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Re: Firefox Unbranded

#16 Post by Userfriendly » Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:37 pm

JohnTHaller wrote:Couple things... first, freakazoid, how are you determining which build corresponds to the actual stable release as I see multiple 53.0 releases in different numbered folders.

Second, is there interest in having a live installer for this? You can grab it and swap the files into Firefox Portable, too, of course.
You can match the EXE file version and buildID. Change the 64 to 32 in the url if you want 32bit equivalent.

Official Release file version
EXE modified time 4/13/2017 ‏‎8:55 PM buildID=20170413192749 ... n64/en-US/

Unbranded file version
EXE modified time 4/13/2017 ‏‎3:50 AM buildID=20170413031124 ... 492078284/ Same file version but different buildID. just a few hours before official release. Probably nothing changed except when it was automatically compiled.
EXE modified time 4/13/2017 ‏‎8:05 PM buildID=20170413192749 ... 492136869/ - This one is probably what you want. Same buildID and same file version as release.

Unbranded file version - number increased by 5. Probably no significant changes. Maybe a typo was fixed.
EXE modified time 4/18/2017 ‏‎3:46 AM buildID=20170418031645 ... 492510605/

You can also check the very last release candidate's buildID from the info txt files. Its the same installer as official release. Can also find it in about:support within firefox. ... 4_info.txt buildID=20170413192749 ... l_info.txt buildID=20170413192749

A live installer for unbranded builds would be neat. When you say live installer, is it like similar to the Firefox Nightly Build portable downloader which downloads the latest version?

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Re: Firefox Unbranded

#17 Post by freakazoid » Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:05 pm

JTH, I just grab the first one that has changed the version number over, which isn't always the most accurate.

UserFriendly's method is more exact. I would also love a live installer.
is it stealth? ;)

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