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Uses for LibreOffice up at work

#46 Post by webfork » Fri Dec 08, 2017 7:13 pm

Sort of an update on my usage of this program since I've been using it for about for 5 years now.

Those that see LibreOffice always ask me the same question: yeah that's nice but it doesn't look ready for prime time.

Things I use for LO for at my workplace
  • Project and overview documents (todo list, big picture details, etc.)
  • Very large text documents (hundreds of pages) since Word has a tendency to freak out on extremely large docs
  • Initial draft documents (since moving to Word is seamless)
  • Most conversions - whether from rich text or graphics programs
  • HTML edits - including my home page and work with Markdown and Confluence docs
  • Basic PDF edits - usually minor edits to a sentence or something needs to be deleted.
  • Basic spreadsheets - I prefer their spreadsheet program sometimes as Excel can be overwhelming
  • Print outs - printing out things or setting up PDF files where I want the layout to look a specific way (an alternative to Microsoft Publisher)
  • Fixing bad or misbehaving MS Office files
What I don't use LibreOffice for:
  • HOWTO files that involve pictures because drag-and-drop image stuff doesn't work efficiently. I generally use Word here.
  • Track changes, collaboration - It might be great but as I'm the only one at my place of business using LibreOffice right now, I can't test this.
  • Presentations and flowcharts - I do love PowerPoint and Impress just doesn't have the same level of usability. I dislike Visio for many reasons.
  • Complex / Formatted Spreadsheets - Calc is improving but a lot of making data digestible is making it pretty and Excel remains my go-to program here.
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