Subisoft Screen Capture

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Subisoft Screen Capture

#1 Post by webfork » Mon Sep 04, 2017 1:51 pm

First discussed in a thread cmparing screen capture tools, the remarkably small (20k compress, 66k uncompressed) screen capture makes up for the deficiencies of Window's screen captures before the "Snipping" came out in Windows 7. It's not really necessary on later machines.

The program is super simple -- takes screencaps and outputs to PNG format files. Doesn't grab windows, just a selected are or the whole screen.

Status: Portable

Settings: None

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Re: Subisoft Screen Capture

#2 Post by __philippe » Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:09 am

SubiSoft ScreenCapture v3.2 (released January 2015)

Tiny (66KB PE), bare-bone, but adequate (for XP) screenshot utility
Two basic capture modes:
  • full screen
  • selected area download

Sigcheck v2.30 - SysInternals File version and signature viewer:

Code: Select all

        Verified:       Unsigned
        Link date:      17:58 22/01/2015
        Publisher:      n/a
        Description:    ScreenCapture
        Product:        SubiSoft ScreenCapture
        Prod version:
        File version:
        MachineType:    32-bit
        Binary Version:
        Original Name:  ScreenCapture.exe
        Internal Name:  ScreenCapture.exe
        Copyright:      Copyright ⌐ SubiSoft
        Comments:       Screen capturing tool.
        Entropy:        5.746
        VT detection:   0/56
        VT link:
For a more capable, larger (1MB PE), well-rounded screencap tool, I'll stick happily with TPFC's Top-of-the-Charts FastStone Capture v5.3, thank you... :wink:

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