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2018-10-01 16:40:46
Updated by billon

  • Version: v1.545
  • Size (in bytes): 763805
  • Keywords: alternate%20stream%20view alternatestream
  • Release date: 20178-109-219
  • What's new: [list][*]Added 'Keep The Original Attributes On Stream Delete' option (under the Options menu). By default, when a stream is deleteFixed, the system set the Archive attribute to the file. If this option is turned on,g: AlternaternateStreamView will keiew failed to remember thep the originalast attrsibutze/pos itiof tn of the main window if ile t was not located in the primary monitor.[*]You can now send the data to stdout by specifying empty string as filenanyme, for example:[font=monospache]AlternateStreamView.exe /scommang "" | more[/font].[/list]

2017-10-22 16:00:39
Updated by billon

  • Version: v1.534
  • Size (in bytes): 75946385
  • Keywords: alternate%20stream%20view
  • Release date: 2017-108-231
  • What's new: [list][*]FAdded 'Keep The Original Attributes On Stream Delete' option (under the Options menu). By default, when a stream is deleted, the system set the Archive attribute to the file. If this option ixeds btug: rned on, AlternateSctreannmView will keep the origingal fattributes om command-linf the failed to withorkut any propchangerly.[/list]

2017-08-24 17:05:42
Updated by billon

  • Website URL:
  • Version: v1.523
  • Size (in bytes): 75830945
  • Download URL:
  • Release date: 2017-028-0723
  • What's new: [list][*]Added 'Entry Modified' column (Windows Vista or later).[*]Fixed bug: When pressing Delete key inside the text-boFix of the Find window, AlternateStreamView asked you if yobu want to delete the selected item instead of deleting: a Schanning fracterom icommanside th-line fainled text-box work properly.[/list]

2017-02-07 23:56:40
Updated by billon

  • Screenshot: Updated

2017-02-07 23:53:12
Updated by billon

  • Version: v1.512
  • Size (in bytes): 696975830
  • Icon: Updated
  • Release date: 20157-042-107
  • What's new: [list][*]Added 'Run As AdministraEntor'y Modified' coptiolumn (Ctrl+F11), Windowhs Vichsta or allows ater).[*]Fixed bug: When pressing Delete key inside the text-box of the Find windouw, AlternateSto ereasmVilew asked you if y rou want to delete the selected item in Alsterneatd of deleStreamViewng as administracharactoer on W inside the findows Vista/7/8/10/2008ext-box.[/list]

2015-09-25 20:09:09
Updated by Checker

  • System Requirement:
  • What's new: [list][*]Added 'Run As Administrator' option (Ctrl+F11), which allows you to easily run AlternateStreamView as administrator on Windows Vista/7/8/10/2008.[/list]

2015-04-11 16:33:28
Updated by Checker

  • Screenshot: Updated

2015-04-11 16:31:35
Updated by Checker

  • Version: v1.501
  • Size (in bytes): 68948697
  • Release date: 20000-0015-04-10
  • What's new: [list][*]Added new columns: 'File Modified Time', 'File Created Time', 'File Attributes'. [*]Fixed bug: For some files, the Extension colRumn displayed incorrect extension. [*]Fixed to As Admisplnistray the correcor' option (Ctrl+F11), whicon forh allows you fto easily run AlternateStreamView as adeministrator on Windows Vista/7/8/2008.[/list]

2014-10-14 17:19:36
Updated by Checker

  • Version: v1.450
  • Size (in bytes): 6809948
  • What's new: [list][*]Added /filename command-line option, which allows you to open AlternateStreamView with a singlenew columns: 'File Modified fTilename. [*]Added 'Exp, 'Filore Created Context Menu' option. When it's turned onTime', ''File AlternateSttreamVibutews'. [*]Fixed bug: For some files, the item is added to the conteExt menu nsiof Win column dowis Explorlayer, and allows you t inco chrreck th e alxternasion. [*]Fixed teo display strheams of a scorrect icongle fior folders.[/list]

2014-08-15 18:28:41
Updated by Checker

  • Version: v1.405
  • Size (in bytes): 67804699
  • What's new: [list][*]Added 'O/filename command-line option, which allows you to open AlternateStreamView with a single filename. [*]Added 'Explorer Context Menu' open Ftion. When it's turned older Inn, 'AlternateStreamView' item is added to the context menu of Windows Explorlorer, and allows you to check the alter' opnate stireams of a [*]Added 64-bit bufilde.[/list]

