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2017-12-03 09:56:14
Updated by billon

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  • Screenshot: Updated

2017-12-03 09:39:33
Updated by billon

  • Website URL:
  • Version: v1.46.0
  • License: [url=]GNU GPLv2[/url]
  • System Requirement: Win95 Win98 WinME WinNT Win2K Vista Win7
  • Size (in bytes): 30931572086400
  • Download URL:
  • Dependencies: [url=resources.php]MSVCR71.DLL[/url]
  • Keywords: never%20ball
  • Release date: 20000-0014-005-21
  • What's new: See:[url][/url]

2014-08-03 20:27:23
Updated by Checker

  • System Requirement:
  • How to extract: Download the ZIP filepackage and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch the programo a folder of by double-clir ckhoingce. oLaunch [i]neverball.exe[/i].

2013-02-12 00:49:08
Updated by Andrew Lee

  • How to extract: Download the ZIP file and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch the program by double-clicking on [i]neverball.exe[/i].
  • Dependencies: [url=resources.php]MSVCR71.DLL[/url]

2010-08-13 07:20:55
Updated by webfork

  • Version: Vv1.4.0
  • License: Freeware/Open SourceGPL
  • System Requirement:
  • Synopsis: Neverball is part puzzle, part action game. Tilt the floor to roll a ball through an obstacle course before time runs out. Also included is Neverputt, a hot-seat multiplayer miniature golf game using the physics and graphics of Neverball. Finally, a level editor is included.Note that Neverball requires MSVCR71.DLL to run.
  • Dependencies: MSVCR71.DLL

2006-05-22 07:30:03
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