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Submit portable freeware that you find here. It helps if you include information like description, extraction instruction, Unicode support, whether it writes to the registry, and so on.
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In My Diary

#1 Post by I am Baas » Fri Jun 22, 2012 7:33 pm

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Re: In My Diary

#2 Post by I am Baas » Thu Mar 28, 2013 10:04 pm

In My Diary is at v2.10
2.10 21/03/2013

1. Password Manager entries can be moved to other parent folders to help you reorganise your system.
2. There is an option to ask for the Password Manager password every time that section is entered. This is the default setting but can be changed from the Options window when in the Password Manager section.
3. Password Manager folders can have icons associated with them to help categorization.
4. Repeating events - once an event has passed its repeat date, that particular entry then becomes 'individual' and can be edited, deleted etc. just like any other single entry event.
5. Right-clicking a date in the calendar opens the alarm setup window ready for a new event on that date.
6. There is now a menu by the note field when creating/editing events so it is easier to select a note that already exists.
7. The 'Always tick an altered contact' setting in the Options window has been removed and now defaults to never. It had ceased to be useful as the program developed.

8. Backups are now organised into year and month folders (for new backups) to make archiving more readable.

Bugs caught
9. Note attachments are now preserved when events are copied or moved to another date
10. The pink notepad alongside diary entries is clickable again to move to the note section.

2.00 13/03/2013

1. Password Manager section (with password generator) has now been added in a new tab so you can keep a database of your most used passwords and apply them when needed.
2. In Notes, clicking the note name at the top of a note page will perform a search to find all diary entries linked to that note.
3. Notes index now scrolls when required

Bugs cured

4. Bug cured that, under certain circumstances, allowed two or more notes to share the same name
5. Tabs to select diary, notes, calendar were not always accessible after a window resize and this is now OK
6. After editing special days and closing the window, diary information no longer overwrites notes or calendar if they are the current tab
7. Copy and Paste restored throughout on Mac version.

1.84 01/02/2013

1. It is possible to export individual or unconnected events as an iCal file. Right-click over and event to add it to the export list, then select 'Use Export list' when in the export window.

2. Copying and moving events is easier. It is still possible to drag events around the same page, but to move/copy an event to a more remote date, right-click over the event and select 'Copy event to clipboard'. Then right-click over the receiving date to establish the copy. This change has depreciated the function of dragging an event out of the window and dragging it back in to the receiving date.

3. You can get an audible warning when an alarm is raised. Turn the function on and off from Options.

4. Alarm windows are now always the foremost window when they pop up.

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Re: In My Diary

#3 Post by I am Baas » Mon Apr 22, 2013 5:09 am

In My Diary is at v2.50
2.50 21/04/2013

1. The diary can now use a two-day and one-week display in addition to the original two-week default.

2. A new set of icons has replaced the text buttons for moving forward / back by year or month, search, and for selecting the display format.

3. An additional 'blank' template as been added for those who prefer this look.

4. A bug with the search facility caused a crash if a search was made for dates outside your diary data. This has been removed.

5. Occasionally, under certain circumstances, notes associated with diary entries were not clickable. This has now been solved.

2.30 12/04/2013

1. Events can now be set to repeat at any specified monthly periods rather than every month.

2. You now have four contrasting choices of diary border design. Others skins may follow.

3. Searches can now be within a specified range of years.

4. Searches for Special day dates (such as Easter) over a specified range of years is now possible.

5. In the Notes section, notes can be added and deleted from a right-click menu. The Add note button therefore has been removed.

6. Repeating monthly events, having passed a repeat date, now also become 'individual' and can be edited, deleted etc. in the same way that day based repeats did from version 2.10

7. Special Day data now has some new anti-corruption and recovery measures.

2.22 07/04/2013

Version 2.20 included a complete rewrite of the program opening code, the file loading code and the Password Manager and a couple of bugs crept in. This version is an important bug fix.

2.20 05/04/2013

1. Diary files can be encrypted with personalised encryption keys.

2. Passwords in the Password Manager can be copied by selecting the file name in the lower left-hand window and pressing Ctrl+C. The password stays on the clipboard for 12 seconds to enable pasting then deletes to further aid security (native linux version does not clear the password)

3. In the Password Manager, username, password and additional field info is now encrypted whilst in memory to further aid security.

