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1by1 v1.84 Updated

Checker on 27 Jun 2015
  • 191KB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 27 Jun 2015
  • Suggested by Andrew Lee

1by1 is a lightweight and low-resource usage audio player that plays directories or whole drives, with optional playlist/favorites support. The program remembers last track and position, supports gapless playback or crossfading between tracks, audio enhancer, and Winamp 2.x input plugin support. Manage your collection from within the program including folder compare, delete, rename while playing, move, and more.

Supports most popular formats including MP3, OGG, MP4, CDs and more.

System Requirements: Win2K / WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Wine
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? Yes
Unicode support: Yes
Path portability: Requires manual entry of relative path (eg. ..\..\personal\work.doc)
License: Freeware
How to extract: Download the self-extracting EXE and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch 1by1.exe.
Similar/alternative apps: Foobar2000
What's new?
  • Optional track and folder history lists.
  • Fixed BASS add-on crash.
  • Optional proxy usage for BASS.
  • Big view: 3D effect and scroll modes removed.
  • Slight toolbar rearrangements.
  • Icon modernized.
  • Some other adaptions and improvements.
Latest comments
Checker on 2014-08-18 16:13

@ smaragdus: Thanks ... and updated ;)

Nh on 2015-06-28 04:57

The last version - 1.84 - does not allow to change font in Settings... \ List style.

__philippe on 2015-06-30 11:18

The official 1by1 (1.84) download link appears to be down currently...:-(

Try this one instead:

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AIMP v3.60 Build 1495 Updated

Checker on 3 Jun 2015
  • 13MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 3 Jun 2015
  • Suggested by eldad

AIMP is a skinnable audio player similar to Winamp that supports most audio formats, as well as Internet radio. Features include a mini-player, colorizing of individual skins, equalizer, visualizations, playlist, global hotkeys, library, and plug-ins capability. The application also includes a built-in tag editor, alarm clock, and auto-shutdown.

Alternatively, AIMP Portable is stealth and automatically adjusts paths.

System Requirements: WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8
Writes settings to: Application folder
Dependencies: For Win2K: GDIPLUS.DLL
Stealth: ? No. Writes to registry if run with admin rights. See this forum thread.
Unicode support: Yes
Path portability: Automatic relative path (eg. ..\..\personal\work.doc)
License: Freeware (donate)
How to extract:
  1. Download and run the installer, choose a folder of your choice (outside of the Program Files directory) and select Portable version
  2. Launch AIMP3.exe and choose Single User Mode
Optionally, you may delete the uninstall.exe file and the temporary setup folder C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\AIMP.
What's new?
  • SACD plugin: Multi-threaded decoding is now supported.
  • SACD Plugin: SACD images in the ISO format are now supported (experimental).
  • Tag Editor: The APEv2 tag is now automatically deleted from MP3 during saving changes.
  • Fixed: Sound Engine - meta-data parses incorrectly in some cases when playing the internet radio.
  • Fixed: Player - bitrate of MP3 files detects incorrectly in some cases.
  • Fixed: Player - format of internet radio stream in FLAC format in OGG container displays as OGG Vorbis.
  • Fixed: Playlist - an error occurs in some cases that leads to stop redrawing of playlist.
  • Fixed: Playlist - non-natural sorting is used when adding folders to playlist.
  • Fixed: Playlist - playlist starts playing again after delete last playing track from playlist, even if the "repeat track" option is switched off.
  • Fixed: Tag Editor - album arts cache is not updated after edit the album art in tag editor.
  • Fixed: Tag Editor - no an ability to play tracks in TAK / OFR / OFS formats.
  • Fixed: Plugins - - information about the scrobbling sends to server twice in some cases, if off-line cache is not empty.
  • Fixed: Plugins - Update Checker - downloading process does not canceled on closing the options dialog.
Latest comments
Checker on 2013-08-10 04:19

@ billon: Thanks ... and updated.

smaragdus on 2014-12-30 00:46

AIMP 3.60 Build 1465 released.

Checker on 2014-12-30 03:09

@ smaragdus: Thanks ... and updated ;)

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XMPlay Portable v3.8.1.12 Updated

Checker on 30 Apr 2015
  • 626KB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 29 Apr 2015
  • Suggested by Ed Brownstein

XMPlay is a skinnable audio player that plays all major audio formats and includes gapless playback, effects, equalizer, net streaming. More features are available using plugins available via the product website, including visualizations, more format support, cover art, and more. Note that the library and playlist will not work as you change PCs.

Can play MP3, WMA, M4A, OGG, and more, as well as output to WAV, MP3, and OGG (via external encoders).

Alternatively, XMPlay is natively portable but does not automatically adjust library and playlist paths: download the ZIP package, extract to a folder of your choice, and launch xmplay.exe.

System Requirements: WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? Yes
Unicode support: Partial. XMPlay plays audio files with Unicode filenames, but seems capable of displaying only information which is encoded in the current code page i.e. if your current code page is Chinese, it won't be able to display Korean filenames or tags.
Path portability: Automatic relative path (eg. ..\..\personal\work.doc)
License: Freeware
How to extract: Download the self-extracting EXE to a folder of your choice. Launch XMPlayPortable.exe.
Similar/alternative apps: Foobar2000
Latest comments
smaragdus on 2015-01-02 01:56

Euphoria is a nice skin but since it looks too much like AIMP I use Neutron skin, which us rather minimalistic. Splitting Cue sheets into separate tracks was what I missed and why I preferred AIMO/foobar2000. The default skin is a bit old-fashioned but there are so many skins to choose so anyone would find their favourite.

