrent is quite tricky. You need to make sure you configure the client properly (in this case, uTorrent) so that it doesn't max out your downlink and uplink channels. The few things to check are: limit the dl/ul speeds to a percentage of your maximum; don't start too many seeds at the same time etc. There are tons of articles on the Internet regarding BT optimization that you can just google for to learn more.

Henry 2007-04-16 14:36

This may sound stupid, but:
How do you creat the settings.dat file?

Andrew Lee 2007-04-17 05:31

Under Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder where you extracted the uTorrent files, then right-click, select New, Text Document, then replace the suggested dummy filename with "settings.dat".

Alejandro M 2007-09-07 12:22

Don't forget that with the WebUI (downloadable from the uTorrent web site) you access uTorrent from anywhere! It's a great app.

MadBrozzeR 2007-10-21 08:02

Where do I need to enter relative path manualy?
(v. 1.7.5)

Andrew Lee 2007-10-22 21:59

@MadBrozzeR: When you load a torrent file into uTorrent, it will pop up a "Add New Torrent" dialog box. Under "Save As", it will be an absolute path by default. You can change that to a relative path (or an absolute path without the drive letter). I think you can also change "Preferences, Downloads, Put new downloads in" to a relative path as well, but I have not tried it myself.

jjolla 2007-11-17 04:51

A famous name once said "Java is the most distressing thing to happen to computing since MS-DOS". An example to this is the comparison of Azureus to uTorrent. The former is Java bloatware crap, 100x fatter than a proper app which does the same thing.

Do the right thing and ban anything with Java in its name.

Azureus is better 2008-01-16 20:38

uTorrent isn’t safe anymore now that BitTorrent Inc. owns it! God only knows what they’ve put in the code!
How are people so stupid?? They’ll download anything as long as it comes up on Google!

screw utorrent, it’s proprietary and you never know what they gonna put into it,

uTorrent 1.7.5 (214 KB)
uTorrent 1.6 (574 KB)
uTorrent 1.5 (154 KB)

what did they put into the 1.6 that made it almost 400% increase in size from previous version?

if you use utorrent, use pre v1.6, i prefer old versions of bitcomet or the latest azureus.

it’s funny how people complain about the “high” ram usage of azureus, it’s there to be used you geniuses, otherwise it sits there doing nothing, being wasted,

if you dont like vuse, then you can easily disable it:
Tools> Options...> Interface> start> Display Azureus UI Chooser> Show> Classic interface.

^it disables the vuse^

Captain Sock 2008-01-17 01:49

Sorry, so when you say "what did they put into the 1.6 that made it almost 400% increase in size from previous version?" what are you suggesting? Are you suggesting it's filled with tracking software? It's filled with viruses? Malware? Computer code that will one day react and turn all of our computers against us? What?

I mean, let's assume there is an evil, evil company out there, monitoring everything we do through software code hidden into uTorrent. uTorrent has millions of users. Have you any idea how much data something like that would send back? Like, what would they do with that much data? You'd need hundreds of people just to manage it, let alone draw any conclusions from it. And for what? What would they even do with it all? They're not suing everyone (or even anyone). I just don't really get what you're suggesting. You're implying some sort of global conspiracy (based on the fact that one version of uTorrent was 420kb bigger than a previous version - get real!), yet your suggestions are based on nothing.

I like uTorrent for the following reasons: it's small, it doesn't use many resources, it doesn't require java or any other bulky dependencies that I don't have by default, it's fast, both in terms of the UI and it's downloads, it seems well coded and simple, and it does everything than I need. Most of all, it's portable. Not only that, but it's the smallest bit torrent client out there, which is why it's listed on PORTABLE FREEWARE.

*shrug* 2008-01-29 11:37

What's your point? I can confirm the file sizes as listed on Wikipedia, and I'm just another user.

Captain Sock 2008-01-31 10:57

If you don't believe Wikipedia, then download uTorrent 1.6 from http://www.oldversion.com/program.php?n=utorrent and have a look for yourself.

This is the most bizarre, paranoid discussion I've seen on Portable Freeware.

Re: Wikipedia - yes, it may not be reliable, but the philosophy is that if you change pages enough people will see it who know it's not true and correct it. For example, the Halo 3 article at the moment does NOT say educational literature. While you may have had your moment of anarchical glory, order has now been restored.

Captain Sock 2008-01-31 10:59

Actually, my mistake, the 1.6 version is 574 kb... weird.

No Azureus 2008-02-11 20:22

"Google hacking azureus nodes with remote access to your P2P clients."