4. New folder icons in Password manager.

5. Search window now displays the number of results found in a search.

6. Improvements to error messages and procedure.
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Re: In My Diary

#4 Post by Midas » Tue Apr 23, 2013 3:08 am

It should probably be highlighted that InMyDiary is a multiplatform portable program, available for Windows, MacOS and Linux... 8)

On a less positive note, GUI font customization options would be very welcome since, right now, it seems mostly Arial based with a mishmash of sizes that are rather eye-offending on my Windows 7...

Also welcome would be an option to individually disable one or more of InMyDiary various components, keeping just the ones in use -- I use KeePass as my password manager and don't really plan to change soon, so I'd like to do away with unneeded interface elements like InMyDiary password manager.

Nonetheless, InMyDiary is a great program overall.

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Re: In My Diary

#5 Post by I am Baas » Sat Sep 07, 2013 8:47 pm

In My Diary is at v2.60:

2.60 02/07/2013

1. Computer tasks (opening a file or program) can be set to run as single events or repeating events.

2. File > Go to ... takes you to the folder where anniversary and public holiday data files are kept for easy copying over to another computer.

3. Possible program crash if no email address is established (when re-opening an event with an email warning set) has been cured

2.56 23/05/2013

An important bug fix to yesterday's issue. Notification emails were not arriving at the primary email address. Bccs were OK.

2.55 22/05/2013

1. Hovering over an event line in the diary opens a window with the full details (can be turned off in Options).
2. Email alerts can be sent to notify you (and a Bcc list if desired) of event time or early warning messages.
3. importing iCal files - Code has been improved to allow multi-line events from more sources to be imported.
4. (windows only) - Minimize on startup now hides the app on the right-hand task bar so it continues to run in the background. The blue minimize arrow also does this, while the normal minimize button keeps the app running on the left side task bar.
5. Warnings for events later that day now show as a 'Later today...' message and generate an early warning email when set. Events whose time has arrived or passed earlier that day now show as 'Now!...' messages and generate an event time reached email when set to do so.
6. Warning messages automatically close after 15 seconds to allow control back to the program for further alerts (if you leave your computer unattended with the program running this will allow further alert emails to be generated if needed).

Bugs caught:
7. If the '*' character was part of an event it previously stopped the event from being edited. This is fixed.
8. When importing an iCal file, SUMMARY does not override DESCRIPTION if seen first.
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Re: In My Diary V1.83

#6 Post by apph » Sat Sep 07, 2013 10:01 pm

thanks for sharing this, it looks a very useful program

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Re: In My Diary

#7 Post by Midas » Thu Nov 27, 2014 5:44 am

In My Diary homepage has moved and v2.99 is released (changelog and download at
  • [url][/url] author wrote:There are two distributions of In My Diary available. The original 'standard' fully installed version (now only supported on Windows) which installs the program in the traditional manner (to Program files, AppData and My Documents) and the more recent self-contained version which simply keeps all program, options and diary data all together in one folder which can then easily be moved to another computer (or kept permanently on a flash drive).

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Re: In My Diary

#8 Post by I am Baas » Fri Dec 18, 2015 6:12 am

In My Diary is at version 3.16.
3.16 19/10/2015
1. Improved saving routine means much quicker saving times so program does not appear to freeze for users with very large diary files.
2. In addition to setting the font size of event text you can now adjust the space available for the text (its boundary) so you can set the correct balance between the two, and the problems with bottoms of letters missing or partial appearance of second line text in a multi-line event can be cured.
3. A Slovenian translation has been added by a user.

3.14 29/06/2015
1. Computer task entries can be multi-line. The whole text is searched first for a line starting with a path to a file or program. If one is found it is launched. If one is not found the whole text is then searched for a line starting with a URL. If one is found it is launched. This allows the visible text in the diary to be a more useful heading etc. rather than the actual link.
2. Google Maps opens to show the location when the postcode field in Contacts is clicked.
3. Contacts can be sorted by forename, address, date of birth, phone and email in addition to the default (surname).
4. Occasionally (since version 3.11) the diary may have loaded to a screen coordinate beyond the visible screen, giving the impression that the diary is not running. This version forces the diary to load to a position on your principal screen.
5. In Password Manager, Ctrl+C copies the password (for 12 seconds) again when you click over an entry in the password list. There was a bug in 3.12 which lost this facility.

3.12 22/04/2015
1. On Windows, it is now impossible to load a diary file if it is already running (Mac has this facility by default)
2. Passwords can be unlimited length and use international (UTF-8) letters and symbols. (General encryption key still needs UK keyboard symbols.)
3. Time detail errors have been corrected when exporting and importing iCal files. (Particularly affected by Daylight Saving Time, time zone changes, and when events were all-day.)
4. Events moved or copied by means of the calendar were not previously generating an auto-save.
5. Export window is now multi-language.

