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2018-05-28 01:23:27
Updated by billon

  • Version: v1.2530
  • Size (in bytes): 1172807153
  • Keywords: win%20logon%20view logonview winlogon
  • Release date: 2017-098-305-27
  • What's new: [list][*]Added op'Use New Event Log API' option. You should turn on this option if you have Windows 10 with April Update (1803) and WinLogOnView stopped working. Be aware that currently when using the 'Use New Event Log API' option, tihe loading to cpronnect multipless remote computis slowers (in 'Advthance the old OptiAPI mons' window)e.[/list]

2017-09-30 21:59:48
Updated by billon

  • Version: v1.215
  • Size (in bytes): 117166807
  • Release date: 2017-09-030
  • What's new: Added:[li[list][*]'Save All' (Shift+Ctrl+S).][*]Option to choose another font (name anAdd size) d option dispto connect multiplaye in thremote computers (in mai'Advanced wOptions' window).[/list]

2017-09-04 08:10:28
Updated by billon

  • Website URL:
  • Version: v1.201
  • Synopsis: WinLogOnView analyses the Windows security event log and detects the date/time that users logged on and logged off. For every log on/log off, the logon ID, user name, domain, computer, logon time, logoff time, duration, and and network address are all shownress are all shown.Prrimarily for syor system admiinistratostrators, the program cam can also o give you e you a look at your own machine usage. WinLogOnView also allows you to easily export the logon sessions information to tab-delimited/comma-delimited/html/xml file.
  • Size (in bytes): 117164546
  • Download URL:
  • Release date: 2017-03-29-03
  • What's new: [list][*]WinLogOnView now reads Added:[list][*]'Sarchive log files also on a remote computer All' (from [font=monospace]\\Computer\Admin$\System32\WShinevt\Logs[/font]+Ctrl+S).[*]YOption to choou can se anow choose whether to read the archive logr fileont (name and s in thze) to 'Advisplancy in thed Optmaions' window.[/list]

2017-03-30 02:41:12
Updated by billon

  • Version: v1.1620
  • Size (in bytes): 116451294
  • Release date: 2017-023-229
  • What's new: [list][*]WinLogOnView now displays treads arche logofive log files also on a remote computer (from [font=monospace]\\Computer\Admimn$\Syste frm32\Winevt\Logs[/font]).[*]You can now choom workse whether tation lock event (Evrenad t ID 4800,he availablrchive lonly ig f 'Audit Other Login/Logoffles Evein ts' option is enhe 'Advablnced in the audi Options' policy configuraion of Wwindows).[/list]

2017-02-22 21:19:47
Updated by billon

  • Version: v1.156
  • Size (in bytes): 114512889
  • Release date: 20167-1102-232
  • What's new: [list][*]WinLogOnView now reads archive lodisplays the log off time from workstation lock evesnt (Event ID 4800, available only if 'Archive-Securdity-*.ev Other Login/Logoff Events' option is enabled in tx) when us auding the external disk mpodelicy and loconfigural computerion of moWindeows).[/list]

2016-11-23 21:26:29
Updated by billon

  • Icon: Updated
  • Screenshot: Updated

2016-11-23 21:12:34
Updated by billon

  • Version: v1.115
  • Size (in bytes): 10730014288
  • Release date: 20156-11-1723
  • What's new: [list][*]Fixed bug: WininLogOnView fiew now reads archilved t lo dg files (Archive-Security-*.evtx) when using the external displk mode and locayl computhe logoff time evenr when thmode was 4647 event.[/list]

2015-11-18 19:32:41
Updated by Checker

  • Screenshot: Updated

2015-11-18 19:24:19
Updated by Checker

  • System Requirement:

2015-11-18 13:22:50
Updated by Checker

  • Version: v1.101
  • System Requirement:
  • Size (in bytes): 10730017
  • Release date: 2000015-11-00-0017
  • What's new: [list][*]Added Fixed bug: WinLogOnView failew command-ld to dinsplay the oplogoff tiome even whens: /Sourc the ,was 4647 /Server , /ExternalFoldert.[/list]

2014-12-08 17:34:06
Updated by Checker

  • Version: v1.105
  • Size (in bytes): 1054447017
  • What's new: [list][*]Added 'Logon Tynew command-line ope' tions: /Source , /Server , /ExternalFolumnder.[/list]

2014-08-29 16:27:48
Updated by Checker

  • Version: v1.035
  • Size (in bytes): 105375444
  • What's new: [list][*]FixeAdded bug: On some systems, Win'LogOnViogon Typew displayed the domain name instead of' compluter mname.[/list]

2014-06-24 18:07:26
Updated by Checker

  • Version: v1.023
  • Size (in bytes): 105202375
  • What's new: [list][*]Fixed bug: On some systems, WinLogOnView displaay ed the domain natme/t imnstead of prcomputerly according to daylight saving time settings.[/list]

2014-03-22 12:11:33
Updated by Checker

  • Forum topic ID: 10706

2013-12-26 21:29:42
Updated by webfork

  • Synopsis: WinLogOnView is a simple tool for Windows Vista/7/8/2008 that analysanalyses the securWity event log of Winddows ops securatinty event log system, and detects the date/time that users logg detects thed on dand logged off. For every te/time that a users logged on/log off to your system, the following inform ationd is displayogged: Logon ID, User Nam off. For eve, Domain,ry Computer, Logolog on Time, L/log off Tf, the logon ID, user name, domain, computer, Dlogon time, logoff time, duration, and network addrress are all shown.Primarily for system administrators, the program can also give you a look at your own machine usage. WinLogOnView also allows you to easily export the logon sessions information to tab-delimited/comma-delimited/html/xml file.

2013-12-20 19:55:48
Updated by Checker

  • Version: v1.012
  • Size (in bytes): 10520492
  • What's new: [list][*]Added browse button in the 'AdvFixed to displanced Options' winy dow to choose the exate/time properly accordinalg fto dayldight saving timer settings.[/list]

2013-07-25 16:46:52
Updated by Checker

  • Version: v1.001
  • Size (in bytes): 1037675049
  • What's new: [list][*]Added browse button in the 'Advanced Options' window to choose the external folder.[/list]

2013-07-03 23:03:51
Updated by I am Baas

  • Dependencies: Administrator rights

2013-07-03 17:13:31
Added by Checker