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SARDU v3.0.0.0 Updated

webfork on 9 Feb 2016

Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disk Utility creates a customized bootable CD or USB drive, with a comprehensive collection of utilities, the most popular distributions of Linux Lite, and the best known Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE). These tools can be used by system administrators, tech support, Linux users, and more.

Some available tools include Avira, AVG, Kaspersky and other anti-virus programs. Linux Live CDs include Puppy, Ubuntu, and Backtrack, and system utilities include Clonezilla, Gparted, Partition Wizard, and many more.

Note: The license is time-limited, making this program essentially trialware. Although PortableFreeware has a policy against this, this change happened after the program was entered into the database.

System Requirements: Win2K / WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Wine
Writes settings to: Application folder
Dependencies: Administrator rights
Stealth: ? Yes
License: Shareware (only for personal and non commercial use), the license only lasts one year.
How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch sardu_3.exe
What's new? Changelog SARDU beta 1
  • All rewritten from scratch.
  • Changed the graphic of software and of boot.
  • Added the support of dozeens of ISOs.
  • Added the ability for update the list and the rules of supported software without release a new version.
  • Added a "list view" for each category and removed the old buttons.
  • Added a serch engine of the suppored software (will not work with free version)
  • Added a filter for categories of softwares.
  • All names, text help are customizables
  • Added a new function for add extra ISOs. Derivates (*buntu, debian...) will be unlimited.

Changelog SARDU beta 2
  • Fixed bug with the creation of SARDU iso
  • Fixed error "invalid format number" in download
  • Updated download link of GDATA
  • Updated rules
  • Improved Graphic
  • Others minors fixes and improvements.

Changelog SARDU beta 3
  • Fixed Windows PE and installer
  • Updated rules
  • Improved Graphic
  • Fixed Windows Installer on ISO creation
  • Others minors fixes and improvements.

Changelog SARDU beta 4
  • Added in Windows menu options for boot with Old GRUB 0.44 and memdisk
  • Added support for extra ISO with memdisk and GRUB
  • Fixed Errror with Efi and boot folder
  • Fixed exception in Search USB with unit with unknown filesystem
  • Updated link of UBCD to 5.3.2 version
  • Updated TetDisk at 7.0 version
  • Added support to ISO Hybrid
  • Added support to Rescatux
  • Improved Graphic
  • Others minors fixes and improvements.

Changelog SARDU beta 5
  • Added support to BitDefender gentoo based
  • Added support for Eset Rescue
  • Added support for ArchBang
  • Added support for Arch derivates
  • Fixed Error with the installer and barrosu
  • Updated rules for TinyCore
  • Improved Graphic
  • Others minors fixes and improvements.

Changelog SARDU beta 6
  • Added Windows XP
  • Added Menu EFI
  • Added Change Font Size
  • Change format USB
  • Change management of extra software's
  • Add verify link

Changelog SARDU beta 7
  • Added Log File
  • Fixed speed refresh download
  • Disabled EFI for NTFS
  • Checked USB free space
  • Only first partition of device

Changelog SARDU beta 8
  • Fix download
  • Fix iso create
  • Fix error with hiren's
  • Updated link of System Rescue CD
  • Updated link of Trinity Rescue CD
  • Updated link of Ultimate boot CD
  • Added Sabayon derivated
  • Updated link of Kali Linux
  • Updated link of xPUD
  • Updated link of Deft
  • Updated link of xbmc
  • Updated link of Crunchbang
  • Updated link of ElementaryOS
  • Added support to EFI to Clonezilla

Changelog SARDU beta 8a
  • Fix downloader at 99%
  • Fix downloader for Linux

Changelog SARDU beta 9
  • Improved downloader
  • Fix uninstall Windows
  • Update barrosu
  • Changed formatation USB
  • Add persistence of Ubuntu and Fedora
  • Change EFI menu
  • Updated Links
  • Updated rules for managed ISOs
  • Improved Graphic
  • Others minors fixes and improvements.

Changelog SARDU beta 10
  • Updated downloader
  • Updated EFI menu
  • Updated Links
  • Improved formatting a USB stick
  • Updated rules for managed ISOs
  • Improved Graphic
  • Others minors fixes and improvements.

Changelog SARDU RC1
  • Updated SARDU_1
  • Now SARDU support automatic upload of ISOs supported
  • Updated link Avg Rescue CD
  • Updated link Avira download (da testare ISO)
  • Updated link Antivirus Live CD
  • Updated link gparted
  • Added UBCD Live beta
  • Updated rescatux to 0.32beta3
  • Updated System Rescue CD to 4.5.2
  • Added support to Ghost 4 Linux
  • Updated link UBCD to 5.3.4
  • Updated link ArchBang to 2015.03.28
  • Updated link ArchLinux to 2015.04.01
  • Updated all Debian to 8.0.0
  • KaliLinux link Updated to 1.1.0a
  • Updated MintCinnamon to 17.1
  • Updated MintKDE to 17.1
  • Updated MintXFCE to 17.1
  • Updated MintMATE to 17.1
  • Updated Tails to 1.3.2
  • Updated Backbox to 4.1
  • Updated Zorin OS Lite to 9
  • Updated Sabayon amd64 xfce to 15.04
  • Updated Sabayon amd64 forensics xfce to 15.04
  • Updated CentOS Live Dvd Gnome to 15.03
  • Updated CentOS Live kde to 15.03
  • Updated CentOS Live CD to 15.03
  • Updated Uberstudent xfce to 4.1
  • Updated Bodhi Linux to 3.0.0
  • Updated Netboot CD to 6.1
  • Updated Netboot Core Plus to 6.1
  • Updated android to 4.4 r2
  • Added support to Deft Zero
  • Addes support to all Porteus Desktop

Changelog SARDU RC2
  • Improved Extra management
  • Improved UEFI management
  • Fixed error with the creation of one USB in a pendrive with another SARDU
  • Added gentoo derivated
  • Improved Graphic
  • Others minors fixes and improvements.

Changelog SARDU RC3
  • Update language for register user
  • Log update for bug fixing
  • Fix uninstall extra ISO's
  • Fix issue with Extra (Grub and memdisk)
  • Others minors fixes and improvements.

Changelog SARDU RC4
  • Fix Error at boot
  • Improved windows management
  • Fix uninstall windows
  • Fix multi windows with barrosu

Changelog SARDU RC5
  • Improved registration
  • Fix error with registration in windows XP
  • Fix install Windows XP
  • Improved Graphic
  • Others minors fixes and improvements.
Latest comments
bzl333 on 2014-06-29 04:40

you might be able to get rid of Better Installer by using Sandboxie or so i've heard.

Emka on 2014-12-06 18:22

v3 beta is available

fang-face on 2015-07-31 08:41

Link broken -- Version 3 final available: . There are now free, registered and pro versions. You may compare them at .

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