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Convert Physical Machines to Virtual Machines

Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 2:46 am
by AlephX

Is it interesting?
Use the intuitive wizard-driven interface of VMware Converter to convert your physical machines to virtual machines. VMware Converter quickly converts Microsoft Windows based physical machines and third party image formats to VMware virtual machines. It also converts virtual machines between VMware platforms. Automate and simplify physical to virtual machine conversions as well as conversions between virtual machine formats with VMware Converter.

Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 2:56 am
by AlephX
The Download requires a registration... :?

Posted: Thu May 03, 2007 10:51 am
by portackager
I didn't input anything in the reg and It let me download.

So let me get this straight does it mean you can convert/copy your current drive/physical machine where windows is to a vmware virtual machine? If so that's really cool

Posted: Thu May 03, 2007 10:57 am
by portackager
Are you sure it's portable?

Posted: Thu May 03, 2007 12:27 pm
by alanbcohen
Might be - if it worked consistently. I couldn't get it to work with a hardware vendor-installed copy of WinXPHome on an Acer laptop.

Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 11:52 am
by CrazyJohnny
VMware is, unfortunately, far from portable... Too bad.

WM converter is really interesting, but what I would really like is for a way to load vms on to PCs.

THAT, would be sweet! ;)

Re: Convert Physical Machines to Virtual Machines

Posted: Wed May 28, 2014 11:16 am
by copc
I think, back 2008 you wont find suitable tools to make P2V.
Now a day it is possible to create not only P2V, V2P and also booting virtual directly to real machine just using freeware tools like virtualbox, disk2vhd, grub4dos, IMG_XP_80.exe. It works at least for me to create like portable nlited xp.vhd or w7starter.vhd.
Here is some idea easy to follow to create it.