You can find over 192.000 websites which shows your IP and what you have downloaded. The information is saved forever by Google Cache.

P2P software is stealth in portable mode but with the remote access (Webinterface, WebUI) all ppl in the world could see what you do. Its that thing that you can control the software if you are outside from your house.

Please spread this information.

No Azureus 2008-02-12 18:17

Sorry - i am back for important information.


uTorrent 1.75 Special emulate Mod Pack V2


- removed "Call Home"
- add working emulation
- removed autoupdate
- extreme speed optimization. 2000 kilobyte (not kilobit)/s possible if your internet service provider support that.

There is no complete report to the Tracker and many more.

If you get a virus warning than this alarm is wrong because it comes from the .exe files packer.

Stealth Man 2008-04-12 13:02

Azureus requires java, therefore it shall never exist on any of my partitions!!!

I also use utorrent 1.5. I use it with portable tor/privoxy and full encryption, for a truly stealth implementation. My ISP still stops my bandwidth after a while, but all I have to do is reboot my cable modem.

a 2008-04-21 09:03

great torrent client, but this thing really gets pissy if you try to edit the *.dat files it writes, "attempting to make paths relative is futile". should be their new slogan.

Diji 2008-06-01 07:27

seems that they are afraid of relative paths. i'm trying to do this thing to use relative paths to go outside the programs own folder using "..\..\Downloads" as download folder. no luck, getting error message that "Error opening ..\..\Downloads"

Adam 2008-07-16 09:06

I'm just curious, since BitTorrent/uTorrent are now one, is uTorrent still releasing new client versions?

And, if so, are they separate from BitTorrent releases, and vice versa?

I noticed the utorrent.com forums are closed/down....and redirect to the bittorrent.com forums, but was just curious...are the projects just "separated" - and BitTorrent, Inc. got the utorrent.exe code that was available "as of" the acquisition....?

Confused User 2008-08-04 17:18

Whenever I execute the program it runs, then when I exit it, the .exe disappears!

Anyone have any ideas?

Confused User 2008-08-04 17:25

Me again. Actually the .exe is moved to my program files immediatly after executing.
I tried adding the suggested blank "settings.bat" file to the same folder as the .exe but it does not seem to change anything.
Do I have to "Add New Torrent" before it is portable? I am new to torrent.

As it is, I cannot get this program to work portably.
I would appreaciate some help, it sounds like a great program.

DarkRadience 2008-08-12 00:10

uTorrent is not safe to us for downloading those "Home Videos" from your family uTorrent was sold to BitTorrent witch has trade deals with Warner Bros... to rap up uTorrent was my fav torrent client but now i dont us it because its a rat and will get you catch

Yaroslav 2008-08-18 01:46

could you explain to me an easy thing? Each time I try to run/install uTorrent, which isw supposedly portable and should just run from it's own directory, it just moves itself to the Program files directory, creares shortcuts etc. And - what's the worst it just disappears from the folder it was before. I do understand, that solution must lay on a surface, but I can't find it by myself...

otowngangsta 2008-08-26 02:48

hey "Azureus is Better" guy, thanx for the info on the classic mode in vuze. Saving myself some memory that before was getting ate up, You learn something new everyday. j/c why does vuze eat up so much ram when in use. I mean it just gets worse and worse, like a flesh eating virus or something. I have plenty of Ram installed so its really not a problem, but its still aggravating to have to reset vuze when my resources start to get low. utorrent is nice because of the size and reg stuff, but vuze is comfortable with its versatility and easy accessibility. I know what i want to do and how i want to do it with vuze. bt apps have come a long way from the days of setting up ur own directories and organization folders to contain all the downloaded files to what they are now. For the people complain about the memory usage fact, go on and use utorrent. Or just stop complaining and buy more ram or a better computer, or perhaps properly set up your computer to manage your available memory. If you want the big car with all the luxuries (vuze) but cant pay for the gas (ram), then drive something smaller (utorrent=p)

Tammy 2008-09-04 19:49

I just would like to know if there is anyway possible to hide my ip address in vuze from my isp provider. I got a nasty letter stating this is my first warning for downloading a movie. Well of course its in my husbands name so I gotta watch what I am doing.

Kermode 2008-10-06 06:52

Piracy discussions should be taken somewhere else.

But as for the portability, yeah I don't think its portable anymore either. I just ran it on a new machine and it started asking all kinds of questions about setup.