2014-03-21 16:04:45
Updated by Checker

  • Forum topic ID: 10706

2013-09-28 13:19:59
Updated by Checker

  • Version: v1.3640
  • Size (in bytes): 66857046
  • What's new: [list][*]You can now specify environment variables inside the scaAdded 'Open f Folder (Foder e In Examplore:r' %localappption. [*]Addaed 64-bita%, %appbuildata%).[/list]

2013-06-06 03:30:37
Updated by Checker

  • Version: v1.356
  • System Requirement:
  • Size (in bytes): 66662857
  • What's new: [list][*]Fixed bug: When searching with wildcard that is not *.*, AlternateStreamView failed to scYou can the subfolders. [*]Fixed issue: The pr nopertiew s and the othper windows opened cinfy the wrong monivironmento var, on muiablti-moes insitde the scan folder (Fors systexam.ple: %localappdata%, %appdata%)[/list]

2012-11-04 15:31:17
Updated by Checker

  • Version: v1.325
  • System Requirement:
  • How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch [i]AltternateateStreamVieiew.eexe[/i].
  • Size (in bytes): 600986662
  • What's new: [list][*]Fixed bug: When searching with wildcard that is not *.*, Added 'ElternateStreamView failed to scan the subfolders. [*]Fixed issue: The properties and the otensher windows on' cpened in the wrong monitor, olumn, which almulti-mows you nito easily sort thes systreams .[/list by the extension of the filename.]

2011-11-10 22:25:59
Updated by Checker

  • Version: Vv1.312
  • Size (in bytes): 560099268
  • What's new: FiAdded 'Exted bug:nsion' column, which AallternateStreamVows you to easiewly sort the cstreashed when trms list by the extensiong t of delete alternate stream with longe filename.

2011-04-25 19:43:50
Updated by Checker

  • Version: V1.301
  • Size (in bytes): 59771926
  • What's new: Added 'Filixes Wildcard' option, which allows you to scan onbug: Aly the filrnateStreamVies wit crashed wh specn tryificng to delete name/extlternate stream with long filename.

2011-03-06 11:18:23
Updated by guinness

  • Version: V1.2530
  • Size (in bytes): 59089771
  • What's new: Added 'Open SeFilected Streams With...ildcard' opti option.  Fixed bug: AlternateStreamView failed to locate 2 dots stream names (for, which allows example - F:\MyFolder\..:stream1)  Fixed issoue: AlternateStreamView failed too loscate an onlternate streams on remotey nthet files workith drspecifivc name/extension.

2011-01-05 16:17:21
Updated by guinness

  • Version: V1.205
  • Size (in bytes): 59087229
  • What's new: Fixed bug: AlternateStreamView didn'Added 'Open Selected Stream With...' opt display alteronate streams attached to the root folder of the search Add Fixed 'bug: Add HeadelternateStr LeamView fainled to Tlo CSV/Tcab-Delimited File' option. When this option is turned on, the column names are added ae 2 dots the first line whream names y(four examport to csvle - F:\MyFor lder\..:streab-m1)  Fixede issue: AliternateStreamVited w failed to locate alternate streams on remote network drive.

2011-01-03 12:56:19
Updated by admin

  • Version: V1.1520
  • Size (in bytes): 53987022
  • What's new: · AdFixed bug: AlternateStreamView didn't display alternate streams attached to the root folder of the search.  Added command-lin'Add Heade suppr Line Tor CSV/Tab-Delimit. ·ed Fixed ile' option. When this option issue: Removturned the wrong encodingon, the column names are added as the firom st line when you exml sportring, which to caused prv or tabl-delims ito some xmled vfilewers.

2010-07-15 16:15:18
Updated by admin

  • Version: V1.125
  • System Requirement: Win7
  • What's new: F· Added command-lixned support. · Fixed issue: Removed the wrong encoding from the xml string, which caused prroblem withlems icton s onme xml Wvindoews 7/x64 systemrs.

2009-12-10 19:59:54
Updated by admin

  • Categories: [Files - Attribute Tools]
  • Version: V1.112
  • What's new: Fixed the problem with icons on Windows 7/x64 systems.

2009-11-14 01:56:25
Updated by admin

  • Version: V1.101
  • System Requirement:
  • Suggested by: castman

2009-08-13 19:38:30
Added by admin