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2013-07-13 20:48:49
Updated by webfork

  • Categories: [Productivity - Desktop Organization]
  • Additional features: [Productivity - Desktop Accessories]
  • System Requirement:
  • Synopsis: Clicky Gone Portable is an apppulls windows out of view of the task bar or system tray and puts them into it's own menu. This can be an de-cluttering, organizational tool or a privacy issue (often known as a "boss key"). Available options include click-and-hide to quickly push visible windows out of the way, hide active, show/hide all, and "boss key" that both hides and mutes a window.Optionally, the program can reduce the process priority of hidden windows, suppress pop-ups or notificaatiion "hide" prs, and ignograme t"full screen" applications (games). Other user interface options include making windows not in focus transparrent as well as adding options to applicat put windows in the system twindows for hide, prioraity or t, askbar. Itnd pin caon sutoppress pop-ups windows. from Thidden windprows or, in "bosskey" mode,gram can meven be rute hidden windowvis.Thibly, e progntiram caely depen bde run using hot on hot-keeys alone or combined with mouse interaction.
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  • Similar/alternative apps: [url=]Minime[/url]

2012-07-11 03:56:00
Updated by lautrepay

  • Categories: [Productivity - Desktop Accessories] [Productivity - Desktop Organization]
  • Additional features: [Productivity - Desktop Accessories]
  • Version: Vv1.4.4.1
  • License: [url=]GPL[/url]
  • Synopsis:
  • How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch [i]ClickyGone.exe[/i].
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2012-03-10 05:28:14
Updated by I am Baas

  • Categories: [Productivity - Desktop Organization]

2012-03-07 03:06:35
Updated by webfork

  • Categories: [Security - Privacy Tools]

2011-12-25 17:45:15
Updated by Emka

  • Version: V1.4.4.01
  • What's new: 2-11-2010 | MOD | Added extra depth to the lower menu in Clicky Gone Config2-11-2010 | MOD | Icons hidden in the system tray no have a transparent effect on 32bit displays rather than the old dark icons

2010-07-08 20:28:06
Added by guinness