SMPlayer v20.6.0 Updated

billon on 18 Jun 2020
  • 72MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 18 Jun 2020
  • Suggested by Jainendra

SMPlayer is a feature-rich, skinnable player that views most media without any dependency on installed codecs, as well as streaming media, Youtube and DVD video. Audio, video and subtitle settings for individual files are all remembered between sessions so you can start again exactly where and how you left off. Supports subtitle downloading, youtube support, audio and subtitles delay adjustment, equalizer, filters, playlist support and much more.

The program is a frontend for MPlayer, mpv and mplayer2 that also works on Linux. Alternatively, X-SMPlayer and SMPlayer Portable (stealth and adjusts paths) are also available.

System requirements: WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? No
Unicode support: Yes. Under Options, Preferences, select Advanced, Advanced, and make sure Pass short filenames (8+3) to MPlayer is selected.
Path portability: Requires manual entry of relative path (eg. ..\..\personal\work.doc)
License: GNU GPLv2
How to extract: Download the "portable" 7z package (32- or 64-bit) and extract using a 7-Zip-compatible program to a folder of your choice. Launch smplayer.exe.
Similar/alternative apps: MPC-HC, VLC, PotPlayer
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MIKLO 2017-05-13 17:04

Been using for a very long time,this software will open and play audio,video when all others fail.


fullbug 2016-08-03 21:40

Never mind, figured it out, thank you, great player.....


fullbug 2016-08-03 21:35

Anyone know how to change skins? Cannot seem to figure that out.....


vmars316 2016-01-13 18:05

The 64-bt download link
only yields :
Download smplayer-15.11.0-win32.exe (24.2 MB)
not 64-bit .


ripu 2015-06-28 12:06

@DevNull Thanks a lot, that worked.


gbrao 2014-09-08 08:04

^ thanks, the portable versions only leave some QT stuff (Qt Factory Cache 4.8) in the reg.

Made a PortableApps version (only) to remove the QT stuff. With both 32- & 64- versions of SMPlayer.


Checker 2014-09-07 03:03


smaragdus 2014-04-02 22:34

I know, but such a versioning shows nothing about the history/maturity of the product. If it was 0.8.7 or 1.0.0 it would be OK for me.


JohnTHaller 2014-04-02 17:10

smaragdus - I believe the version is now date-based like Ubuntu and others use. So it's Year-Month-Revision. 2014, March, first release in this case is 14.3.0.


smaragdus 2014-04-01 22:18

The new version number scheme is ridiculous, from 0.8.6 to 14.3.0- absurd and stupid.


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