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  • Version: v0.6.2 3
  • Synopsis: Retroshare is a feature-rich communications platform for small groups of users with a focus on privacy. . The program includes an exclusive and secure toolset for instant messaging, chat rooms, forums, direct messages (e-mail), file server, VoIP, channels for distributing content, and link exchange. . It functions as an open, distributed alternative to many commercial groupware programs. Additional features include RSS feed reader, status messages (away/busy), different modes for low traffic, transfer and disk space limits, plugins, skins, and much more. . Cross-platform (Mac, Linux, BSD). Great for small businesses, groups, and a safer alternative to most file sharing methods. Networks can be small or large, but communications between users are limited by default to friends and friends-of-friends, with more specific controls available.
  • How to extract: Download the "Portable" 7z package and extract (using a program like [url=]PeaExtractor[/url]) to a folder of your choice. Launch [i]RetroShare.exe[/i]. [b] ]. OR[/b] Download the installer and launch. When prompted, select "Portable installation". Launch [i]RetroShare.exe[/i].
  • Keywords: retro%20share p2p messenger f2f friendtofriend darknet retro retroshaer waste
  • Release date: 2017-03 08-12 10
  • What's new: See: [url] 08/12 06/release-notes-for-v0-6-2 3/[/url]

2017-03-17 23:57:34
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  • How to extract: Download the setup file and launch. When prompted, select "Portable installation". Launch [i]RetroShare.exe[/i]. [b]OR[/b] Download the "Portable" 7z package and extract (using a program like [url=http]PeaExtractor[/url]) to a folder of your choice. Launch [i]RetroShare.exe[/i]. [b]OR[/b] Download the installer and launch. When prompted, select "Portable installation". Launch [i]RetroShare.exe[/i].

2017-03-17 22:59:45
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  • How to extract: Download the setup file and launch. When prompted, select "Portable installation". Launch [i]RetroShare.exe[/i]. [b]OR[/b] Download the "Portable" 7z package and extract (using a program like [url=]PeaExtractor[/url]) to a folder of your choice. Launch [i]RetroShare.exe[/i].

2017-03-17 22:55:44
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  • How to extract: Download the "Portable" 7z package and extract (using a program like [url=]PeaExtractor[/url]) to a folder of your choice. Launch [i]RetroShare.exe[/i].

2017-03-13 19:45:56
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  • Website URL: https net/
  • Version: v0.6.1 2
  • License: [url=http://retroshare www.sourceforge org/wiki licenses/index gpl.php/Frequently_Asked_Questions#Is_RetroShare_Open_source.3F html]GPL[/url]Open Source/Freewa
  • How to extract: [list=1] [*] Download the setup "Portable" 7z package and launch [*]During installation, select the "portable" option and save extract to a folder of your choice [*] . Launch [i]RetroShare.exe[/i] [/list] ].
  • Unicode support: No Yes
  • Download URL: com/downloads.html RetroShare/RetroShare/releases/latest
  • Similar/alternative apps: [url=http]qTox[/url], [url=http]Brosix[/url]
  • Release date: 2016-09 2017-03-12
  • What's new: See: [url] 2017/03/12/release-notes-for-v0-6-1 2/[/url]

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  • Screenshot: Updated

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  • Icon: Updated

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  • Website URL: http
  • Download URL: http

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  • Version: v0.6.0 1
  • Release date: 2016-02 09-05 03
  • What's new: See: [url] 09/07 03/release-notes-for-final-0 v0-6-0 1/[/url]

2016-03-27 22:23:53
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  • Website URL: http://retroshare.sourceforge io/
  • Version: v0.6.0r7ded128b 0
  • System Requirement:
  • Download URL: github.5c io/RetroShare_0 downloads.5.5c_7261_setup.exe/download html
  • Release date: 2016-02-09 05
  • What's new: http See: [url]https://www retroshareteam.softpedia 2016/RetroShare 02/07/release-Changelog notes-69043.html for-final-0-6-0/[/url]

2016-03-27 18:00:30
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  • Version: v0.5 6.5c.7261 0r7ded128b
  • System Requirement:
  • Size (in bytes): 53616640 51809892
  • Similar/alternative apps: [url=]qTox[/url], [url=]Brosix[/url]
  • Release date: 0000 2016-00 02-00 09
  • What's new: Yet another Heartbeat update: Previous update:

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  • Screenshot: Updated

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  • Size (in bytes): 53374976 53616640
  • Screenshot: Updated

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  • Categories: [Security - Privacy Tools]
  • Additional features: [Security - Privacy Tools] [Internet - RSS Readers]
  • Synopsis: RetroShare Retroshare is a feature-rich file communications sharing platform program for small groups of users with a focus on privacy. The program includes an exclusive and secure toolset for instant messaging, chat rooms, forums, direct messages (e-mail), file server, VoIP, channels for distributing content, and more. Unlike link regular exchange. It functions as an open, distributed alternative peer-to-peer (P2P) networks that many rely commercial on groupware unclear programs. Additional levels features of include anonymity RSS feed reader, RetroShare status works messages (away/busy), different with modes other for users low on traffic, transfer a and friend disk space limits, plugins, skins, and much more. Cross-to-friend platform (F2F) model Mac, Linux, BSD). Great that for lets small you businesses, groups, and connect a with safer two alternative layers to of most trust (e.g. your file friends sharing and methods. Networks your can friends' friends), be small or large, but beyond communications that between restricts users access. Also are known limited as by a "dark default net", Retroshare to is friends an and encrypted friends-of-friends, decentralized with communication more platform specific controls available.Cross-platform (Mac, Linux, BSD).
  • Keywords: p2p messenger f2f friendtofriend darknet retro retroshaer waste

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  • What's new: Yet another Heartbeat update: Previous update:

