Yod'm 3D v1.4

webfork on 4 Feb 2017

Yod'm 3D is a virtual desktop manager that uses a 3D rotating cube to visualize the change-over of desktops. It can manage up to four desktops.

Note: This is the last freeware version of Yod'm 3D -- it has gone payware as "DeskSpace."

System Requirements: Win2K / WinXP / Vista
Writes settings to: Application folder
Dependencies: DirectX 9
Stealth: ? Yes
License: Freeware
How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch Yodm3D.exe.

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FlightGeek 2007-04-27 05:16

It does not handle multiple monitors correctly.

Simon.T 2007-04-28 03:08

I think the problem is because this cube effect is now for windows!? I'm only guessing :D

Go To Linux (Don't let anybody to steal your money, LOL)

Q-SeNs 2007-04-29 19:05

Working great for me.
Nice effects, kewl options.
Only a few softwares etc.. don't stay in the desktop you have chosen for them but i'm sure it's gonna be fixed in future releases.
We should encourage such a nice project!

blah 2007-08-16 11:58

It handle dual monitors just fine on my Vista workstation.

a 2007-08-16 16:43

another good freeware program gone down the drain. ewww.

a 2007-08-16 16:46

btw im refering to the acquisition, the last freeware version is good.

Webfork 2007-08-16 22:10

A million years behind the open source (though non-portable) VirtuaWin http://virtuawin.sourceforge.net

Blueorange Guy 2007-08-26 08:21

Yod'm 3D is not a freeware now...it has been aquired by Otaku Software...

ChalkTrauma 2007-09-10 08:20

I was poking around in the VirtuaWin sources and you can make it portable by putting a userpath.cfg in the same dir as VirtuaWin.exe and make the first line in userpath.cfg the name of the dir you want.. I just put config as the first line and it created a config dir under the VirtuaWin directory.. Now it's portable.. ~cheers

linuxamp 2007-10-03 21:49

"Yod'm 3D is not a freeware now...it has been aquired by Otaku Software..."

That's the sad thing about proprietary licensed freeware. For the same reason we want things for free, developers want to get paid.

Myself 2007-10-04 23:10

Actually thanks to instructions given by webfork and ChalkTrauma I downloaded virtuaWin and extracted the files using UniExtractor and guess what it worked fine may be Andrew should add this vitruaWin as portable software in database.

luca 2007-10-16 08:40

It complains, missing d3d9.dll.
any solution?

Jon 2007-10-16 14:41

luca: Do you have DirectX 9 installed on your computer?

I miss compiz 2007-10-21 22:20

I'm trying to work out why some things are coming on to all desktops and some i just can't move?

Titanium 2008-01-02 07:12

ok i noticed tat for individual virtual desktops, it will create a wallpaper.bmp for each desktops, and kinda waste space.

So in order to use the same wallpaper for all 4 virtual desktop. go to the "yodm3d" folder, open the Yodm3D.ini

replace the original
WallpaperDesktop1=J:\PortableApps\yodm3d\desktopwa llpaper1.bmp
WallpaperDesktop2=J:\PortableApps\yodm3d\desktopwa llpaper2.bmp
WallpaperDesktop3=J:\PortableApps\yodm3d\desktopwa llpaper3.bmp
With this...
All 4 desktops will use the same wallpaper..

Gavrilescu Adrian 2008-01-29 11:28

Multumesc foarte mult pentru Yodm3.
tank you soo much for Yodm3d.

Mike 2008-03-14 06:57

This works great! Thanks for saving the freeware version.

taylor 2008-04-01 17:06

.Zip is corrupt.

lake54 2008-04-03 04:33

Can only select French for the language - I don't particularly mind using French, because I can speak some French, but I don't appreciate having to download all of the other language files, then not use then!

Apostolos 2008-04-07 02:33

after ChalkTrauma's tips i looked into VirtuaWin, it now has an option for Portable installation, so after install u copy it, unistall and remove unistallers from now Portable copied version. May all programs get portable

predator 2008-06-04 19:00

can't someone come up with a free ware other than this yod'm make something better this time don't sell it .. spread it as freeware updatin it....am i asking too much

Dave 2008-06-22 00:20

Not as graceful as beryl or compu in linux, but an outstanding program for windows nonetheless.

sander 2008-07-26 09:54

hmmm i have seen this before????

yes linux!!!!!! people if you want it but better = compiz-fusion

Yo_Mamma 2009-01-04 07:41

God i hate when people say stupid chit. we know compiz fusion is cool. BUT allot of us need and want to run a windows machine. so its friggin annoying when sum douche rolls in and says something so retarded.

