Martov's USB AIO V1.0

Submit portable freeware that you find here. It helps if you include information like description, extraction instruction, Unicode support, whether it writes to the registry, and so on.
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Martov's USB AIO V1.0

#1 Post by martov » Fri Sep 21, 2007 12:29 pm

[Moderator note: because we're concerned some of the following software may contain commercial, potentially pirated software, we are adding the word "DELETE" in the middle of the provided links. Until this is confirmed, the links will continue to be listed, but users should proceed with caution.]

most programs are in english, dispite this is an spanish-oriented compilarion, i will try to traduce it for you. some folders are under spanish names, but programs are in english, those who arent in english can be "passed" to english in its options menu.for those who dont know, AIO means All In One
main folders:
admin&opt-->administrative and tecnician software


anty spyware light and simple, efficient.
actualizable. very simple interface

alias "detector of keyloggers", detects almost ANY to keylogger, single deves to make it walk, escrivir, copy and to stick algun text in world or notepad and keyloggers saldran to the light, deves to eliminate the archives of manual form (you enter safe way and the flocks)

alias "archives in use".
it allows to see the archives that estan being utilisados by the processes, their route, their attributes and if you have permissions to borrarlos/editarlos/leer them
exelente against virus Wink

it eliminates the virus of the MSN, whose fast expancion is peligrosisima, an example is the clasico "voi to put this photo yours in my blog" and zip is sent single also solves some aspects of the IE, like the pagina of beginning estatica "" or seemed spywares.

reg auditor
he scans the registry, looks for suspicious entrances.

rogue scan
it eliminates antispywares that produces false results and that they are difficult to desinstalar, forsando to the user to buy an unsuitable product, also clears spywares that these place.

Seconfig XP.exe
alias "security for XP", simply allows to close the commonly aviertos ports but of Windows, and that are not used.

Sophos Anti-Rootkit
acquittal rootkits

vunerability scan
it detects Windows vulnerabilities that can be solved with the updates of Windows

win worm door cleaner
it visualizes the opened ports, allows to close the dangerous ones commonly

a resident that shields against, warns to us before changes from registry, ports to listening and processes which they try to touch any thing of the Windows folder, are totally formable in all eses aspects.
it allows to adapt the antivirus: clam (it comes in the same program by defect), kaspersky and to bitdefender.

Administrators & tecnicos

sweepings cleaner of the hard disk
as complement has a limpidor of registry, something deficient, but util

registery clean up my
registry cleaner

"desfragmentador" alias, defragments any thing, including from hard disks to memories USB, it can program desfragmentaciones by in a dia/momento I specify or to each very formable resumption

disk size to analizer
it counts the space occupied by each folder, and it presents/displays them from the raiz in form of arbol. to see that folders occupy much space in the disc

it proves rigidos discs, it recovers lost partitions and damaged discs

to driver backup
it keeps drivers that you want, EYE, if there is a normal device, like mouse that and is plug play, also tendras the option to keep it, asique deves to filter drivers that you kept from that no.

it keeps the LOG, since it indicated to you where to place the archives so that they work denuevo

X provides info detailed of the hardware of the PC direct

to keychanger

they keygen for Windows XP, office XP, and Windows server 2003.
also it is a tool to change the serial of those products if they already have one and Microsoft I detect it like invalido/pirata.


those that empiesan with F and D an baneados by Microsoft

MV they regclean
potentisimo registry cleaner, to use if he is himself expert.

PC to decrapfier
it extracts mierdaware, trialware and demoware of the PC

registery tweaks MASTERS
COMPLETISISIMO pakete of tweacks of the registry, estan ordered just as the registry and contain explanation, 150 facil tweacks ai aqui.

it detects and it can explain because of some programs that begin when catching Windows.
it allows to clear them

Tune Up Utilities
tune up portable very util

to uninstaller

complete desinstalador, indicates whichever space liverara to the right of each program if he is desinstalado

to verifay-repair you file
it creates arcivos of "endorsement", mini archives that would protegeran to the original file of any corruption with this archivito and the original file, podras to always maintain to the second in good state


completisisisisimo pack of tweacks for Windows
EYE with the USABILITY options, theme/tema can get to make alternative things nonwished to his of xp or

xp-AntiSpy (opcionario)