User 2008-10-17 04:30

You don't have to install it. Just cancel the "installer" -- it simply creates shortcuts for you and moves uTorrent to a central location. Keeping a settings.dat file in the same directory as utorrent.exe keeps it portable too.

a 2008-11-06 07:04

Path portability is such a pain in the ass, I can not update paths for existing torrents so I cannot seed files/continue downloads after I close uTorrent. I don't expect it to get any better than this at the moment, uTorrent is a very good torrent client, but seriously this is NOT portable, fixing existing torrent paths is not gonna happen, I hate and love this client so much!

User 2009-02-07 18:50

It's more like you don't know *how* to change paths, not that you can't.

In the rightclick menu for a torrent, you can set download location in the Advanced menu.

Shodan816 2010-04-10 10:03

To those of you who believe this app is TRULY portable, I've got a bridge for sale in New York! Run it and then search your registry for 'uTorrent' If nothing else, it writes to your Firewall Rules. In my book, that violates the definition of PURELY PORTABLE (leaving NO registry traces.) Just to clarify.

Spencer 2010-04-27 14:08


All spyware-, adware-, malware-free torrent clients which support ipfilter.dat and incoming and outgoing protocol encryption (RC4). Catchword: Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Web-Caches and data retention.

Recommendation for Windows: modified uTorrent or Halite. Trick - minimize the download for each torrent to 3 clients and not 15 - 50; dont spread your IP around the world.

HazardousKing 2010-06-14 02:47

if you dont use a program like peerblock you will get alot of wasted downloads i usually get 5MB max waste for about 1 GB of download.

Dhanz76 2010-08-22 05:21

I have'nt knew yet wich one is better, wether utorrent or fdm.
i wanna try to comphare those two torrents downloader from their speed and stabbility. i'm just another user,just try to find a fast and reliable torrents downloader hehehehehehe.........

I like Pie 2010-09-27 15:30

Forget about malware -- What about all those folks that know of your IP address. They're getting closer and closer to knowing the exact location of freckles on your butt cheeks. Beware!

MarkB 2010-11-11 17:46

Version 2.2 is out. A new feature is "Apps". I don't need that extra crap and am not sure if it's safe.

FBIAgent@10156 2010-11-18 22:44

@MarkB It's safe, of course it's safe -- everything coming from the internet is safe!

freakazoid 2010-12-21 03:00

MarkB is right, uTorrent is becoming bloated with v2.2.

Once you start the .EXE, you'll notice that your folder is closer to 1.5 MB now.

Also if you want to use the old skin instead of the new default, download the old skin:

And drag it into your uTorrent and you'll have the old skin back!

Been reading on the uTorrent forums that some are sticking with v2.0.4. I might do the same. Not a fan of the new direction.

MarkB 2010-12-23 16:50

I am sticking to v. 2.0.4 because I don't want and don't trust the "apps" stuff. V. 2.0.4. is OK.

D. Strout 2010-12-24 04:25

Since v2.2 it doesn't seem to even TRY to be portable. It's not writing to my settings.dat, it's dumping all it's config stuff in the Application Data folder. Am I doing something wrong, or will I have to look for another portable torrent client?

webfork 2010-12-24 23:53

D. Strout: I just tested this on XP and no settings are saved to the AppData folder. Please try again and if you're still having problems post to forums.

D. Strout 2010-12-28 23:19

OK, seems to be working now. Instead of downloading the EXE and creating a settings.dat folder, I fired up my old portable version and said yes when it asked me to update. Now it seems to be storing everything properly. Must be a better way...

D. Strout 2010-12-28 23:20

I meant a settings.dat *file* - sorry.

Ruby 2010-12-29 18:48
MarkB 2011-01-11 01:19

20010? Welcome, thou stranger from a distant future ;-)

woof 2011-03-14 16:22

The latest version keeps creeping up in size and features. I still use v1.7 :/

V2.2.1 Build 25110

woof 2011-03-14 16:23

oh dear, please update the screenshots!

V2.2.1 Build 25110

Magibon 2011-03-14 16:49

uTorrent 3.0 creates a folder in AppData>Roaming

V2.2.1 Build 25110

Magibon 2011-03-15 22:22

sorry...i meant AppData>Local>uTorrent>Cache

V2.2.1 Build 25110

webfork 2011-03-16 03:13

Magibon: we had a similar issue a few months ago. Are you sure you setup the settings.dat file correctly?

V2.2.1 Build 25110

Magibon 2011-03-24 22:29

@ webfork:

yes i created an empty file called "settings.dat" in the same folder.

"Cache" is only created with the Beta and Development versions.

