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2018-05-13 17:00:26
Updated by smaragdus

  • Version: v1.702
  • Size (in bytes): 1201968503
  • Release date: 20168-054-23
  • What's new: Added:[list][*]Text you search for is temporarily highlighted now, too.[*]F11 added for toggling fullscreen mode.[*]Correct mousecursor for hyperlinks when a line contains this at the end of it.[/list]Fixed:[list][*]Random string contains less extra chars now.[*]Small url fix.[/list]

2016-11-12 19:58:47
Updated by webfork

  • Synopsis: jane (jJust another nasty editor) iAnother Nasty Editor) is a tiny editor for ASCII files a tiny v iewer and ecluditor for ascii filesng (DIZ,, NFO, TXT). jane supp. The program supports d draag and nd droop, handling of, hyperlinks, multiple instances, s, multiple instances, copy on sele on select, fit onto file width, up fit to ten differilent fonwidt schemes, w word wrap, commanwrap, command-line parameters, colore paresameters, minimize to tray, always on top,ation to tray, file historry, printing and savingg of edited of editeles, and files more. Visual extras include much molor presets and up to ten different font schemes.

2016-11-07 17:45:46
Updated by smaragdus

  • Synopsis: jane (just another nasty editor) is a tiny viewer and editor for ascii files (DIZ, NFO, TXT). jane supports drag and drop, handling of hyperlinks, multiple instances, copy on select, fit onto file width, up to ten different font schemes, word wrap, command-line parameters, color presets, minimizae to tioray, always on to trayp, file history, printing and saving of edited files and much more.

2016-11-06 22:04:57
Added by smaragdus