2014-04-27 01:47:29
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  • Version: v0.5.5c.7067 7261
  • How to extract: [list=1] [*]Download the ZIP setup package and extract launch [*]During installation, select the "portable" option and save to a folder of your choice. [*]Launch [i]RetroShare.exe[/i]. ] [/list]
  • Size (in bytes): 51500882 53374976
  • Download URL: exe/download
  • Similar/alternative apps: [url=]Brosix[/url]
  • What's new: Improvements: General: [list] [*]Updated Yet languages another from Heartbeat Transifex. [*]Added language Catalan (ca_ES). [/list] Transfers: [list] [*]New cache system for RemoteDirModel, which significantly speeds up the display of shared files. [*]Added generic function to return the correct string for scanf for unsigned ints depending on the size of the actual variable that is scanned. Should fix the rehash bug and bugs corrupting timestamps on some 32bits systems. [*]Added few more file type icons for "cpp", "h" nd "c", "patch" and "diff" extensions. [*]Moved Uploads to Downloads Tab. [*]Added to change the text for the Play Button, when file is not a media file. [*]Added a custom context menu for pasting RS-links to the base class MimeTextEdit and removed the custom context menu from derived classes. Updated english translation. [*]Patch "AddSearchFilesourceSorted_6951 update: http://retroshare.diff" from Phenom. Adds correct sorting for search results. [*]Extended max chunk TTL to 1 hour. A short TTL is not anymore needed since chuns are shared between sources. [/list] Chat: [list] [*]Patch "chatdialog_allow_buttons_from_different_plugins_3" from electron. ChatDialog allows now Buttons from different Plugins. [*]Patch "Fix_ChatLobbyAutoSubscribe_6951 sourceforge.diff" from Phenom. Fixes request for existing lobbies when no lobby ihas been found yet. Code beautification. [*]Added lobby ID as tooltip to lobby list. [/list] Forums: [list] [*]Added ElidedLabel to be used in places where labels might be too long and therefore trigger an unwanted window resize. This is currently used as forum thread titles. [/list] Channels: [list] [*]Patch "Fix_ChannelNotificationFeedLink" from Phenom. Allows to finish loading a channel before jumping to the linked post. [*]Added a default background color for the Channel Message Logo for a better look and feel, removed stretching of the logo, set a minimum size, background is now filled black. [/list] Notification: [list] [*]Reworked the notification system, which is now a standalone service. Now plugins can receive notifications. [*]Corrected the layout of the Connect Progress Dialog. [*]Changed the logo size for some news feed items to use same size for better look. [*]Added to display blue net/black forum message icons for the forum feeds, when forum is anon or signed. [*]Added new feed item types and logic to show connection attempts from forged certificates (e.g. bad signature, bad certificate). [*]Limit number of feed items to 500 to avoid flooding. [*]Changed the default stylesheet color for the Security Feed. [*]Improved display/fixed bugs in security item. [/list] Plugins: [list] [*]Added service pointer for forums to the plugin interface. [*]FeedReader: Used the forums pointer from the plugin interface instead of the global pointer. [*]Added missing services in RsPluginInterface class. [/list] GXS: [list] [*]Enabled the Filter Line edit for filtering friends, by nick/ID for Create Circles Dialog's Known Identities Widget. [*]Set some minimum header sizes for some items. [*]Enabled sorting for the QTreeWidget's. [*]Fixed temporary to load the Wiki Groups Tree at startup, auto update seems not to work. [/list] core: [list] [*]Moved PGP id and SSLid types into rsid viewtopic.h, and renamed them with a more appropriate name. [*]Fixed cipher list for openssl. ECDHE is not configured, so it cannot be used. [*]Added serialisation methods for SSLId and time_t. [*]Added an option in the pro file for dsdv, as it is compiled when not used. [*]Removed status member from FileDetails. Not used => misleading. [*]Removed asserts in reader_armoured.c, reader_encrypted_se.c, reader_encrypted_seip.c, readerwriter.c. [*]Allow loading packets of large size from config files (fixed storing of big messages), and continue on config files skipping items that cannot be deserialised. [*]Put a hard limit to packet size in pqistore to avoid calling realloc with fancy numbers when the stream has been corrupted. [/list] Bug fixes: [list] [*]Fixed bug due to ot sending notifications to the file lists. [*]Added missign cleanup call in, causing a small memory leak. [*]Changed order of the shutdown to fix a crash of the WebUI plugin. First stop the plugins then the other services. [*]Fixed ghost lobby issue. [*]Patch from HM to avoid allocating absurdly long uids. [*]Added check to only import version 4 keys in the keyring. [*]Fixed error handling in certificates that could crash RS when a bad cert is pasted. [*]Fixed proper handling in failed malloc in openpgp-sdk, causing crash with deliberate bad cert. [*]Fixed small error in pgphandler, potentially adding empty certs in database. [*]Limited the number of packets to be parsed in a row, to prevent compressed data to contain an enormous number of packets. [*]Removed potential uninitialized memory read in TlvKey item. [*]Fixed mismatched free/delete in [*]Fixed bug introduced in 6965 that prevented people joining private lobbies to see the messages and talk. [*]Fixed potential attack by supplying non hexadecimal strings as certificate common name. [*]Fixed spaces in copy/paste of rich text. [/list] php?p=12267&sid=b82648c93b59b8fd4e5a9969dd01905b#p12273

2014-02-03 01:52:12
Updated by webfork

  • Synopsis: RetroShare works with is a restricted feature-rich network file of sharing individuals program to provide with secure messaging, file sharing, forums, VoIP, channels, and more. . Unlike regular peer-to-peer (P2P) networks that rely on unclear levels of anonymity, RetroShare works with other users on a friend-to-friend (F2F) model that lets you connect with two layers of trust (e.g. your friends and your friends' friends), but restricts access beyond that. restricts access. Also known as a "dark net", Retroshare is an encrypted, decentralized communication platform. Cross-platform (Mac, Linux, BSD).

