Xinorbis v8.1.8 Updated

billon on 22 Jul 2018
  • 16MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 15 Jun 2018
  • Suggested by The IceMan

Xinorbis is a powerful data analyzer that provides an intelligent view of drive or directory contents. The program makes visible the contents, structure, file distribution, with a mix of graphs, tables and tree displays.

Unlike other space usage programs that focus on just tracking down space hogs, Xinorbis helps deliver a better overall understanding of your machine's data. The program includes feature-rich report generation with a variety of export options and ability to compare how contents have changed between reports.

System Requirements: WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Writes settings to: Application folder
License: Freeware
How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch x8.32.exe or x8.64.exe
Similar/alternative apps: WizTree
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Foot 2009-01-15 15:12

When editing the _custom.ini file, note the need to rename it (by removing the leading _). There is also an option to set the folder for reports. Special variables are available to define the path.

JimmyP 2009-06-03 03:30

Very slow in comparrison to other tools, also becomes unresponsive and no helpful visual represntation of progress like WinDirStat and Treesize have. Does have the most detailed set of charts and graphs though, but can't run this on servers with TB's of disk space.

Wolfghost 2010-05-30 13:29

zip archive on authors site is only version
and I don't get 5.0 !!

danee 2011-01-02 19:34

Unusable ...
- ignores the compression
- ignores the JUNCTIONS
- ignores the HARD LINKS

bassiliin 2011-01-31 15:36

v6 is now never ending trial (less features) vs full version.

Small 2011-03-06 23:27

Why it is still being updated? Version 6 is no longer freeware!


lautrepay 2011-12-27 15:30

DL link dead. Points to now.


Emka 2011-12-27 15:49

Just before Christmas, the developer has announced his retirement from the programming business:


webfork 2011-12-27 19:29

Emka: thanks for pointing that out


lautrepay 2011-12-28 03:58

Website is back but the free v6.0.17 is no longer available for download there. Continue with the link.


Midas 2012-03-16 13:35

The site @ claims the current version is freeware. Also, there is no paid version in sight. So maybe the direct linking could be reinstated... I'm still keeping OverDisk, though. :)


AndTheWolf 2012-04-13 16:05

"Not Found

The requested URL /xinorbis/ was not found on this server."

The entire site also gets this 404 error.


donald 2012-04-13 16:39

Please note I found a note posted at

Software back online!
Posted on January 19, 2012
Hello all,
Xinorbis and all of my educational Windows applications are now back online!
also Contact
April 6th, 2012
I'm based in Newark, Nottinghamshire.
If you wish to get in touch then please send me an email and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.


donald 2012-04-13 16:40

Also just try the download @

It may be an installer.


I am Baas 2012-04-13 16:43

Please note I found a note too ...

"My previous hobby of software development took up so much time that it was like having a second (unpaid) job!! A couple of years ago I made the hard decision to slowly scale back development until I had stopped completely. I reached that point in early 2012 and haven't looked back since."

Posted April 8th, 2012. More at


donald 2012-04-14 01:32

@I am Baas
The conflicting nature of the messages seems to imply he may have also dropped distribution.

If anyone feels the desire to host his software or request his source code (It is not listed as open source above.)

I think requesting either or both reasonable though either may be touchy for the now former developer.

If it is possible to talk him into releasing the code to open source, then could SourceForge host it?

I do not know.


donald 2012-04-14 01:46


I am Baas 2012-04-14 01:55

@donald Pendrive apps is hosting v5.0.1.


donald 2012-04-14 05:13

@ I am baas
You are correct, I posted the link because the PendriveApps version is portable.

The Softpedia version is an installer, which could be extracted, but might not be the right version.

I am not aware of what differences exist between the portable zip and the contents of the installer.

Sometimes an installer can provide a portable version (ie Pstart) Sometimes the contents of an installer are specifically not portable.
And normally the application is the same as the portable version, needing just a file or setting for the difference.

I do not know what the Installer version is like and I am unable to test for extraction and portability.

Please if anyone can tell us, or test the latest installer available at Softpedia


Emka 2012-04-14 06:53

The installer on softpedia can be extracted with 7-Zip or UniExtract. That results in different folder structures though and some language files seem broken when extracted with 7-Zip. I moved help, languages etc to a data subfolder to make the folder structure look like in the version I already had. However, I always get all kinds of error messages. I don't know if I forgot sth or if extracting the installer just breaks it.


I am Baas 2012-04-14 07:45

@Emka Did you rename _custom.ini and enabled portable mode?


Emka 2012-04-14 07:58

Yes, I did. Extracted with UniExtract, it seemed "less broken". It only complained about missing Custom"X".txt files in the data subfolder ("x" = numbers from 1 to 10). Apart from that, it started alright AFAIR and the interface looked OK at first sight, but I did not test functionality.


I am Baas 2012-06-23 04:26

Site is back online. Links updated.


abc 2012-06-23 05:43

I'm somewhat disappointed that even 3 years later JimmyP's observation still stands.


smaragdus 2013-12-15 00:03

In fact the latest version of Xinorbis is not 6.0.25 but 6.0.26


AndTheWolf 2014-08-21 21:35

Xinorbis is currently at version 6.1.5


Checker 2014-12-07 14:25


smaragdus 2015-01-21 08:10

Xinorbis 6.2.1 available.


EL_DeLino 2015-07-14 21:42


Quietus 2016-05-27 09:51

Making the beta installer portable:

1. Extract installer using 7-zip.
2. Remove "$PLUGINSDIR" directory and "UninstallXinorbis.exe".
3. Remove "_custom.ini" to "custom.ini" and open it with a text editor.
4. Set the following parameters: "portablemode=1", "copyprefs=0", "datapath=$xdrive\config".

This will save all configuration to \config within the application directory.


Quietus 2016-05-27 09:55

Small correction: Use "datapath=$xfolder\config"...


Quietus 2016-05-27 11:06

EDIT: Feel free to ignore (and delete) my previous comments. The new beta doesn't seem to handle these settings correctly, I'm guessing the developer is holding off on integrating portable settings until everything has been implemented...


Midas 2016-05-27 13:32

@Quietus: you could've deleted the comments yourself (and posted an amended version) by using the small trash can to the right...


ozziguy 2017-03-03 12:39

8.0.5 crashes on my system

Faulting application x8.32.exe, version 8.0.6270.4311, faulting module x8.32.exe, version 8.0.6270.4311, fault address 0x0000c4be.


Guido76 2017-03-04 08:37

Hi ozziguy, I have sent a mail to the author, he confirmed me there is a new version : 8.0.6271.57547.
I have tested it and it is running well now.


ozziguy 2017-03-04 09:04

Thanks Guido76. It's still labelled as 8.0.5 but it's a new version and working here too


Emka 2017-03-04 13:44

It doesn't display some German special characters correctly (e.g. ß), and more importantly, it shows a "buy the pro version" nagscreen upon exit and opens the product homepage in the system's standard browser.


Guido76 2017-03-04 14:30

Emka, you're right. Some problems with the French language too. And a very annoying nag-screen, and automatic launch of the browser. Too bad!
I will try to see this with the author, but I suppose that is part of his strategy to force the sale of the Pro version, so there is only little chance to make him change his mind!


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