IPHost - fast IP Address Scanner in disguise

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IPHost - fast IP Address Scanner in disguise

#1 Post by __philippe » Sun Aug 27, 2017 5:35 am

IPHost v0.30 - released 23-AUG-2017
IP address to Hostname conversion tool

Developer's site

IPHost overview / changelog / usage tips

IPHost Download
http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA032928 ... ost030.zip

From the same developer who gave us TCP Monitor Plus :


The unfortunate "IP address to Host Name converter" description does somewhat belittle the core function of this tool,
actually quite a capable "IP addresses range scanner" in sheep's clothing, akin to our top-of-the-chart "Angry IP Scanner 2.21"

A prominent button, rather disturbingly labeled "Register", stands for a more mundane "SCAN/GO" function.

Let's chalk that up to the vagaries of automatic JP->EN translations.
(nothing that a gentle touch of ResourceHacker's magic couldn't rectify, mind you...:
    Dialog->102->1033 ; Edit "Register" -> "Scan"...;-)

IPHost v0.30 Summary:

Terse, fair sized (438k), fast IP Address Scanner, returns scans results a tad quicker than smaller sized (108k) "Angry IP Scanner"

Some essential functions missing, GUI still a bit rough, implementation details yet to be polished.

Suggestions for future releases:
  • • provide RESET button to clear results between scans
    • provide hostname ping RTT latency results column
    • allow for CIDR IP addresses notation input (such as
    • change "Domain Info" column heading to "(Hostname) ccTLD" (easily hacked)
    • clean-up other column headings
    • clean-up combo box clumsy transparency (check awkward next-to-last line)
Looking forward to IPHost work-in-progress evolution.

(Benchmark reference:)

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