Miranda IM v0.10.80 Updated

billon on 26 Apr 2018
  • 10MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 25 Apr 2018
  • Suggested by David Miller

Miranda IM is an extensible, customizable instant messenger client supporting Facebook, Gadu-Gadu, Jabber, ICQ, IRC, MSN, Yahoo and more. The program can support more protocols via an extended plugin system to include Netsend, IAX, Tlen etc. and an add-on system can add other features such as skins, an RSS feed reader, weather alert, world clock, secure messaging etc.

Alternatively, Miranda IM Portable is another portable version.

System Requirements: WinAll
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? Yes
Unicode support: Yes
License: GNU GPLv2
How to extract: Using the installer:
  1. Download the installer and launch
  2. Select Portable Installation, choose a destination folder, and Install
  3. Launch miranda32.exe or miranda64.exe

Using the 7zip versions:
  1. Download the 7z package based on your OS (Win9x/ME: ANSI, All other 32-bit: Unicode, All 64-bit: x64) and extract to a folder of your choice
  2. Rename mirandaboot-example.ini to mirandaboot.ini
  3. Open mirandaboot.ini in a text editor, and change ProfileDir= to ProfileDir=.\Profile
  4. Save changes
  5. Launch miranda32.exe or miranda64.exe
Similar/alternative apps: Miranda NG, Pidgin
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Manifold 2006-08-15 09:53

This program is brilliant. It is one of the reasons why migration to Linux has been so painful because there is no Linux program that can touch it in terms of functionality/modularity.

(..Maybe Bitlbee is coming close.)

brent 2006-08-17 05:10

i've used this for years, it is the best messenger around, i don't know why there is a portable version because miranda has always been portable

Daywalker81 2006-08-28 23:31

Full acc brent miranda saves all data in a user-db-file, and all paths are stored relative. But maybe it's a modifcation in the file-access-method for less disc access!
Sry 4 my bad english. :)

Olof 2007-01-10 13:15

The best IM Client ever! :)

Maybe you should add this link to the info: http://help.miranda-im.org/Running_Miranda_from_an_USB_drive

[r4] 2007-02-06 14:26

However Miranda IS one of the best instant messengers I've ever used, this version (0.6.5) completely sucks when it comes to support popups and proper event loading form history. Beware!

VB 2007-04-09 10:49

The most flexible program ever. The real meaning of software with plugins. Amazing

Josip 2007-08-24 13:58

I've noticed that the newest version places database file by default in %APPDATA%\Miranda.
This is, of course, easy to change, just change the line 11 in mirandaboot.ini to:
This should be done before the first run. Otherwise you'll have to copy your database from My Documents\Mirnada to app folder.

Smegzor 2007-10-02 17:14

This was the IM client I last used and I stuck with it for a long time. I recently swapped to another portable IM, Pidgin and its my new favourite. It handles chat history a lot better. Trying to view chat history in Miranda is horrible.
Also its MSN compatibility had issues. I could never do a file transfer. In Pidgin its just as slow, but works.

USB_Kx 2007-10-03 02:24

It's the other way around for me. I used to be a GAIM user. but the plugins feature is just too sweet to resist. Its a pain in the ass though at first, setting up and all...

GoD 2007-10-03 03:41

If you are not satisfied with the history, try the history++ plugin. It's great.

VB 2007-10-27 00:15

Amazing app! It is not for newbees as it require some skills to configure (no fancy wizards) but the true beauty comes after you put 5-10 plugins that will make it brilliant piece of software

redThunder 2008-03-05 01:33

This is the best messanger programm running under xp!
I'm Using it already for 2 years and still loving it (I also try other programs to check if miranda is still the best)... GNU, Large community, loads of plugins and wide configuration... The only downside is it runs only under win xp... one of the things which keeps me using xp...

DG 2008-05-06 10:32

I personally reccomend these plugins:

VirtDB (dbx_3xV.dll) - a database plugin that can be set to only write to the thumbdrive when Miranda opens & closes. There is also a Secure version (dbx_3xSV.dll) that can be password-protected.

Historysweeper.dll - helps keep the size of the DAT file down by erasing up to a specific date.

Keyboardnotify.dll - flashes Scroll Lock on incoming events.

StartupStatus.dll - allows you to set which protocols will log on when you start & more.

YAMN - Yet Another Mail Notifier. Retreives new email header/subject line.

Nergal 2008-11-07 11:24
numbers 2009-11-18 12:12

i got a newest version of Miranda running portable with winamp en popup en rss.
thats really a nice notification system and slick

GentK 2010-02-15 16:41

One thing to note about Pidgin is that it stores your password in plain text file (unencrypted).

freakazoid 2010-07-02 17:41

I see that Miranda is not stealth; can whomever is updating listing put in whereabouts it leaks?

Smurf 2011-01-18 08:04

I think there might be some issues with v0.9.13 (WinXP). Since upgrading, the program window vanishes from desktop and taskbar, and can't be reinvoked other than by running the program again. Task manager shows its still running tho. I've gone back to 9.11 which works fine.

abc 2012-01-22 18:21

Portable apps is hosting an outdated copy, v0.9.35.


smaragdus 2014-09-09 20:53

Miranda IM 0.10.24 released.


smaragdus 2015-01-30 10:51

Miranda IM 0.10.29 released.


apometron 2016-03-05 04:28

Neither Miranda, nor Pidgin connects to facebook. Just Trillian connects to facebook nowadays... Sorry but this is my experience.


webfork 2016-03-07 20:03

apometron: just tested facebook successfully with Miranda NG


smaragdus 2016-03-07 21:23

What you state is not true, both Pidgin and Miranda NG can connect to Facebook via plug-ins. It is not Miranda IM and Pidgin fault that evil Facebook dumped open-source XMPP (Jabber) protocol in favour of a proprietary, closed-source one. Anyway, using Facebook for communication is the worst choice possible.


Specular 2016-03-11 09:03

I think if Miranda IM doesn't support Facebook it could simply be removed from the description. If Miranda NG works with it it might be worth adding to its entry for users who are looking for the support.


smaragdus 2016-06-26 20:08

Miranda IM 0.10.53 fails to connect to AOL while Miranda NG 0.95.5 connects fine. Not that I need AOL, just an observation.


billon 2017-08-22 16:57

Program is dead, addons' link is dead, forum is dead, wiki is dead, even screenshots' links are dead.


__philippe 2017-08-23 12:17

Requiescant in Pace...;-)


webfork 2017-08-24 02:49

Their site is having some issues. Though I'm only having issues with the addon and wiki site so maybe fixes are underway.


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