EditPad Lite v7.6.4 Updated

billon on 12 May 2018

EditPad Lite is a fast and lightweight general-purpose text editor. It allows you to open many files simultaneously and switch between them using tabs. It also supports many functions for text manipulation and conversion.

A 64-bit version is available. EditPad's installer now automatically installs a 64-bit version of EditPad on 64-bit Windows.

System Requirements: WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? No. Creates HKCU\Software\JGsoft on Windows 8.1.
Unicode support: Yes
License: Free for non-commercial use
How to extract:
  1. Download and run the installer
  2. Select the Create Portable Installation option
  3. Check treat all drives as removable drives and save to a drive of your choice. The program will save to the root of that drive.
  4. Optionally, move EditPadLite from the root to a folder of your choice
  5. Launch EditPadLite7.exe
Similar/alternative apps: AkelPad, Notepad++
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Brial Mcneilly 2006-06-04 23:57

I would love to see EditPad Lite includes the option "Column select" to its feature-rich editor . This option is essential for an efficient editing of .nfo files .
Again, thanks for an elegant text editor !

Ale 2006-06-06 05:46

I didn't test by myself yet but the editor claims to support Unicode. Actually it should be one of the major improvements over the previous 5.x versions.

Andrew Lee 2006-06-07 06:14

I checked again. V6 is able to display Unicode text with the right font chosen, but it is not able to open files with Unicode filenames. I have updated the database entry to reflect this information.

dot 2006-09-07 18:00

URLs and email addresses don't seem to be clickable here (though there is a setting for them under Options > Configure File Types > Syntax & Navigation). URLs don't even get colored. email addresses get colored and change the mouse pointer, but don't start the email client, anyway. Maybe it's a restriction of the free version. I'd call this crippleware, then.

Cosmin 2006-09-09 02:33

The interface for search is kinda clumsy with versiob 6. It was actually better in the previous version.

Ancient Images 2007-05-21 09:42

I much prefer the old EditPad Lite 5x interface. Version 6 and above just really gets to me.

I realize there are issues of portability and unicode support, but I always keep around an old version of EditPad Lite 5.4.6, just in case I feel like switching off Notepad2 and using a multi-document interface.

If the author added support for skins, or even a "Classic" look (much the same way WordPerfect 11 lets me view files in white-on-blue classic mode) that'd be great!

L A R 2008-01-25 22:06

Any idea where I can find the older version of EditPad Lite? I foolishly deleted the file and the new one (6.0.3) keeps crashing.

Frank 2008-03-15 10:18

L A R, you can find old versions of EditPad Lite at www.oldware.org there's about 8 versions available.

Transcontinental 2009-03-18 00:46

The editor's choice (I'm editing my post). Am an EditPad user since its first releases, fast, feature-rich, even in its freeware version. Recommended :)

Kaleb 2009-09-22 00:14

So, why wouldn't we just click the portable install button rather than install it, copy it, then uninstall it? Is there any specific reason?

KingMudkip 2009-10-19 16:54

I've used the portable install & had no probs so I'm not sure why the instructions read that way. The only thing I can think of is that when you close the portable version via the 'X' button, it minimizes to the tray instead of actually closing. Maybe the install/copy/uninstall method prevents this.

Shodan 2010-03-02 18:20

It won't render RTF files. Enough said. I'll stick with Metapad, and you should try it too.

TH 2011-02-17 16:01

It appears to close normally if you go to Options - Preferences - System and uncheck Show EditPad icon in system tray


Michael D 2011-04-28 23:01

I was reading about this softwares before I want to get it and I come across your site from the other review at http://www.fortasse.com/product-reviews/best-windows-text-editor-editpad-lite-pro-review/

I really like it and thank you a lots for doing this post. It is good that it has compact version you can jsut run anywhere


smaragdus 2014-08-21 08:06

EditPad Lite 7.3.4 has been released.


Joe 2014-09-01 22:17

EditPad Lite 7 is NOT stealth.

I followed the instructions carefully and installed it on a flashdrive. I then moved the folder to my C drive. The minute I used it it created:

- a folder name JGsoft in C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming

- a registry entry name JGsoft in HKCU\Software

Please amend this entry to reflect the correct status.


Midas 2015-03-02 15:55

I got none of the traces pointed by user Joe in Windows 7 Enterprise x64 SP1.

OTOH, EditPad Lite starting tips claim: "EditPad fully supports Unicode, all Windows and all ISO-8859 text file encodings. It also supports many DOS, Mac, EUC, KOI8, EBCDIC, and other legacy encodings."

Can someone please confirm that the stated Unicode limitations are no longer valid?


Nh 2015-05-25 18:20

Midas, it must be truly unicode now, as I can open and edit files with unicode names and with unicode content (namely Georgian language, which has issues with many "unicode" applications).


Midas 2015-05-28 13:58

Thanks for that, Nh. :)


chinfo 2016-02-19 16:45

Still the best Notepad replacement for me. Opening a 30MB+ TXT file will bring down almost any text editor to its knees and doing it on a regular basis can be a frustrating and time-wasting exercise. But EditPad hardly even noticed the file size, opens them as fast, if not faster, than another text editor opening a 1KB file.

Its not the 'lightest', but its no memory hog either. The UI certainly needs some updating, but it gets the job done and does it well consistently and for me that's what counts.


__philippe 2017-03-10 13:51

EditPadLite also includes a noteworthy (but rarely implemented) function
to search for and HIGHLIGHT simultaneously ALL occurrences of a search string.



AndTheWolf 2017-10-10 16:16

Now at version 7.6.2


AndTheWolf 2018-05-11 15:55

Now at Version 7.6.4


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