fre:ac 1.0.29

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fre:ac 1.0.29

#1 Post by enzo » Thu Aug 31, 2017 11:48 am

I just released fre:ac 1.0.29. This version replaces the aging MAD MP3 decoder with the mpg123 library, updates FAAC/FAAD2 to the latest versions and fixes some minor issues:
  • now using the mpg123 library for MP3 decoding
  • changed default FLAC blocksize to 4096 samples to match official FLAC tools
  • removed support for obsolete Main and LTP AAC profiles
  • fixed progress not being updated for long running conversions
  • fixed handling of stray tabs in title info
  • upgraded CDRip to version 1.26 to fix handling of drives with letter A:
  • upgraded FAAC to version 1.29.7
  • upgraded FAAD2 to version 2.8.1
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