Ethereal for Windows v0.10.12 Private

Andrew Lee on 8 Aug 2012

Ethereal is a powerful network protocol analyzer that understands more than 700 protocols. Data can be captured from a live network connection, or read from a capture file. Output can be saved or printed as plain text or PostScript. This particular version of Ethereal created by PacketStuff does not require the pre-installation of any packet capture driver such as WinPCap. However, it does require that you have administrator rights for the PC.

System Requirements: Win95 / Win98 / WinME / WinNT / Win2K / WinXP
Writes settings to: Application folder
License: GPL
How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch ethereal.exe.

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gp_hbk 2006-07-26 02:34

What about its new version "Wireshark"?

ian stanley 2006-08-10 03:49

download link now dead

Andrew Lee 2006-08-12 00:58

The entire website is gone. I will add a direct download link for this entry. Let's hope the website is back online soon.

Wireshark 2006-08-21 19:26

There's a nice website at with a version that goes all the way up to 0.10.14 and has all the versions ever created, but it's now known as Wireshark at a new place

"In May of 2006, the original author of Ethereal® went to work for CACE Technologies (best known for WinPcap). Unfortunately, he had to leave the Ethereal® trademarks behind.

This left the project in an awkward position. The only reasonable way to ensure the continued success of the project was to change the name. This is how Wireshark was born.

Wireshark is almost (but not quite) a fork. Normally a "fork" of an open source project results in two names, web sites, development teams, support infrastructures, etc. This is the case with Wireshark except for one notable exception -- every member of the core development team is now working on Wireshark."

Wireshark 2006-08-21 19:43
Andrew Lee 2006-08-22 06:34

Actually, what's special about this particular port of Ethereal is that it does not require the installation of WinPCap on the machine you want to run it on. That's why I listed it.

poofun 2007-01-04 12:44
Helper 2008-01-18 04:15
Hephaestus 2008-02-10 00:02

Try here, just scroll down for the latest version.

Chaneu 2008-03-06 01:25

To Helper and Andrew Lee
Not truly portable as it install WinPCap at it is first launched.

granty 2009-06-07 01:31

Download Ethereal via link at head of section - AVG Free warning of Trojan Horse so downloaded Wireshark via link posted by Rigger. Installs and works a treat on pendrive.

anon 2009-06-12 00:46

i just downloaded the zip file and avg caught a trojan from one of the files in the plugin directory

just a warning to others

Psytechnic 2009-12-29 17:21

chaneu, some info for you:

PortableFreeware excels in the number of available apps being that it has no input on the application development, it simply catalogues them and will catalogue freeware and open-source without discretion.

PortableApps work on open-source much more and there is a tighter regulation on releases. All apps from PortableApps have a 'app_portable.exe' NSIS script created executable frontloader with instructions for registry handling and application information disposal and being that they are the creators of the released portable versions, they can offer support on any issues of portability.

Although WinPCap is installed on launch of Wireshark Portable, it is uninstalled and cleaned up after the program closes. This is the purpose of the 'app_portable.exe' launcher, made by the PortableApps developers.

I am not a PortableApps developer or even an advocate, I am simply a guy who knows what the hell is going on in the programs I use. If you don't know about portability, don't comment on it.

And further more, stop posting that garbage on any page with 'Wireshark' on it. I don't want to correct every one of your docile assumtions, so stop bad-mouthing a damned good program.

Psytechnic 2009-12-29 17:32

By the way, Wireshark is a SourceForge project (God bless open-source), so the best place to get updates and so forth at any time is at:
Look for the one named 'WiresharkPortable-(version).paf.exe'

Paf's are simply 7z self-executing archives of the program folder that have a script in them to look for a PortableApps suite layout on the root of all drives to set the extract location. This is not a requirement as the program folder is completely portable and can be extracted anywhere. Use the 'wireshark_portable.exe' from the program folder to launch.

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