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2014-12-06 11:44:08
Updated by Checker

  • Version: v1.5 6
  • Size (in bytes): 7759462 6429156
  • What's new: [list] [*]Fixed possible race condition. [/list]

2013-06-05 00:06:03
Updated by webfork

  • Synopsis: Spamihilator works between your email client and the Internet and examines to every examine incoming message. Useless messages for problems, filtering out useless and unsolicited spam mails (junk) will be filtered out. ). This process runs completely in the background. Spamihilator uses , using a number of different filters in order to achieve the highest spam recognition rate possible. . The program is highly configurable and can be extended by via plugins .

2013-01-01 15:12:50
Updated by Checker

  • Screenshot: Updated

2013-01-01 01:28:39
Updated by I am Baas

  • Writes settings to: Unknown Application folder
  • Stealth: No No

2012-12-31 22:19:29
Updated by Checker

  • How to extract: Download the ZIP file package and extract the to a folder of your choice. Launch [i]spamihilator.exe[/i].

2012-12-31 22:16:27
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  • Icon: Updated

2012-12-28 22:51:37
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