2014-01-29 20:14:21
Updated by Checker

  • Version: v0.5.5a 5c.6725 7067
  • Size (in bytes): 50963353 51500882
  • Download URL: 5c/RetroShare_0.5.4d_5995_portable
  • What's new: Improvements: General: [list] [*]Added Updated connection languages progress from dialog, to Transifex. [*]Added show language connection Catalan (ca_ES). [/list] Transfers: [list] [*]New state, and cache give some feedback/advice to the user [*]added storage system for denied RemoteDirModel, which connections significantly in speeds linkMgr [*]new up splash the screen / about display image [*]improved of GUI shared layout. Many files. [*]Added patches, mainly generic from function Phenom, electron [*]GUI to improvement return for distant messages, showing the correct names, handling string links, correct for toasters, etc [*]improved scanf security for feed unsigned so ints that depending one on can the send size distant of messages the to actual peers variable that attempt is to scanned. Should connect [*]improved fix command the line rehash parameter bug handling (used and argstream bugs class) [*]Disabled corrupting setting "Start timestamps RetroShare when my system starts" on Windows some when 32bits running the debug version systems. [*]modified Added patch few from more AC file to type remove icons messages with security issues (e.g. Billion Laughs bomb). The message is replaced by a warning, for "cpp", "h" nd "c", "patch" and "diff" extensions. [*]Moved is not forwarded [*]Updated english translation [*]Enabled distant messages. These need Uploads to be Downloads switched on the config->Messages. GUI improvements needs Tab. [*]Added to be done, such as properly setting peers names everywhere, but change the service works. Have fun using it! [*]updated values text for min/normal the partial Play packet size to 1MB in openpgp-sdk Button, so when that file we do is not create a partial media packets file. [*]Added for a everyday custom use. We context will menu have for to pasting properly extend openpgp RS-sdk links to support the parsing base of class partial MimeTextEdit packets and if removed we the want custom to context PGP-encrypt chunks larger than 1MB [*]patched RsCollection code to disallow crafted xml bombs [*]plugged send message menu from security derived item classes. Updated to english send distant messages [*]added info about libssh-0 translation. [*]Patch "AddSearchFilesourceSorted_6951.6.0rc1 in README.txt [*]added argstream.h (with authorized modified licence) to handle parameter lines [*]added Use As Direct Source in service permission dialog [*]fixed OpenBSD compilation (Patch diff" from Stefan Sperling) [*]Removed rsiface and moved configuration options to RsServerConfig [*]Fixed cipher list to "HIGH:!DSS:!aNULL:!3DES", which should disable the weak ones, no idea how to force it to PFS (which it should use) [*]fixed void * pointer maths. [*]doubled data chunk for signature in chat links Phenom. Apparently Adds some correct keys need more than 287 bytes [*]added security checks against disk full in PGP keyring manager [*]TokenQueue: fixed stop of TokenQueue polling when events are locked [*]RsProtectedTimer: switched to faster poll when events are locked [*]distant chat: added ACK system to make sure the secured tunnels sorting for distant search chat are actually working, before one starts using it results. [*]moved Extended all max files chunk related TTL to file 1 transfer hour. A in short gui/FileTransfer/ [*]renamed known people into keyring [*]make friendlist fully resizable (Patch from phenom) [*]added DynDNS to RS certificate link if available [*]removed MT19937 random generator which TTL is not used anymore. Changed N needed from since 624 chuns to are 1024 shared to between reduce cost [*]improved completion for chat ( sources. [/list] Chat: [list] [*]Patch "chatdialog_allow_buttons_from_different_plugins_3" from Phenom) [*]added electron. ChatDialog help allows panels now in Buttons MainWindow, to from help different beginners startup with the basic concepts Plugins. [*]changed welcome message in broadcast chat [*]improved GUI layouts in FriendList, NewsFeed, Forums, Channels, removed doubling unused buttons [*]added last time of transfer (Patch "Fix_ChatLobbyAutoSubscribe_6951.diff" from Phenom) [*]added column with . Fixes IP request for connected existing peers (modified lobbies patch when from no Phenom) [*]Removed lobby some ihas more been hardcoded found colors [*]added yet. Code completer beautification. [*]Added to lobby MimeTextEdit ID and as ChatWidget (Patch tooltip from to Phenom) [*]fixed lobby deadlock (reported by Like) [*] list. [/list] Forums: [list] [*]Added quick fix ElidedLabel to show be the used plain in name places and where title labels in might the be chat too lobby [*]Use long the and best therefore network interface to route trigger an ip unwanted instead window of resize. This the is first currently interface used in as getLocalInterfaces forum on thread Windows [*]Fixed showing utf8 characters in chat lobby name [*]Updated build instruction in file readme.txt ( titles. [/list] Channels: [list] [*]Patch from Henry) [*]Patch (modified) "Fix_ChannelNotificationFeedLink" from Phenom. Allows to allow finish auto-subscribe loading to a chat channel lobbies [*]added before display jumping of to SSL the encryption linked parameters post. [*]Added in a PeerDetails default dialog [*]fixed background packaging with GXS (sqlite linkage, define color for encrypted the database [*]patch Channel from Message Henry Logo morgan for to a fix better soem look typos (e.g and misspelled connexion into connection) [*]Made pqiStore accept packets even after deserialization error feel, so removed that it is retrocompatible (Patch from Phenom) [*]Set path to sqlcipher instead stretching of sqlite for Windows compile. [*]new db for the release logo, TESTNET5, old set TESTNET4 a db's minimum are not keyed [*]Updated english translation [*]added Specific protected timer class RsProtectedTimer to avoid passwd deadlock. [*]Added filter of items to RSTreeWidget. [*]removed email field from GenCertDialog size, since it background is not now useful filled inside RS [/ black. [/list] GUI ] Notification: [list] [*]added/enabled Reworked GUI the for notification distant chat (Invitation handler in config->chat system, handling which of is Distant now chat a links) [*]Localized standalone Greek service. Now and plugins Dutch (patch can from Henry). Updated receive English notifications. [*]Languages updates from transifex [*]Color transfer for copy/paste (patch from AC) [*]various improvements to FriendSelectionWidget [*]typos (patches from Henry) [*]Added default stylesheet for Corrected the QTextEdit in ProfileManager [*]Fixed sort layout of friends the in Connect shared Progress files Dialog. [*]fixed Changed update the of logo flag size for peer some signature news over feed own key [/list] FT: [list] [*]added a new per-friend flag items to allow use to same seek size for direct better transfers. Disabled look. [*]Added for to existing display friend(should blue/black be forum added message manually), enabled by default icons for new the friends [*]libretroshare [*]Merged forum branch feeds, when v0.5-GenericTunneling into trunk (Rev. 6284 to 6410). [*]Tunnel system forum is now anon generic. Any or service signed. [*]Added can new asks feed for item tunnels types and send logic generic to data show through connection them [*]made attempts ftServer from a forged client certificates (e.g. bad of signature, bad the certificate). [*]Limit service. Now number turtle of file feed items are handled in ftServer [*]added new client: p3MsgService to send/recv pgp-encrypted distant messages [*]added new client: p3ChatService 500 to perform avoid private (AES-encrypted) distant chat through tunnels flooding. [*]added Changed distant the chat. Works default on stylesheet invitations color and for tunnels. Has the tunnel Security closing notification Feed. [*]Added Improved system to collect and create chat invites from pgp keys [*]/!