Alien Arena v7.66

Emka on 14 Dec 2013
  • 572MB (uncompressed)
  • Suggested by Fluffy

Alien Arena is a colorful, old-school first-person shooter with a cartoonish science-fiction theme. Featuring plenty of levels, 9 different game types, lots of mutators, and built in AI.

Cross platform (Linux, OS X)

System Requirements: Win98 / WinME / Win2K / WinXP / Vista / Win7
Writes settings to: Application Folder
License: GPL
How to extract:
  1. Download the installer and install to the default location
  2. Move all files except unins000.dat and unins000.exe to a folder of your choice
  3. Uninstall the program
  4. Launch crx.exe

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[BOT] Fluffy 2008-01-10 02:22

No problemo fellas - this game's a helluva ride and if you like those cheesy sci-fi flicks you'll fall in love with it. I actually recognize some of the weapon sounds from an old toy "future blaster" gun I used to have.

ArnaudNime 2008-01-10 03:57

Anyone knows the hardware requirements?
Haven't found anything on their site...

[BOT] Fluffy 2008-01-10 04:25

ArnaudNime: This game will run on most modern PC's. It's based on Quake 2 and all the special eye-candy can be turned off to make it more playable on lower-end rigs. Not sure what the minimums are, but my guess is that the only real minimum requirements are a 32 MB graphics card that supports OpenGL and a 1.4 GHz CPU. As with anything, make sure your power supply is adequate or you'll experience choppy gameplay during any kind of combat.

Hem 2008-05-28 16:54

v7.0 is out. Is it portable also?

Napiophelios 2010-01-24 20:19

Holy Crap this game is fun :)

esdc 2010-03-31 15:05

this is a very good game,i love it so much!

Martik 2010-05-07 01:55

WOW! Awesome Game Ever...

simple user 2010-05-18 11:08

I have no sound in this game. Please help!
Windos XP SP3. I did click on oalinst.exe, doesn't help.

TerryP 2010-08-02 09:59

Good game!

Paul 2011-04-22 14:36

NO .. it does not work on Win98 this game expects a newer version of Windows ! so .. not so good for the older computer.
Even Kernel-x can't get it going.


adnan bey 2011-04-25 12:34

i like this game


dany 2012-01-03 05:27

Huge filesize but worth every bit. Addictive!


bonfire 2013-05-21 11:19

hey people!
i have been active with this game for over 5 years.
minimum requirements for this game is a video card that supports OpenGL 2.0,
and has a minimum of 512mb ram. 3ghz processor and 512mb ram here too.
anyone who needs help, is free to join our irc network
or our forums:


Ascend4nt 2013-05-22 01:16

Wow, this has grown over 2x the size it was when originally listed here. It's now at 1.11 GB uncompressed!


bonfire 2013-05-22 18:10

we have added great amounts of new content, like maps, skins, a new weapon etc.
The rest is from improvements in the code. even external files like OpenAL, to get the best
doppler sound effect come in the package :)


bonfire 2013-09-12 13:58

Alien Arena has released a new version of the game, Combat Edition (version number 7,66). As always, the game is free
and runs both on Linux and Windows.

The team behind this game, even released a new game, based on Alien Arena: Alien Arena Tactical, a class based tactical first person shooter. At this time, the new game is an alpha demo, is free and available on Linux and Windows.

Is it possible to update your site?
Both games can be found here:

Can this page get an update?

Kindest regards


Napiophelios 2017-12-03 07:56

Alien Arena: Warriors Of Mars has been released....on Steam for $10
there is still a freeware version somewhere but probably has less content.


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