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Posted: Fri Oct 04, 2013 7:07 pm
by Andrew Lee
If you have just signed up and created a new post, your first post will not immediately show up in the forum. Instead it will have to be cleared by a moderator, which will normally occur within 24 hours, usually shorter. The reason why this is done is to combat spam. Although we purposely made the bot test in the signup form difficult, some human spammers still get through. As such, we screen new users' first posts to filter out those remaining ones. This strategy has served us well so far at a slight inconvenience to new users.

If the purpose of your signup is to post to the database, please read How to submit an application to the database directly. Anyone can add to the database after a 24 hour wait. However, you must have at least one approved post in the forum, and you must not be flagged as a spammer, The entries you add will be private until they are upvoted by enough number of higher-ranking users in order to become public.

Thank you for reading, and welcome to the TPFC community!


Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 3:50 am
by Andrew Lee
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