\ Needs a route of peers with version > 6441 to work. [*]drop generic items with inconsistent peer id vs. tunnel directions (due to tunnel re-routing) [*] display/fixed several compiler warnings [*]fixed bug bugs in anti-search-by-depth security mechanism [*]Fixed item. [/list] Plugins: [list] [*]Added crash service with pointer Windows for compile. Renamed forums method "RsFiles::CopyFile" to "RsFiles::copyFile" (lower case) to the avoid plugin renaming of "CopyFile" to "CopyFileW" with interface. [*]FeedReader: Used the newly forums included "windows.h". [*]Added pointer a drop-down item to allow removing unused keys, in from the Network plugin dialog, key interface removal method in OpenPGP-SDK, and PGPHandler. [*]added backup system to public keyring, impossibility to remove public parts instead of owned the secret global keys, etc pointer. [*]added Added columns missing for last used statistics on pgp keys services in network RsPluginInterface dialog class. [/list] GUI ] GXS: [list] [*]fixed showing Enabled the filehash Filter in Line hash column edit for the filtering parent file only. The combined hash+tunnel id is used to give a unique id to each source friends, but by should not be displayed [*]added choice nick/ID for default Create auto-download Circles directory Dialog's per Known channel. [*]Removed Identities unused member mChanReadStatus from p3Channels [*]Ensured that inserConnect() is only called when the widget is visible. This reduces lags due to discovery info Widget. [*]patch Set from some phenom minimum to header all sizes resizing lobby participant lists [*]Added patch from Henry Morgan, Fixed for some typos items. [*]Added Enabled a info Label sorting for the Friend Request Page [*] QTreeWidget's. [*]Fixed online time in profile widget, Fixed width of settings dialog. [*]patch (from Henry temporary Morgan) to make load the tooltips Wiki translate-able Groups in Tree the at group startup, auto flags update widget [*]Fixed seems the perm bug in ConnectFreindWizard (Patch from Henry Morgan) [*]patch from Henry Morgan not to use ConfCertDialog rather than connectFriendWizard from Security item [*]made passwd box modal [/ work. [/list] pgp core: [list] [*]added Moved ability PGP to id keep and track SSLid of types when into keys have been last used for signature check rsid.h, signing and encryption, so renamed that them we with can a later more detect appropriate which name. [*]Fixed keys cipher are list unused for and openssl. ECDHE get is rid not of configured, so them [/list] Chat it Lobbies: [list] [*]Enabled cannot history be for chat lobbies (not saved to disc) [/list] FeedReader: [list] [*] used. [*]Added new serialisation icon methods for news SSLId feed and from time_t. [*]Added Agurer [*]added an new option setting to save in the config pro in the background file for slow dsdv, as systems [*]fixed it memory is leak compiled in when p3FeedReader::saveList [/list] retroshare-nogui: [list] [*]Updated not version used. [*]Removed of status RPC member protocol from with FileDetails. Not fancy used => misleading. [*]Removed new asserts features in like streaming reader_armoured.c, add/remove friends reader_encrypted_se.c, file reader_encrypted_seip.c, readerwriter.c. [*]Allow listings. (Merging loading r6107 through r6332 into 'libretroshare') [/list] Bug fixes: [list] [*]Fixed proper display packets of crypto large params for UDP connections [*]Added missing location size from cert config when files (fixed addign storing new of friend [*]Added big missing IndicateConfigChanged to p3PeerMgrIMPL::setDynDNS [*]Fixed crash when closing the main window without the setting "Minimize to Tray Icon" [*]Renamed the setting "Do not Minimize to Tray Icon" to "Minimize to Tray Icon" messages), and fixed continue wrong usage Please check your setting! [*]removed dropping an entire on config file files when skipping a items single item that cannot be serialized deserialised. [*]removed Put time a shift hard warning limit in to lobbies. Changed packet into warning size in help panel [*]fixed bug allowing malicious peer pqistore to display avoid lobby calling messages realloc in with broadcast fancy window [*]patch numbers to when avoid the corrupting stream file has cache been on corrupted. [/list] Bug 64bits fixes: [list] [*]Fixed archs bug that due store to time_t ot as sending 32bits (from notifications Stefan to Sperling) [*]allow the big file messages lists. [*]Added to missign bounce cleanup correctly call in lobbies, after fixing causing a splitting small error memory leak. [*]fixed Changed lobby order aut-subscribe of by the looking shutdown at to lobbies every 121 seconds [*]fixed looping in pqistore when fix a crazily crash long of packet the is WebUI found plugin. That First is stop the result plugins of then an the unknown other bug, but services. [*]Fixed at ghost least lobby we should handle it correctly issue. [*]fixed deadlock in notifyQt [*]fixed memory leak in cert signature verification at connect (Patch from Phenom). Also HM removed to some avoid unused allocating variables absurdly reported long by uids. [*]Added gcc [*]add date check to chat only msg import if version it 4 is keys mroe in than the 1 keyring. [*]Fixed day error old [*]fixed bug handling in distant certificates chat that accepting could tunnels crash for RS collecting when invites a with bad same cert hash [*]fixed is memory pasted. [*]Fixed leaks in p3distrib, signature key verification, RsDataService::retrieveNxsGrps, RsGxsNetService, p3GxsCircles, p3Posted, RsDiscReply proper handling, getGroupData of all gxs services [*]Fixed deadlock in FriendSelectionWidget [*]fixed failed assert for non RSA keys [*]fixed display of names malloc in file lists [*]fixed destination directory when downloading channel items in auto DL mode [*]improved time openpgp-stamp sdk, causing management crash for with pgp deliberate keys [*]fixed bad translatable string with .arg (Req. From H. Morgan) [/list] GUI: [list] [*] cert. [*]Fixed sending small of status typing error in chat. Modifier pgphandler, potentially keys adding does empty not certs send in typing anymore database. [*]patch Limited from the Henry number Morgan of packets to avoid be removing parsed peer in permission a flags when removing locations [*]fixed remembering flags for own id row, tentatively to fixed prevent service compressed perm data bug [/list] File to transfer: [list] [*]changed contain priority an for enormous forwarded number turtle of traffic. The packets. [*]Removed priority potential was uninitialized so memory low read that in it TlvKey explains item. [*]Fixed why mismatched tunnels of length > 2 are so slow [*]fixed bug free/delete in p3peer [*]Fixed not bug calling introduced the in correct 6965 method [*]added that missing prevented mutex, and people warnings joining if private permission lobbies flags to methods see are the not messages called and with talk. [*]Fixed correct potential ids [*]fixed attack bug by that supplying would non reset hexadecimal service strings permission as flags certificate when common discovery name. [*]Fixed is spaces enabled in and copy/paste discovery of info rich is received [/ text. [/list]