If you need XMPlay version, I have it and uploaded it:!dRcTBSyZ!SLCKecxxKkFzw7Pd4n1fjFEtRwAaqUbdLt-sUkhbIcw
You can download it from any of these two download locations- the file is the same.

freakazoid on 2015-01-02 03:20

smargadus - To clarify, I use Euphoria exclusively in mini mode :)

TP109 - Instead of using the older version, you should report the bug on the forums.

TP109 on 2015-01-03 03:45

@smaragdus Thanks. I downloaded it. BTW, XMPlay archives older versions here:

The problem seems to be related to plugins. It's working now. See post at un4seen forums here:

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Resonic v Beta 0.6.2 Updated

SYSTEM on 14 Apr 2015
  • 9MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 12 Apr 2015
  • Suggested by two

Resonic is a slick audio player and browser / directory player, built around a waveform view to visualize the audio. The program is designed with speed and large collections in mind. Visualizations include standard waveform, multi-channel audio, frequency analyzer

Supports all major audio formats (including 64-bit float and multi-channel) including MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, M4A, MP4, AAC, MPC, MP+, OPUS, SPX, WMA, WMA Pro, WMA Lossless, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, APE, ALAC, WV, TTA, IT, XM, S3M, MTM, MOD

System Requirements: WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? Yes
License: Free for personal use
How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch resonic.exe.
What's new?
Beta 0.6.2
Released April 12, 2015

New features
  • Basic sound card selection in preferences dialog. DirectSound will eventually be replaced with WASAPI and ASIO (Pro). Changes take effect on track change.
  • Resonic now creates mini dumps when it crashes. You are presented the option to open up your email application and send us a bug report to help us fix the bug that caused the crash.

  • Sound driver is now re-opened when needed, e.g. when it was blocked by another application before.
  • Advance mode button is highlighted when not playing sequentially

  • Fixed occasional line jitter when moving mouse over waveform
  • Fixed bug in update check

Beta 0.6.1
Released April 2, 2015

Release Summary
  • This is a maintenence release, it does not introduce new features. Update only if any of the fixes apply to you. You can install on top of your existing installation.

  • More visible status bar notices
  • Improved the way long paths are handled

  • Application crashes during startup with certain system locales (reported: wira)
  • Application does not start on latest Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview (reported: S. Mogilevtsev)
  • Files in deep folder structures (long paths) will show, but won't play (reported: A. Fodor)
Latest comments
two on 2014-01-25 17:44

outskirter, head over to - the devs have an open ear for everything

freakazoid on 2014-01-26 03:19

Not bad. The waveform visualization is nice. A nice directory audio player to keep an eye on for sure.

billon on 2015-03-29 13:06

Resonic at v. 0.6 Beta
Also there is now pro version, maybe free will be limited in functions?

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Boom v1.0.21

Checker on 7 Apr 2015
  • 2MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 7 Apr 2015
  • Suggested by lautrepay

Boom is a lightweight and simple audio player featuring gapless playback, ReplayGain support, a convenient structured genre/artist/album/song view of the indexed files, etc. The program supports most major formats including MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Musepack (MPC), WavPack, WAV, AIFF, MP4/M4A and WMA.

Developed by the author of foobar2000, the program includes a simplified version of it's Properties dialog that provides basic tagging capabilities.

Note: When running in portable mode, Boom will index the contents of the folder it's installed in.

System Requirements: WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? Yes
Unicode support: Yes
License: Freeware
How to extract:
  1. Download Boom.exe to a folder of your choice
  2. Create two empty text files in the application folder and name them Boom.exe.localconfig.opt and Boom.exe.locallibrary.opt
  3. Launch Boom.exe
Similar/alternative apps: OooPlayer, Foobar2000
What's new?
  • Fixed MP4/M4A tagging compatibility issue.
Latest comments
Napiophelios on 2012-02-05 12:49

I agree,minimizing to tray and hotkey would make this perfect.
It works great from my mp3 player.It can use the random playlist the mp3 player generated so I dont miss the random button so much.

lautrepay on 2012-02-05 23:16

I'm afraid that hotkey support is not in the immediate plans of Mr. Pawlowski for Boom: "Noteworthy features currently missing:
Internet radio playback is not supported.
No easy way to integrate with Windows Explorer other than manually going through "open with" / "choose default program" for every relevant file type.
No audio CD playback."
Just a guess, but with this GUI I think the target is touchscreens...

User2100 on 2014-11-29 19:45

There are lighter lightweight players with more features, but this is a single executable player that doesn't seem to "cheat" by using OS decoders. It starts instantly and the interface looks very nice (truly minimalistic and not just tiny and clumped up). I'm very much missing a time slider though. That's not a small feature to leave out of a media player. It only has fast forward and reverse, which is not very useful for things like skimming trough mixes.

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