MAS tweacks = D


baby FTP
mini server FTP

CD restore
it recovers cds ralados and damaged

it passes cds to ISOs

compressor and decompression valve multiformat

crack to finder
it looks for cracks quickly

firefox portable

foola Ipod to controler (itones)
mini Itones for Ipods

google hacks
it makes the searches of google but faciles if you look for something I specify, mui util

it creates text files in format of arbol, GOOD MUI

menu contextual
it publishes the bellboys of menu contextual of Windows, but in relation to all the applications, for example you can publish menu contextual that appears when beams straight clik in a Web within mozilla or any program

musicCD to MP3-WAV
wab or mp3 turns a CD from musica to archives

portable nero 7



to recover you case out
or recuva, recovers erased archives

secure was mistaken
flock in safe form archives, can be programmed to erase cierts in a while especificos things or day

to sercher -- to repleacer

effective finder of archives, very complete, can look for text in a text file of the system and replace it by another text, very coway

to splitter
divide any file in pieces, can create bat to be united with no need of the program

super compressor

to unlocker
program that unblocks archives that estan being used by the system

special compressor of exes and dll, executed the compressed archives are feasible and a time they initiated the program

simple clean and simple manager of unloadings


Company to commander
it creates disket of booteo of that you can make many things, among them to change pass of users

free port to scanner
simple and clean scanner of ports

better well-known like John The Ripper, crackeador of passwords under TWO.

Refusal MSN of contacts
it hangs temporarily to other contacts of MSN, can congeal hotmail accounts

crackea passworlds of users in ftps and webs.

Windows USB bootable-

simple instructions of installation to put it in your memory USB (or any device)
instructions to make walk it

1. We unloaded the file (XPUSB.rar) and we decompressed it in the root of the hard disc. We will obtain a called folder c:\Xpusb (confio that already isieron it xD)

2. We connected ours pen-drive to the PC. When doing it, Windows will assign a unit letter to him, for example E:

3. To open the Xpusb folder (mentioned in step 1) and to execute the LiveXP.bat file

4. We will see a menu like the following one:

-[MAIN ] -
1) Change source path [ will see the origin folder here ]
- Path to LiveXP source you case out -

2) Change target path [ will see the destiny unit here ]
- Path where LiveXP will be installed -

3) List or format volume(s).
- formatting USB uses for Devices Flash -

4) Create, delete partition(s).
- partitioning to harddisk uses for -

5) Install LiveXP to destiny unit
- Install LiveXP you case out -

Q) Quit.

Option 1 serves to indicate where they are the archives of installation of this LiveXP Windows.

Option 2 serves to indicate where it is the destiny unit (pen-drive) to install LiveXP Windows.

Option 3 serves to see or to give format (to formatear) to volumes (storage units) in our PC, such as pen-drive that we have connected. If the installation fails, is advisable to use this option to give to format (to formatear) pen-drive. ATTENTION: when doing it ALL the content of pen-drive will erase.

Option 4 serves to create or to erase partitions in hard disk.

Option 5 serves to install LiveXP Windows in the unit indicated in option 1.

When the LiveXP.bat program requests the information to us, we will have to indicate:

In Source path: c:\Xpusb\INSTALLDIR (or the folder where we have decompressed the program in step 1. IT MUST finish with \INSTALLDIR)

In Target path: E: \ (or the unit that corresponds to pen-drive connected to our PC)

In order to install LiveXP Windows we must select option 5. To wait for some minutes and that is everything.

Once installed, to use LiveXP Windows we must enter the configuration of the BIOS of the PC. Generally, this is done maintaining pressed the key Of, SUPR, F2 or F10 while the PC starts, to look for the Boot option sequence and to change to the starting sequence, indicating pen-drive or port USB like first unit of starting

Remora USB Quick Launch

it allows to have "menu of beginning" of usb to look for your programs proper Wink Wink

security (3MB)

programs (44MB)

insecurity (3MB)

administrator & tecnico (22MB)

bootable Windows xp (60MB)

remora USB menu (2MB)

to ... .0.0.2.rar
good luck = D

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#2 Post by Local » Fri Sep 21, 2007 8:34 pm

Well, for starters, I don't believe Andrew would want anything to do with private links from rapidshare or megaupload on this site, only official links to the owners pages please.

Also, most of the things I've seen here are already on the database.

It only takes a few minutes to check and see if they have already been submitted.

If you have the real links to the programs that aren't already here I'm sure somebody would be glad to take a look at them.

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#3 Post by Ennovy » Sat Sep 22, 2007 12:28 am

Totally agree with Local :wink:

First: it's a veeeeeeery large list to read through :roll:
Second: a lot of them are already in the database, please check before posting
Third: I also don't trust downloads from rapidshare or simular sites.
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#4 Post by scamme » Sun Sep 23, 2007 3:29 am

I have doubts about legality of this - Nero 7 is commercial software, correct me if I'm wrong but you cannot redistribute it in such manner !

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