AWIconsPRO v10 (JPE Launcher)

Share, discuss and debug ready-made JauntePE launchers for non-portable applications.
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AWIconsPRO v10 (JPE Launcher)

#1 Post by Napiophelios » Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:20 am

HomePage-Lokas Software
These are all basically AdWare as they all have an advert nag when you close them,
but the PRO Trial is pretty awesome,and worth the money to buy.
At any rate you can test drive them without an install
..thats always nice :D
I wonder if you can reset the trial by deleting the JPE Reg file..proly not.

AWIcons PRO Installer (15 day trial)

AWiconsPRO10 (JPE Launcher)

[extract installers contents and place inside JPE\AWIcons folder]

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