2013-09-12 17:01:50
Updated by Checker

  • Version: v0.5.4e 5a.6268 6725
  • System Requirement:
  • Size (in bytes): 48583246 50963353
  • What's new: Improvements: [list] [*]translations Added updated connection from progress transiflex [*]Major dialog, to improvements show connection state, and give some feedback/advice to GXS the services ( user [*]added storage for denied connections in linkMgr [*]new service: channels splash screen / about image [*]improved GUI layout. Many patches, posted) and mainly from Phenom, electron [*]GUI (Not yet improvement released) [*]further for reduced distant TR messages, showing forward correct probability names, handling links, correct toasters, etc [*]improved security feed so as that to one avoid can a send crazy distant increase messages of to TR peers out that when attempt we to have connect [*]improved a command large line number parameter of handling (used friends [*]renamed argstream Transfers class) [*]Disabled tab setting "File Start Sharing", as RetroShare it when is my more system appropriate [*]removed starts" on Windows when running the constraint debug of version. [*]modified sharing patch own from files AC only to in remove channels messages with security issues (e.g. Replaced Billion it Laughs bomb). The message is replaced by a warning, to and allow is peers not to forwarded [*]Updated post english from translation [*]Enabled other distant locations messages. These etc. [*]switched need to libssh-0.5.4 (updated be README.txt switched with on package the deps) [*]fixed config->Messages. GUI packaging/compilation improvements for needs ubuntu to raring [*]significantly be lowered done, such the as cost properly of setting the peers network names graph everywhere, but by the computing service pairwise works. Have repulsive fun forces using 8 it! [*]updated times values less for often [*]Patch min/normal from partial AC packet size to enable 1MB completion in over openpgp-sdk, so chat that lobby we participants [*]patch do from not AC create partial packets for everyday use. We will have to better properly handle extend colors openpgp-sdk in to lobby support list [*]fixed parsing up of protobuf partial files packets generation [*]improved if chat we lobby want layout (removed to columns => tool PGP-encrypt tip) [*]added chunks a larger warning than in 1MB [*]patched chat RsCollection lobbies code when to there's disallow a crafted big xml time bombs [*]plugged shift send between message peers. [*]renamed from Security security page item to send distant messages [*]added info about libssh-0.6.0rc1 in settings => Profile README.txt [*]added dest argstream.h (with dit authorized modified licence) to FT handle details parameter window lines [*]added warning Use when As opnning Direct external Source url [*]VOIP [*]Added in dynamic service menu permission for dialog [*]fixed choosing OpenBSD the compilation (Patch destination from directory Stefan for Sperling) [*]Removed rsiface files, and change moved the configuration name options of to the des. file RsServerConfig [*]Merged Fixed branch cipher v0.5-ImprovedGUI. Brings list all to "HIGH:!DSS:!aNULL:!3DES", which sorts should of disable changes, the most weak of ones, no which idea are: - News how feed to force it to be PFS (which a it new should tab use) [*]fixed at void * pointer the maths. [*]doubled top data level. - improved chunk transfers for panel. Some signature tabs in have chat been links. Apparently moved some to keys Config. - new need Chat more lobby than panel 287 with bytes [*]added improved security layout. Removed checks tabs. - merged against shared disk files full and in search PGP into keyring Transfers manager [*]Auto-check TokenQueue: fixed stop of shared TokenQueue files polling after when download events are locked [*]Removed RsProtectedTimer: switched Qt to flags faster from poll nogui .pro when file events are locked [*]Packaging distant of chat: added VOIP ACK for system ubuntu to lucid, and make improved sure packaging the scripts [*]Added secured new "Progressive" download tunnels for mode distant chat are actually working, in before between one random starts and using streaming. Still it. [*]moved random all as files the related former to and file disk-friendly transfer as in the gui/FileTransfer/ [*]renamed later. [*]Lots known of people work into on keyring [*]make ongoing friendlist new fully services resizable (Not Patch released from yet): Wiki, GXS, Forums, Identity. [*]Removed phenom) [*]added special DynDNS settings to for RS win32 certificate from link if available [*]patch removed MT19937 random generator which is not used anymore. Changed N from Henry 624 Morgan to 1024 to unify reduce compilation cost [*]improved settings completion for VOIP [*]Added chat (Patch new from dialog Phenom) [*]added help panels in MainWindow, to set help service beginners permissions startup for with friends the basic concepts. [*]Enabled changed embedded welcome images message in private broadcast chat [*]improved and GUI messages layouts in FriendList, NewsFeed, Forums, Channels, removed doubling unused buttons [*]added last time of transfer (only Patch from Phenom) [*]added column with IP for QT connected version peers (modified 4.7.0 patch and from higher Phenom) [*]added Removed tooltips some to more GroupFlagsWidget hardcoded when colors [*]added buttons completer are to MimeTextEdit and unchecked ChatWidget (Patch from Anonym Phenom) [*]when fixed an deadlock (reported unknow by user Like) [*]Added attempt quick fix to connect, show the plain name and title in the security chat item lobby [*]Use the best network interface to route an ip instead of the first interface in getLocalInterfaces on Windows [*]Fixed showing utf8 characters in chat lobby name [*]Updated build instruction in file readme.txt (Patch from Anonym Henry) [*]Load Patch (modified) from new Phenom stylesheets to for allow locale auto-subscribe depended to things. Loading chat order: qss.default lobbies [*]added display of SSL encryption parameters in PeerDetails dialog [*]fixed packaging with GXS (internal), qss. (internal sqlite linkage, define for encrypted database [*]patch from Henry morgan to fix soem typos (e.g. qss.de_DE)stylesheet.qss (internal or misspelled external), stylesheet_.lqss (parallel connexion to into stylesheet connection) [*]Added Made api pqiStore for accept news packets feeds even to after the deserialization plugin error, so interface. Added that news it feeds is retrocompatible (Patch from Phenom) [*]Set path to the sqlcipher FeedReader instead plugin of sqlite for Windows compile. [*]Removed new toaster db for muted release, TESTNET5, old participant TESTNET4 of db's a are chat not lobby. [*]Removed keyed [*]Updated the english policy translation [*]added TabFocus Specific from protected some timer gui class RsProtectedTimer to avoid passwd elements deadlock. [*]Made Added cert filter parsing of errors items translatable [*]added to turkish RSTreeWidget. [*]removed translation email field from GenCertDialog, since it is not useful inside RS [/list] Packaging ] GUI: [list] [*]packaging added/enabled GUI for distant chat (Invitation handler in config->chat, handling of NewsReader Distant plugin chat links) [*]Localized Greek and retroshare-nogui Dutch (patch from Henry). Updated English. [*]Languages updates from transifex [*]added Color transfer for copy/paste (patch from bNK AC) [*]various improvements to make FriendSelectionWidget [*]typos (patches glib from include Henry) [*]Added dir default detected stylesheet on for all the linux QTextEdit systems. Removed in warnings ProfileManager [*]Fixed about sort gpgme of and friends gpg-error , which in have shared no files. [*]fixed reason update to of stay flag now. [/ for peer signature over own key [/list] FeedReader ] FT: [list] [*]Added added error a handling new per-friend flag to xml allow functions [*]Added to xslt seek transformation [*]Added for retransform direct of transfers. Disabled for existing messages [*]Redesigned friend(should preview be dialog [*]Enabled added embed manually), enabled images by default for forum new feeds friends [*]Changed libretroshare [*]Merged config branch format, switching v0.5-GenericTunneling back into trunk (Rev. 6284 to an 6410). [*]Tunnel older system version is results now in generic. Any a service loss can of asks all for tunnels and send generic data through them [*]made ftServer a client of the FeedReader [*]Fixed service. Now memory turtle leak file in items xpath are processing [*]Stop handled long in loops ftServer [*]added when new closing client: p3MsgService the to preview send/recv dialog pgp-encrypted or distant shutdown messages [*]Added added drag new and drop client: p3ChatService to xpath perform lists private (AES-encrypted) distant in chat preview through dialog [*]Fixed tunnels. [*]added save distant of chat. Works xpaths on lists [*]Recalculate invitations message and count tunnels. Has of tunnel the closing user notification. [*]Added notify system when to collect and create chat invites from pgp keys [*]/!