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2018-12-18 19:23:42
Updated by billon

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  • Release date: 20000-010-01-30

2018-12-18 19:20:18
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  • Website URL: https://w/
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2016-04-10 20:05:16
Updated by webfork

    2016-04-10 20:04:01
    Updated by webfork

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    • Synopsis: ToYcon is an easy to use and fast, drag-and-drop PNG to ICO convertor. Support for Vista icons with embedded PNG compression available.
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    2015-02-28 14:37:24
    Updated by Midas

    • What's new: [list][*]Update translations (Croatian, Deutsch, Dutch, English, French, Italian). Thanks to all translators[*]Minor optimizations[*]Change the order in which different format are store into ico to force Windows to display the best format[/list]Retrieved from latest [url=]Webarchive snapshot[/url].

    2015-02-28 14:30:48
    Updated by Midas

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    • Keywords: toy%20con
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    2013-02-12 00:50:02
    Updated by Andrew Lee

    • How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch [i]ToYcon.exe[/i].

    2011-06-04 02:02:49
    Added by Magibon