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  • Synopsis: Autorun.inf Editor allows you to quickly and easily create the an "autorun.inf" file that tell an autorun (also known as "autoplay") CD to automatically play upon insertion into a CD-ROM drive. You can set a label and an icon for the CD, specify a program on the CD to run when the CD is inserted, and add various entries and commands to the context menu when a user right-clicks on the CD.[b]Note[/b]: Main site offline; linking to softpedia
  • How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a fo[lder of your choice. Note thast d=1][*]Downloanloading the ZIP pIP package ackagnd e requires enxteringact some personal informatiton such as emai fol addder of youress and postchodice. [*]Lauunch [i]AutoruntorunInfEditor.e.exe[/i].[/list]
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2013-02-12 00:45:40
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  • How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Note that downloading the ZIP package requires entering some personal information such as email address and postcode. Launch [i]AutorutorunInfEdiitor.eexe[/i].

2010-12-27 14:45:45
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  • Version: Vv1.0
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