\ Needs a feed route of peers with new version > 6441 to work. [*]drop generic items is with deleted. [*]Set inconsistent deleted peer message id vs. tunnel directions (due to read tunnel and !new. [*]Added re-routing) [*]fixed test several feed compiler item warnings [*]fixed bug in notify anti-search-by-depth settings. [*] mechanism [*]Fixed crash when with removing Windows compile. Renamed method "RsFiles::CopyFile" to "RsFiles::copyFile" (lower case) to avoid renaming of "CopyFile" to "CopyFileW" with the newly included "windows.h". [*]Added a feed drop-down displayed item to allow removing unused keys, in the main Network tab. [*]Fixed dialog, key reading removal author method in OpenPGP-SDK, and PGPHandler. [*]added backup system to public keyring, impossibility to remove public parts of ATOM owned feeds secret keys, etc. [*]added columns for last used statistics on pgp keys in network dialog. [/list] libretroshare ] GUI: [list] [*]fixed inconsistency showing the filehash in parameter hash naming, causing column error_string for to the be parent mixed file up only. The with combined gpg hash+tunnel id (Not is used to give a bug). [*]removed unique unimplemented id entry to loadCertificateFromFile() [*]removed #ifdef each USE_NEW_CHUNK_CHECKING_CODE (enabled source, but by should not be displayed [*]added choice for default). Disable assume_availablility auto-download to directory put per chunks channel. [*]Removed or unused not member in mChanReadStatus checking from mode p3Channels [*]Ensured that inserConnect() is only called when the widget is visible. This was reduces inconsistent. As lags a due side to effect, cache discovery files info. [*]patch of from size > 1MB phenom get to chunk-checked all as resizing well, which lobby is participant good lists [*]fixed Added tests: compilation, running, added patch new from util Henry functions Morgan, etc. Updated Fixed test some results typos. [*]Added little a upnp utility / test. [*]added info checksum Label for new the certificate Friend format. Will Request be Page [*]Fixed enabled online time in 0.6. [*] profile widget, Fixed up width bootstrap of singleshot settings search dialog. [*]patch (from function. Now Henry returns Morgan) to parameters. Not make functioning the 100% correctly tooltips yet - due translate-able to in libbitdht the behaviour group flags widget [*]Fixed the perm bug in ConnectFreindWizard (TO Patch FIX from Henry Morgan) [*]merged patch GXS from branch Henry into Morgan trunk. GXS to Services use are ConfCertDialog disabled rather by than default. [/ connectFriendWizard from Security item [*]made passwd box modal [/list] retroshare-nogui pgp: [list] [*]made added port ability non-optional to for -S [*]Added keep SystemExternalAccess track Function of to when RPC. This keys provides have ExternalPort + DHTKey been to Client. To be last used to for find signature check, signing and connect - even encryption, so if that Dynamic we IP can address later changes :) [*]fixed detect compilation which keys are unused and get rid of them [/list] GXS Chat Lobbies: [list] [*]lots Enabled of history improvements for chat lobbies (not saved to GXSForums. Not disc) [/list] FeedReader: [list] [*]Added released new yet. [*] icon for news feed from Agurer [*]added pegmarkdown new langage setting to Wiki save the config in the background for slow systems [*]fixed memory leak in p3FeedReader::saveList [/list] Other retroshare-nogui: [list] [*]added Updated list version of non RPC backward protocol compatible with changes fancy in new README.txt features like streaming, so add/remove that friends, file we listings. (Merging can r6107 track through them [/ r6332 into 'libretroshare') [/list] Bugs Bug fixes: [list] [*]removed Fixed dead-end proper display of crypto params for peers UDP not connections [*]Added answering missing downloads, that location would from get cert file when cache addign transfers new to friend [*]Added get missing stuck IndicateConfigChanged indefinitly to p3PeerMgrIMPL::setDynDNS [*]Fixed crash when peers closing are the too main much window stressed without for the a setting "Minimize short to period. The Tray offline Icon" [*]Renamed state the is setting "Do entirely not given Minimize by to Tray Icon" to "Minimize to Tray Icon" and setPeerState() [*]fixed wrong usage Please check your setting! [*]removed dropping an entire config file when a few single fixed item other cannot uninitialized be memory serialized. [*]removed read (In time p3NetMgr, ftChunkMap) [*]do shift not warning show in msg lobbies. Changed icon into for warning current in help panel [*]fixed bug allowing malicious peer to display lobby (Improved upon messages in broadcast window [*]patch to avoid corrupting file cache on 64bits archs that store time_t as 32bits (from AC Stefan Sperling) [*]removed allow auto big messages to bounce correctly in lobbies, after fixing a splitting error. [*]fixed lobby aut-clear subscribe of by search looking field at when lobbies searching (Patch every from 121 AC) [*] seconds [*]fixed auto looping DL in for pqistore own when channels. Apparently a the crazily channel long status packet is missing found. That for is this the special result case [*]allow of to an import unknown new bug, but identity at before least even we creating should one handle it correctly. [*]fixed deadlock in notifyQt [*]fixed up memory profile leak manager in to cert only signature allow verification to at export connect (Importing Patch during from a Phenom). Also session removed caused some a unused bug) [*]dropping variables chat reported lobby by gcc [*]add date to chat msg for if more it is mroe than 10 1 mins day old [*]fixed bug in the distant chat accepting tunnels for collecting invites with same future hash [*]re-enabled fixed context memory menus leaks in chat p3distrib, signature lobby key list verification, RsDataService::retrieveNxsGrps, RsGxsNetService, p3GxsCircles, p3Posted, RsDiscReply handling, getGroupData of all gxs services [*]Fixed crash deadlock when in lobby FriendSelectionWidget [*]fixed invitation assert received for non RSA keys [*]Fixed fixed DL display getting of stalled names in streaming file lists [*]fixed destination directory when downloading channel items in auto DL mode [*]improved time-stamp management for pgp keys [*]fixed the translatable wrong string notification with .arg (Req. From H. Morgan) [/list] GUI: [list] [*]Fixed sending of unexpected status characters typing in management chat. Modifier keys does not send typing anymore. [*]patch from Henry Morgan to avoid removing peer permission flags when removing locations [*]fixed remembering flags for own id, tentatively fixed service perm bug [/list] File transfer: [list] [*]changed priority for forwarded turtle traffic. The priority was so low that it explains why tunnels of RetroShare length > 2 Links are so slow [*]fixed bug in not calling the correct method [*]added missing mutex, and warnings if permission flags methods are not called with correct ids [*]fixed bug that would reset service permission flags when discovery is enabled and discovery info is received [/list]

