A bunch of standalone games

Submit portable freeware that you find here. It helps if you include information like description, extraction instruction, Unicode support, whether it writes to the registry, and so on.
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A bunch of standalone games

#1 Post by AlephX » Thu Aug 10, 2006 1:46 am


This page contains a list of games made with Gamemaker.

List of gsmes:

Lock On (3.6 Mb) written by Iteration GAMES
LockOn looks and feels like an arcade machine from the mid 80s. The game features progressive levels increasing in difficulty and a Zen like intuitive style of play.

Space Oddity (4.2 Mb) written by Bouncing Fox Productions
Space Oddity is Space invaders with a number of additional features, like multiplayer, special enemies, upgrades, and bonus levels.

Monster Frenzy (2.6 Mb) written by Taurus Media
An action game in which you must feed the monsters with the right type of fruit. Sounds simple but is difficult and accompanied by great graphics and music.

The ultimate Chuchu! (4.6 Mb) written by Scream681
A fast-paced side-scrolling shooting game with very nice graphics.

Ore no Ryomi 2 (5.6 Mb) written by Mr.Chubigans
In this cooking simulator you must manage a restaurant, creating the menu, make the dishes, do advertisement, etc.

Hard Hat 2 (2.7 Mb) written by Damaged
A great platform game with many levels and enemies.

Magical Drop (4.2 Mb) written by Jon Ibarguren Rica
A very nice puzzle game in which you quickly have to form combinations of colored balls. Difficult and addictive. Includes a two-player mode.

Hovendall Tactics (2.4 Mb) written by Sander Florissen
A beautiful turn-based strategy game with ten different missions.

Doomed (4.3 MB) written by Brent Cowan
A doom-like 3-dimensional first person shooting. Shows that Game Maker can actually make 3D games.

Explodin' Crapola: Helicopter Cacophony 2 (3.7 MB) written by Mr.Chubigans and Him
Shooting game in which you man a helicopter and must fight your way through many different levels with opponents.

Super Mario: Kamek the Magikoopa's Revenge(1.2 MB) written by Mike Parnell
Clearly Game Maker can create platform games. Here is one based on the well-known Mario character.

Steel Broadsides (1.0 MB) written by Maxelliomega
This game is like the game of Battleship, but a lot less boring. You have to measure approximately where the other battleship is and destroy it. You also have planes to blow up the other ships.

Megabot (4.5 MB) written by Taurus Media
This is a wonderful side scrolling platform game with the atmosphere of the great games of the past. It is a full length "near commercial quality" game that takes days to play.

Ness' Christmas Journey(1.2 MB) written by Darklink570
Wonderfully done maze like game. Great graphics, puzzles to solve, and well finished.

Matcher Catcher (2.1 MB) written by Morphosis
A fast paces action game in which you must click the right colors. Simple but addictive game play, and it looks very nice.

Matrix Dude (3.1 MB) written by ElDeno
Shooting game with difficult enemies.

Sonic Zone (2.6 MB) written by Effeser project
A platformer with great bosses and graphics. Nice level variety and sound.

Chain Reaction (1.7 MB) written by Richard Gonzalez
A very original puzzle game in which you must destroy all balls through a chain reaction.

Prisms of Light 2 (3.4 MB) written by Mr.Chubigans
Interesting puzzle game in which you must deflect a light beam in the right direction. Over 100 puzzles.

Harrier Strike (8.0 MB!!!) written by Tristan Whitmarsh
Isometric game in which you fly a Harrier plane and must destroy enemies.

3105 AD (1.2 MB) written by Khanh Nguyen
Scrolling shooter are very easy to make in Game Maker. Here is one with nice enemies and options.

Toubou (0.8 MB) written by Patrick Gaston
Wonderful isometric puzzle game in which you have to use a combination of speed and cleverness to avoid being crushed by the rolling balls.

Reflexion (1.2 MB) written by Juho Pohjonen
A wonderful puzzle game. It consist of 36 puzzles in which you must set mirrors to reflect a ball such that it touches all gems. Each puzzle is different with new surprising elements. Some of them are really difficult. The game has clear professional quality.

Super Snake (5.8 MB!!!) written by Sander Steenhuis
A version of the well-known snake game as you have probably never seen it before. The game has 24 levels, ranging from rather simple to almost impossible. And it is not just about eating apples. There are mazes, one-way streets, coins for bonus points and monsters.

Noirduck's Legacy (2.4 MB) written by Effeser
Very nice platform game that tells a complete story about the famous Disney characters. Nice graphics and many nice original touches, like the possibility to control three characters that actually must collaborate on certain tasks.

Bubble Escape (3.4 MB) written by Taurus Media
Professional quality game in which you must shoot bubbles and then rescue the boblin falling out of them.

Plasma Twins Strike Again (2.5 MB) written by Red Glyph
A wonderful platform game. Great graphics, nice gameplay, interesting chalenges. What else do you want.

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