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 Post subject: Re: Chromium-Based Browsers - Portability Problem !
PostPosted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:46 am 
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JohnTHaller wrote:
Our only real 'vote' in the matter is to vote by switching to another browser.

    I think it's called "voting with your feet" and, as much as I value some aspects of what Google does, I voted that way a long time ago regarding this particular piece of software -- and, generally, you won't see me pushing any of their software here...

 Post subject: Re: Chromium-Based Browsers - Portability Problem !
PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:56 am 

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Well, as far as having a completely and truly portable Chromium-based browser,
we do have one, Cent Browser ! My quest was just about trying to avoid a dependence on only one option.

Current (latest) Iridium, SuperBird, and Coc Coc, are also fully portable,
but that is likely only because they have not yet upgraded to Chromium 58 (where the "screw up" seems to have happened).
I expect these browsers to go down the drain in terms of total portability, the way Chromium, Iron, etc did.

I tested the FireFox 57, nightly build, that fully introduces the new FireFox (multi-tasking, web-extensions, new GUI),
and it looks and feels fantastic ! It will be the "official" version by the end of November 2017.

At the end of the year, I will dump any Chromium other than Cent Browser.
Chromium is like an irresistibly sexy girl-friend, but really "bad" - selfish, manipulative, controlling, always gets things her way.

By transitioning from old FireFox to new FireFox, I will loose a few priceless add-ons, I will shed some tears over that,
but I will still have my good old Pale Moon (version 24, 64-bit, portable) to comfort me in these sad moments of separation.

Also, maybe Pxc FireFox, WaterFox, and CyberFox will come up with ways to preserve the old add-ons
together with the new web-extensions, although at the moment that seems pretty impossible to me.
Otherwise, these "performance-enhanced" FireFox variations will become completely irrelevant with the new official FireFox.

JohnTHaller, You may want to update Your pages about the "limited portability" status of Chromium browsers,
the way PortableFreeware did with the Vivaldi browser ""
(I guess, an update on the rest of the Chromium family is pending) .
Just a little disclaimer - to avoid the "wrath and fury" of those charming trolls in the world of web comments.
Keep up the great work, this whole post was an effort to make the (Chromium) world more "Haller-like".

 Post subject: Re: Chromium-Based Browsers - Portability Problem !
PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 3:36 pm 
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There are detailed warnings on the Chrome Portable homepage and within the EULA page of the installer as you install it. They've been there for years since this issue first started. Personally, I advise people not to use Chrome either portable or local without logging in and syncing to Google.

If you've been using Firefox for a while and have a lot of cruft in your profile, I recommend doing a profile refresh. It preserves the main data (bookmarks, passwords, cookies, current tabs, web form fill, personal dictionaries) but resets everything else to default (all extensions removed, all extension settings, all customization, removes added search engines, user styles, etc). It's a great way to figure out how well Firefox will run on your system without starting from complete scratch. And you can backup your profile first to try it out. Or you can just grab a new copy of Firefox Portable or use the Firefox Portable 2nd Profile add-on.

Don't forget to try out the Compact Light and Compact Dark (previously in Dev only) themes that are in current Firefox stable for a more modern look.

A fresh Firefox profile + one of the new compact themes + uBlock Origin (which is e10s compatible) will feel like a new browser to most people that haven't touched it in a long time.

And for anyone that wants to check out the new Firefox landing with 57.0, it's on Nightly now and you can grab the portable version here: ... st#nightly

The theme has 3 modes (default, light, dark) and 3 density levels (standard, compact, and touch for bigger hit areas for touch screens) and is worth checking out. Using the Firefox Portable Nightly installer will grab the current versions of 32-bit and 64-bit as you install it and won't affect your other portable instances or your local one.

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