I have given up and just use the stable versions :)

This also occurs with "PortableApps" version. I tried replacing "utorrent.exe" with the Beta/Development "exe" and "Cache" is created in AppData. I guess with the newer versions, "settings.dat" will not work :(

V2.2.1 Build 25130

JohnTHaller 2011-03-25 01:38

@Magibon: I haven't tested our launcher against the uTorrent betas but if the issue is still present on release, we'll ensure it handles the stray directory.

V2.2.1 Build 25130

portafreeuser 2011-11-18 00:03

I still use version 2.x.x I don't understand what improvements have supposedly been enacted. I can't find the changelog anywhere. So I'm sticking with the old version that works fine. I don't know why developers put out new versions if they won't tell us what's new. Maybe I'm just not good at finding this information though.

V3.0 (build 26473)

JohnTHaller 2011-11-18 00:45

2.x has known security vulnerabilities and shouldn't be used by anyone.

V3.0 (build 26473)

Checker 2011-11-18 22:14

V3.0 (build 26473)

Magibon 2011-12-09 08:18

the latest version is wrong.. should be:
µTorrent Stable (3.1 build 26593)

V3.1 (build 26591)

Ruby 2011-12-09 19:39

@JohnTHaller: Is there a data sheet or POC on these 'known security vulnerabilities', I ask because I have
I remember there was a RCE dll load vulnerability, but this was patched with 2.0.4
I just want to be sure I'm not at risk using this (2.0.4) version.

V3.1 (build 26593)

abc 2011-12-22 05:35

I love their slogan: "Still tiny, still awesome" That's hilarious considering all the useless features they've packed in.

V3.1 (build 26616)

mukhi 2012-03-19 09:38

i find utorrent is actually NOT portable. if it would be, why it shows up in "uninstall a program" list?

V3.1.3 (build 26837)

atomizer 2013-02-03 06:43

@abc - i agree completely
for those looking for an alternative, qBittorrent is becoming quite good - it has a nice, functional GUI and it's open source (and cross-platform) - http://www.qbittorrent.org/

v3.3 (build 29038)

I am Baas 2013-02-03 08:56

v3.3 (build 29038)

carbonize 2013-03-14 18:57

Noticed now if you use the Check for Updates option in help menu you get a stupid ad at the top of uTorrent disguising it's self as a recommended torrent.

v3.3 (build 29333)

Napiophelios 2013-08-14 23:55

"µTorrent 3.3.1 joins the list of modern software that's enabling silent, automatic updating.This means that stability improvements, small features and performance enhancements can be passed on without the need for upfront steps by the user."

v3.3.1 (build 30017)

bankr 2013-08-15 08:09

If I use simple, clear and ads-less version, do I have to move to latest ad-supported versions of µTorrent ))) Sadly, stupidity slowly spreads all over the world.

v3.3.1 (build 30017)

lastaltoid 2013-08-15 17:43

@bankr Don't like ads? Just turn them off. How to do it here http://www.portablefreeware.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=65511#p65511

v3.3.1 (build 30017)

robzuc 2015-08-15 20:19

On uTorrent download page last version is 3.4.3 build 40760. Where is build 40907?

v3.4.3 (build 40907)

Checker 2015-08-15 21:28

@ robzuc: Build 40907 was available for a short time, but maybe had a problem/bug.
I switched back the database entry to build 40760.

v3.4.3 (build 40760)

robzuc 2015-09-26 11:46

Besides adware, it's not truly portable: the first time I launch each new version of uTorrent.exe, I can find it listed between installed programs. After uninstalling it, it works anyway, but leaving some leftovers in the registry. So: is that really portable?

v3.4.5 (build 41162)

DarkShadow 2016-02-17 10:10

Download gives me a v3.4.5 build 41712 !

v3.4.5 (build 41801)

Checker 2016-02-17 10:23

@DarkShadow: v3.4.5 build 41712 seems to be the latest stable version.

v3.4.5 (build 41712)

robzuc 2016-02-21 21:26

As I wrote on 2015-09-26, the original software isn't portable. I don't know why it hasn't yet been blacklisted from this website... Anyway, I tried the PortableApps version, but initially it didn't work: I had to rename first uTorrent_Downloaded.exe to uTorrent.exe in the [\uTorrentPortable\App\uTorrent] folder.

v3.4.5 (build 41821)

ashghost 2017-12-24 23:19

@robzuc: see 'What is "portable"' on the "about" page: https://www.portablefreeware.com/about.php Not leaving stuff behind is not "stealth" in the parlance here, and uTorrent works fine when moving from machine to machine and saves your settings.


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