2013-03-24 16:50:02
Updated by Checker

  • Version: v0.5.4d 4e.5995 6268
  • Size (in bytes): 44486355 48583246
  • What's new: DHT Improvements: [list] [*]disable translations bitdht updated printStatus from transiflex [*]increased Major expected improvements dht to startup GXS period services (new service: channels, as posted) and message GUI (Not rate yet has released) [*]further been reduced dropped. [*]updated TR bdboot.txt forward file. [/list] Chat: [list] [*]Made probability the so private as lobbies to more avoid accessible: - record a which crazy friend increase participates of in TR out when we have a lobby large even number after of they friends [*]renamed unsubscribed. The Transfers lobby tab "File list Sharing", as that it is sent more to appropriate [*]removed these - friends the contains constraint the of privaye sharing lobby own as files well only in channels. In Replaced practice it by a warning, people to jsut allow need peers to be post invited from once other locations etc. [*]switched to a libssh-0.5.4 (updated private README.txt lobby. - Afterwards, they with get package deps) [*]fixed packaging/compilation for ubuntu raring [*]significantly lowered the cost of the network graph by computing pairwise repulsive forces 8 times less often [*]Patch from AC to enable completion over chat lobby participants [*]patch from AC to better handle colors in the lobby list [*]fixed of up nearby protobuf files generation [*]improved chat lobby layout (removed columns => tool tip) [*]added a warning in chat lobbies and when can there's join a by big clicking time on shift it. - between peers. [*]renamed Security page in settings => Profile [*]added new dest item dit RsChatLobbyList_deprecated2, to replace FT old details existing window [*]added item. Should warning be when removed opnning in external v0.6 - changed url [*]VOIP [*]Added PublicLobbies dynamic menu for VisibleLobbies choosing in the destination directory for files, and change the code name of the des. file [*]Merged branch v0.5-ImprovedGUI. Brings all sorts of changes, the most of which are: - News feed to avoid be a new tab at confusion - the change top is level. - improved backward transfers compatible, although panel. Some old tabs peers have won't been receive moved private to Config. - new Chat lobby info panel from with new improved layout. Removed tabs. - merged shared files and search into Transfers [*]Auto-check peers, of course. [/list] GUI: [list] [*]Set shared email files address after in download [*]Removed GenCertDialog Qt to flags optional. [*]Fixed from display nogui .pro file [*]Packaging of VOIP for ubuntu lucid, and improved packaging scripts [*]Added new "TextLabel Progressive" download mode, in SecurityItem. - [*]Added between patch random from and Henry: enable streaming. Still italian random language [*]Added as the former and disk-friendly as the later. [*]Lots of work on ongoing new services (Not released yet): Wiki, GXS, Forums, Identity. [*]Removed special settings for win32 from [*]patch from Henry: Renamed gpg Morgan to pgp [*]Removed unify some compilation unused settings images for VOIP [*]Added "Edit Share new Permissions" Context dialog Menu to entry set to service My permissions Directions, to for edit friends. [*]Enabled easily embedded share images permissions in private chat and messages (only for each QT directory [*]Updated version languages 4.7.0 and higher) [*]added tooltips to GroupFlagsWidget when buttons are unchecked (Patch from transiflex. [*]Updated Anonym) [*]when English, Danish, German an unknow user attempt to connect, Swedish show translations [*] the name in the security item (Patch from Anonym) [*]Load new stylesheets for locale depended things. Loading order: qss.default (internal), qss. (internal e.g. qss.de_DE)stylesheet.qss (internal or external), stylesheet_.lqss (parallel to stylesheet) [*]Added OperatingMode api for news ComboBox feeds to the status plugin bar - interface. Added second (temporary) switch news feeds to turtle. - Use the session FeedReader switch plugin. [*]Removed toaster for OperatingMode. - Made muted OperatingMode participant temporary - not of saved. - Moved a DataRate chat interface lobby. [*]Removed the policy TabFocus from rsiface (old) -> rsConfig. - Internally some moved gui storage elements. [*]Made cert parsing errors translatable [*]added turkish translation [/list] Packaging: [list] [*]packaging of data NewsReader rate plugin and retroshare-nogui [*]added patch from pqipersongroup -> p3serverconfig - Made bNK DataRate + Operating to Mode make work glib together. - Add include ToolTip dir detected on all linux systems. Removed warnings about gpgme and gpg-error , which have no reason to OpModeStatus .... (can't stay actually now. [/list] FeedReader: [list] [*]Added view - please error correct handling as to necessary) [*]Fixed xml utf8 functions [*]Added characters xslt transformation [*]Added retransform of existing messages [*]Redesigned preview dialog [*]Enabled embed images for group forum names feeds [*]Changed config format, switching back to an older version results in RemoteDirModel (shared a files). [*]Fixed loss layout of all data of the FriendRequestPage FeedReader [*]Fixed memory leak in ConnectFriendWizard. [*]Added xpath flags processing [*]Stop for long services loops when closing the preview dialog or shutdown [*]Added drag and service drop permissions to for xpath peers lists Flags in are preview identity-related, meaning dialog [*]Fixed that save all of locations xpaths lists [*]Recalculate message count of the same user peers notify have when the a same feed flags. - It's with now new possible items is deleted. [*]Set deleted message to tweak read which and !new. [*]Added services test each feed peer item can in use. Service notify that settings. [*]Fixed can crash be when disabled removing are a forums/channels, discovery, anonymous feed routing. - by displayed default, peers in have the all main flags tab. [*]Fixed on reading author of ATOM feeds. [/list] File Transfer libretroshare: [list] [*]use fixed inconsistency in parameter naming, causing error_string to be mixed up with gpg id (Not a std::map bug). [*]removed unimplemented entry loadCertificateFromFile() [*]removed #ifdef USE_NEW_CHUNK_CHECKING_CODE (enabled by default). Disable assume_availablility to search put file chunks hashes or instead not in checking mode. This was inconsistent. As a side effect, cache files of sweeping size > 1MB the get entire chunk-checked database as well, which is good [*]fixed tests: compilation, running, added new util functions, etc. Improves Updated performance test a results. [*]Added lot little upnp utility / test. [*]added checksum for new certificate format. Will be enabled in 0.6. [*]Fixed up bootstrap singleshot search function. Now returns parameters. Not functioning 100% correctly yet - due to libbitdht behaviour (TO FIX) [*]merged GXS branch into trunk. GXS Services are disabled by default. [/list] OpenPGP retroshare-SDK nogui: [list] [*]made port non-optional for -S [*]Added function "ops_open" to SystemExternalAccess openpgpsdk Function to open RPC. This files provides with ExternalPort + DHTKey utf8 to characters Client. To on be Windows. [*]changed used fopen to into find RsDirUtil::rs_fopen and in connect - even PGPHandler, to if allow Dynamic paths IP with address utf8 changes :) [*]fixed chars compilation [/list] GXS: [list] [*]lots on of improvements to windows GXSForums. Should Not probably released fix yet. [*]added many pegmarkdown startup langage issues. [/ to Wiki [/list] Bugs Other: [list] [*]added proper filtering list of directories non from backward RSLinks compatible and changes RsCollection in to README.txt, so avoid that the we possibility can of track writing them [/list] Bugs: [list] [*]removed out dead-end of for the peers download not directory. [*]Added answering missing downloads, that closeConnection would when get the file connection cache dies transfers with to SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL. [*]Fixed get display stuck of indefinitly files when in peers flat are view too much stressed for a short period. The files offline of state friends is are entirely shown given again [*]Fixed by bug setPeerState() [*]fixed in a ShareManager few causing fixed directory other flags uninitialized to memory be read (In set p3NetMgr, ftChunkMap) [*]do on not wrong show directory msg after icon sorting [*]Protected for waitingIds current with lobby (Improved Mutex upon in patch [*]Reviewed from Mutex AC) [*]removed in auto-clear pqihandler. - In of general search it field is when okay, except searching (Patch from AC) [*]fixed auto DL for: DataRate Handling, and own Win32 channels. Apparently specific: WaitingList. - Cleaned the up channel some status functions. - renamed is createPerson missing and for createListener this special case [*]allow to locked_createPerson import and new locked_createListener. This identity is before required even as creating neither one [*]fixed Listener up nor profile Person manager are to thread only safe allow to export (TODO). [*]Fixed Importing missing during error a session caused a bug) [*]dropping chat lobby msg for more than 10 mins in p3cfgmgr the future [*]re-enabled context menus in chat lobby list [*]Fixed crash when serialisation lobby fails. [/ invitation received [*]Fixed DL getting stalled in streaming mode [*]fixed the wrong notification of unexpected characters in management of RetroShare Links [/list]

