Submit portable freeware that you find here. It helps if you include information like description, extraction instruction, Unicode support, whether it writes to the registry, and so on.

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#1 Post by myzdoxae » Fri Sep 01, 2006 1:21 pm

The Popcorn e-mail client is no longer actively developed, updated or supported by Ultrafunk in any way.

An unlimited freeware release of the latest version of the Popcorn e-mail client can be downloaded here:

Popcorn 1.76 installer (280KB) | View Popcorn readme | Windows OpenSLL installer (optional)

Does not -need- installing, I used Universal Extractor to get the files out of the installer. It uses a ini file for its configuration. Checked through the registry, no entries there.

It used to require registration (which would invariably write to the registry or use other tactics). But as its no longer being updated, and released as unlimited freeware, its all good.

I had used the old freeware version ( 1.48 ) before they moved to shareware, and loved it. Sad to see it abandoned, but its a great little app.

Text based email viewer, can handle attachments, doesn't render html or show inline images (no web bugs!). Allows multiple accounts, allows SSL and encrypted passwords (APOP).

I used to use Mailwasher until I tried on another computer, and found out it wasn't portable and apparently used the registry. Bah!


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#2 Post by Andrew Lee » Mon Sep 04, 2006 2:21 pm

Posted to the database. Thanks!

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