Everest Ultimate Edition 4.6 Free License

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Everest Ultimate Edition 4.6 Free License

#1 Post by joby_toss » Thu Jun 11, 2009 3:46 am

http://downloads.guru3d.com/Everest-Ult ... -2298.html
  • "It's not the latest version (5.02) but still good enough as a free legal giveaway.

    Everest is industry leading system diagnostics and benchmarking solution for enthusiasts PC users, based on award-winning technology. During system optimizations and tweaking it provides essential system and overclock information, advanced hardware monitoring and diagnostics capabilities to check the effects of the applied settings. CPU, FPU and memory benchmarks are available to measure the actual system performance and compare it to previous states or other systems.

    Furthermore, complete software, operating system and security information makes EVEREST Ultimate Edition a comprehensive system diagnostics tool that offers a total of 100 pages of information about your PC.

    To get a free license for this software:

    Go to this promotion page (in German): http://www.pro.de/aktion/com/everest

    Fill in your first and last names :
    Vorname: your first Name
    Nachname: your last name
    E-mail: your email address
    Then click on “Senden” (send).

    You will receive a first email message where you should click on the confirmation link. (or copy and paste in your browser). Then You will receive the license key in a second message.

    You can download the exe installer 8,6 MB on this download page (below)

    You better hurry up before the offer expires."
Hope it helps!

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#2 Post by I am Baas » Thu Jun 11, 2009 5:15 pm

Here's a download link for a portable version...


Onesimus Prime
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#3 Post by Onesimus Prime » Fri Jun 12, 2009 6:46 pm

And here's the original (and only) info I have found on the site about the portable version. You may need to scroll down.

FYI, there's also a portable 5.00 release at that link, but that's not the version that the free license is for...

Edit: from the FAQ in the program's CHM help file:
"4. Is it possible to use EVEREST without an installation procedure?
EVEREST is available in ZIP compressed package that can be simply extracted to an empty folder. No installation procedure required at all."

"7. Is it possible to launch EVEREST from a CD-ROM disk, DVD-ROM disk or flash drive?
It is fully supported. EVEREST files can be simply extracted from the ZIP package and burnt to a CD/DVD disk, or copied to a DVD-RAM disk or flash drive."

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