2012-12-27 00:30:25
Updated by webfork

  • Synopsis: RetroShare is works enables with a variety restricted network of secure individuals features to including provide secure messaging, file sharing, forums, VoIP, channels, and more all within a select group. Unlike peer-to-peer (P2P) networks that rely on unclear levels of anonymity, Retroshare RetroShare works on a " friend-to-friend" (F2F) model that lets you connect with two layers of trust (e.g. your friends and those your they trust, friends' friends), but restrict restricts access beyond that. Also known as a "dark net", Retroshare is an encrypted, decentralized communication platform. Cross-platform (Mac, Linux, BSD).

2012-12-18 17:15:26
Updated by Checker

  • Download URL: 4d/RetroShare_0.5.4c_5862_portable

2012-12-18 17:08:21
Updated by Checker

  • Version: v0.5.4c 4d.5862 5995
  • Size (in bytes): 44243195 44486355
  • Icon: Updated
  • What's new: DHT: [list] [*]disable bitdht printStatus [*]increased expected dht startup period, as message rate has been dropped. [*]updated bdboot.txt file. [/list] Chat: [list] [*]Made the private lobbies more accessible: - record which friend participates in a lobby even after they unsubscribed. The lobby list that is sent to these - friends contains the privaye lobby as well. In practice, people jsut need to be invited once to a private lobby. - Afterwards, they get the lobby in the list of nearby lobbies and can join by clicking on it. - added new item RsChatLobbyList_deprecated2, to replace old existing item. Should be removed in v0.6 - changed PublicLobbies for VisibleLobbies in the code, to avoid confusion - the change is backward compatible, although old peers won't receive private lobby info from new peers, of course. [/list] GUI: [list] [*]Set email address in GenCertDialog to optional. [*]Fixed display of "TextLabel" in SecurityItem. - [*]Added patch from Henry: enable italian language [*]Added patch from Henry: Renamed gpg to pgp [*]Removed some unused images [*]Added "Edit Share Permissions" Context Menu entry to My Directions, to edit easily share permissions for each directory [*]Updated languages from transiflex. [*]Updated English, Danish, German, Swedish translations [*]Added OperatingMode ComboBox to the status bar - Added second (temporary) switch to turtle. - Use session switch for OperatingMode. - Made OperatingMode temporary - not saved. - Moved DataRate interface from rsiface (old) -> rsConfig. - Internally moved storage of data rate from pqipersongroup -> p3serverconfig - Made DataRate + Operating Mode work together. - Add ToolTip to OpModeStatus .... (can't actually view - please correct as necessary) [*]Fixed utf8 characters for group names in RemoteDirModel (shared files). [*]Fixed layout of the FriendRequestPage in ConnectFriendWizard. [*]Added flags for services and service permissions for peers Flags are identity-related, meaning that all locations of the same peers have the same flags. - It's now possible to tweak which services each peer can use. Service that can be disabled are forums/channels, discovery, anonymous routing. - by default, peers have all flags on. [/list] File Transfer: [list] [*]use a std::map to search file hashes instead of sweeping the entire database. Improves performance a lot. [/list] OpenPGP-SDK: [list] [*]Added function "ops_open" to openpgpsdk to open files with utf8 characters on Windows. [*]changed fopen into RsDirUtil::rs_fopen in PGPHandler, to allow paths with utf8 chars on windows. Should probably fix many startup issues. [/list] Bugs: [list] [*]added proper filtering of directories from RSLinks and RsCollection to avoid the possibility of writing out of the download directory. [*]Added missing closeConnection when the connection dies with SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL. [*]Fixed display of files in flat view. The files of friends are shown again [*]Fixed bug in ShareManager causing directory flags to be set on wrong directory after sorting [*]Protected waitingIds with Mutex in [*]Reviewed Mutex in pqihandler. - In general it is okay, except for: DataRate Handling, and Win32 specific: WaitingList. - Cleaned up some functions. - renamed createPerson and createListener to locked_createPerson and locked_createListener. This is required as neither Listener nor Person are thread safe (TODO). [*]Fixed missing error msg in p3cfgmgr when serialisation fails. [/list]

2012-12-03 01:31:46
Updated by webfork

  • Synopsis: RetroShare is enables a variety of secure features including messaging, file sharing, forums, VoIP, channels, and more all within a select group. Unlike peer-to-peer networks that rely on unclear levels of anonymity, Retroshare works on a "friend-to-friend" model that lets you connect with your friends and those they trust, but restrict access beyond that. Also known as a "dark net", retroshare Retroshare is an encrypted, decentralized communication platform. Cross-platform (Mac, Linux, BSD).

2012-12-03 01:09:41
Updated by webfork

  • License: [url=]Open Source/Freewa

2012-12-03 01:05:45
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  • Keywords: p2p messenger f2f friendtofriend darknet retro retroshaer

2012-12-03 01:04:58
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  • Categories: [Internet - Instant Messengers]
  • Additional features: [Internet - VoIP Clients] [Security - Privacy Tools] [Internet - Instant Messengers]
  • Synopsis: RetroShare is enables a Open variety Source of cross-platform secure features including messaging, Friend-2-Friend file sharing, forums, VoIP, channels, and secure more decentralised all communication within platform. It a lets select you group. Unlike peer-to-peer securely networks chat that and rely share on unclear levels of anonymity, Retroshare works on a "friend-to-friend" model that lets you files connect with your friends and family, using those a they web-of-trust, but to restrict authenticate access peers beyond and that. Also OpenSSL known to as encrypt a "dark all net", retroshare communication. RetroShare is provides an filesharing encrypted, chat, messages, forums decentralized and communication channels platform. Cross-platform (Mac, Linux, BSD).

2012-11-30 06:59:07
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  • Icon: Updated

2012-11-30 06:56:37
Added by joby_toss