3.11 25/03/2015
1. Early warning alarms can now be set for '#' minutes early and and '#' hours early in addition to '#' days early.
2. Search window - Clicking over (or pressing the enter key in) an empty 'Search for' field returns ALL Diary entries, Notes and Contacts.
3. Position of main window (in addition to size) now gets saved.
4. German and Russian languages now included.
5. Importing/exporting multi-day all-day events conforms to standard procedure (was previously extending to midday of the following day).
6. Calendar display, when current, could sometimes overwrite the diary page display if certain available diary functions were chosen. This is now cured.
7. Multi-day repeating events - colour bars now extend over the correct number of days for the NEXT due event.
8. Several small bugs cured connected with early warnings, and also corrected some issues with next repeating events when any qualifying dates are omitted.

3.10 04/03/2015
1. Events extending over more than one day are shown with a vertical colour bar at the side of each affected day, and are exported in iCal files. Imported multi-day events from other calendars are displayed correctly.
2. A graphical display of time busy and time free during any day is now an option.
3. LOCATION of events can be recorded, and exported and imported in iCal files.

Bug fixes:
4. Copied / moved events now have appropriate UID
5. Under certain circumstances, repeating events exported using the export list were not repeating.

3.02 10/02/2015
1. MUCH Improved export and import of iCalendar files acknowledging time zones, accepting many more iCal commands, improved error trapping, (hopefully) no duplication, generally meaning much more accurate and reliable transfers.
2. The exporting / importing of data has been optimised to work as faultlessly as possible with GOOGLE calendar.
3. Time zone can be set to local conditions, so that international colleagues see your events at THEIR actual time.
4. Anniversaries can be exported in iCalendar files, either included in general exports or as specific anniversary exports.
5. French and Turkish languages added.
6. You can now set repeating events by the number of repeats in addition to the finish date.
7. Repeating events added or imported that are more than a month old do not create irrelevant warning messages.
8. Search works properly for dates before 1904
9. Repeating events can be set to repeat beyond 2030! You never know, you might need to catch that HS2 train and be 30 minutes quicker!
10. Better program behaviour when language files change their length.

3.01 26/01/2015
1. Categories can be added to events and then used to help refine search criteria.
2. The default colour of event text can be changed.
3. Polish language included. Still waiting for French, German and Swedish to be completed.
4. In the Language Editor, clicking over a row can now launch Google translator and/or MyMemory translator websites with the word or phrase pre-translated.
5. Pressing the enter key in the Language editor would previously (and inappropriately) try to Finalize the edit. This has been cured.
6. Some intermittent closedown bugs trapped.

3.00 07/01/2015
1. In My Diary now uses multi-language lookup files so that the displayed text can be in any one of a number of languages in addition to English. Currently Dutch, Italian, Danish, Czech, Spanish, Greek and Portuguese are available with French, German and Swedish in preparation. More translations can easily be added to the program as they become available.
2. The built-in language editor allows users to create their own translations either for private use or which can be added to the distribution.
3. Editing 'Special Days' (Saint's days etc.) is much simpler, and copies the interface used for adding anniversaries. Clicking over a Special Day in the diary also opens a list with the clicked event highlighted for easy identification.
4. In addition to opening and running files on your computer, setting an event as a 'computer task' now also recognises http, www, ftp and mailto URLs so that websites etc. can be launched by the diary at specified times and on startup.
5. More contacts data is exported to excel (title, early birthday notification, categories joined etc.)
6. Importing contacts from an excel file is now possible, either from one saved from In My Diary or as an import from another PIM.
7. The Help file has been updated and is now in a more readable bookmarked PDF format.
7. Note section pages 'turn' in a more natural (virtual) manner.
8. Repeating event reference numbers no longer show when hovering over text or in diary print outs
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Re: In My Diary

#9 Post by Midas » Sat Mar 19, 2016 3:38 am

In My Diary v3.22 released (changelog at

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Re: In My Diary

#10 Post by I am Baas » Sat May 14, 2016 3:52 am

In My Diary version 3.23 is available (02/05/2016)
Chiefly a bug fix.

1. Category colours are now saved and reloaded
2. Dates to be excluded in repeat events now read local time format, not just dd/mm/yyyy
3. Layout of many windows has improved, particularly on Linux and MacOS
4. Wine, the Windows emulator on Linux can now use the most recent Windows versions. Previously versions after 2.88 were failing.
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