PC Decrapifier v3.0.1

billon on 1 Aug 2016
  • 2MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 31 Jul 2016
  • Suggested by Andrew Lee

PC Decrapifier helps you remove many of the common trialware and crapware found installed by default on many of the PCs from big name OEMs. Toolbars, anti-virus and other trials, and many other tools that make money for the laptop makers, but just take up space on your computer without providing value. The program lets you check off items to be removed.

System Requirements: Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Writes settings to: None
Dependencies: Administrator rights
Stealth: ? Yes
License: Free for personal use
How to extract: Download pc-decrapifier-3.x.x.exe and launch.

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Roz 2006-10-14 08:16

I believe it tries to write at least three files to the root of the C: drive.

Anonmin 2007-01-24 13:11

From the Author's homepage:

"The PC Decrapifier is free for personal use, however if you use this program for commercial purposes, you will require a commercial license. The cost is $20 per “technician” (not per PC), which I think is really a bargain considering how much time you can save by using this program."


Free for personal use ?? Oh man....... It is only an AutoIT script (www.autoitscript.com)...... how something like that can be only free "for personal use" and "cost" 20$ ?? this guy is crazy ?? Where are we going.............

Bill 2007-04-14 06:55

Does what it says it does, easy to use, didn't blow up any of my computers, and free for personal use. That's the important stuff.

Robert Olsen 2007-04-14 07:34

It doesn't matter what language it is written in, but the work behind it.

Anonmin: Would you like it better if the author wrote it in C#.Net?

a 2007-04-14 11:05

would it matter if it was a batch script.. :P

Anonmin 2007-04-26 05:56

Of course, the author is free for make that, but if you go to the forums of that script language (really easy and powerfull) there are plenty number of scripts free to download with free support made by anyone like you and me.

Anonmin 2007-04-26 05:57

oh, and with all the source code of course.

iknoweverything 2007-05-20 14:20

i have a better solution.don't install crapware in the first place

Dan 2007-06-05 08:44

My dad tried this program on a HP computer with a few dozen items. It only detected two, and only was able to remove Norton Update (MatchMusic Jukebox or whatever it couldn't remove... it failed to handle the space in "Program Files"! But the MatchMusic uninstaller worked when invoked manually).

It also claimed to be able to remove excess desktop icons, but did nothing.

He ended up having to uninstall it all by hand anyway.

Dan 2007-06-05 08:45

iknoweverything: It's the PC vendors that install the stuff this program is supposed to remove, not the users.

LH 2007-07-19 13:48

Hmm, I know anonmin is NOT a programmer. Nobody who has ever done any scripting or programming would make ridiculous comments like that! Who gives a stuff what language the author uses? If it works, pay the money. If it doesn't, then spend dozens of hours learning a scripting language or programming language and write your own, better version.
Rant over.

Jun 2007-08-30 07:04

I successfully install pc decrapifier but I could not find the program in my desktop, program files and in the control panel. What happen?

Adam 2008-01-28 08:48

The PCdecrapifier guy is rad. he listens to support questions and comments. it's possible that his app isn't yet updated to remove "every" useless icon from your desktop...you should contact the dev and tell him what was "left behind" that you feel the decrapifier should have allowed you to remove.

Let it be known, OEMs get $$$ for installing this "crapware" on your new system(s)- so deal with it ;) Simply use this app to remove it all......

Or, do like I do, and just format the machine after you buy it.

a 2008-08-26 22:32

I'm so sick of my new computers being treated like they were ran by a 11 year brat who was paid to surf websites that install spyware and adware. eMachines, Sony, Dell, and others you know who you are!

AshGhost 2009-01-18 13:52

As of version 2.0, the author has abandoned AutoIt because of inherent limitations and has rewritten the application from scratch.

Not that it matters much, as Robert Olsen, a, and LH have noted above.

Todd M 2009-01-19 05:08

Why the update on 1/18/09? The website the download link sends you to has the latest update as 9/13/08.

webfork 2011-10-13 21:00

I finally got a chance to really test this program out on a horrendously crapware-ridden Sony laptop. Worked like a charm. Great stuff.


Maxom 2012-11-29 07:49

Well, since everyone here seems to be able to get the program started, I assume it's not 64-bit compatible. Won't open on my Win7 computer.


allclownsareevil 2012-11-29 19:23

You're not alone Maxom, it doesn't work for me either Win 7 x64.


MnX 2012-11-29 22:42

It won't start on my x32 XP either.


rodger123 2012-11-29 23:43

used this once-messed up my PC Royal!Make restore point first!


Kea 2012-12-12 00:04

But it works fine on my x64 win7.


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