Linus 2009-01-19 19:18

hmm..cool but. if u all wanna try collection of tiny but powerful freeware you can visit this blog http://exegarden.co.cc try this link.. there's link if you want to straight to download the file

Ian 2009-02-05 09:04

The zip file referenced in the download link is reported by both Winzip and 7zip as not a valid archive.

Erls 2009-02-24 04:02

I downloaded 1 app and now i get the message "Daily download quota exceeded. Please try again tomorrow." Bad non usable site !!!

Buddha 2009-03-07 05:33

Well One cannot use the wallpaper in 'Center' mode the wallpaper is always stretched!

Chris 2009-04-20 16:26

This is a cool product - thanks for posting the freeware version! I have a specialized need I'm wondering if anybody's encountered: I'd like to have certain apps "sticky" across all desktops. For instance, I'd like to have my mail tool available from everywhere, and (since I like command prompts) I'd also like the same command prompt available on all screens rather than opening 4 different ones. Thanks!

Chris 2009-04-20 19:23

Actually, I answered my own question RE: additional features. CNET lists a number of free/shareware products and does editorial reviews on some:

성국 전 2009-07-03 01:43

it's awesome...
compiz could be better. but Yod'm 3d spends less resources. very great..
thank u

GFC 2009-07-31 09:51

Yod'm 3D is more functional than compiz. Not as fancy but more functional.

Viper Technologies 2009-08-17 01:36

Compiz???? You compare this to Compiz???? You are aware Compiz is a *nix based non portable piece of software? The work that would be required to even get compiz usable in a WinMS env would be rather pointless also.
Learn to make proper comparisons people and use a little common sense

LN 2009-09-28 19:58

Have two monitors and Yod'm 3D works just great. COOL.

Guy 2009-10-06 03:15

Now wait. All these language files in the folder and the program only operates in French? Why? The language selector only has French available, despite the trillion other language files that came with it. I tried dragging it ONTO the program, I tried deleting EVERY .lng file but English, and no luck. What do I do?

TheZorch 2009-10-09 07:41

Ubuntu Linux has this type of 3D cube virtual desktop if you install drivers for your 3D accelerated graphics card (ie; ATI, Nvidia, Intel GMA).

gt 2009-10-21 02:10

For multiple monitors disable the dragging to turn screen

DD 2009-12-04 01:51

hey why does it only let you use french i cant read french so...any got some ideas they would be much appreciated.

bornagainpenguin 2010-03-15 18:44

This is a great app for those stuck in Windows, which allows you to separate your work flow and have more apps open to a full screen. NOT "only for perverts" this app adds additional functionality to Windows and is quite appreciated! For those complaining about people making comparisons to Compiz, well do try to understand that these effects WERE available on Linux first, so credit where credit is due...

darkest 2010-03-23 18:47

I still think that it is for perv's X, but you do have a point. It could be handy, althrough I myself usually don't have that much of apps open at the same time.

donald 2010-06-08 16:59

Please note if the direct link above is not working try these they worked today for version 1.4 though I have not checked to see if it will work yet.

Both require a double click through to start a download.

Chitriguy 2010-06-23 16:40

I see people talking about dual displays. I'm using WinXP, will it work on one monitor while leaving the other alone or it "flips" both at the same time?

Gmacri 2010-09-01 21:19

Yod'm 3D V1.4 do not work in Windows 7

ya boy 2010-10-19 03:35

hey i got yod'm 3d 1.4 and I tried to set up my widescreen background and it will not change. ANyone know what I can do?

d7e7r7 2010-11-16 07:25

@Gmacri Working fine in Windows 7 for me.
Just wish one could scroll through the different screens using the mouse scroll wheel instead of pressing the arrow keys...

Hevithan 2011-04-06 01:46

I like YOD'm but deskspace is cool, in that... they fix things YOD'm was lacking (6 sides making a complete cube, faster rotation, a background BEHIND the cube, etc) But yod'm is good for free ... Unless you need more then 4 desktops :-P


Xonox 2011-06-01 16:52

Hi, in my work, I run a lot of batch actions in Photoshop to process images for web. While the batch process ran, I wasn't able to do nothing with my computer because Photoshop kept jumping with images being resized.

Well not anymore, thanks to Yod'm 3D, I was able to switch desktops and leave Photshop doing its business while I did something else.

I hope this tip is helpful to someone who uses this kind of batch processing.



abc 2012-01-15 19:44

This is very cool looking but the effects get pretty old fast and it's no longer free. Those who prefer efficiency should checkout other desktop managers listed on this site.


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