IrfanView v4.44 Updated

webfork on 3 Mar 2017
  • 2MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 20 Dec 2016
  • Suggested by Andrew Lee

IrfanView is a viewer for a wide variety of image, audio, and video formats. The program includes batch processing, creation of panoramic images, edition of multi-page TIFF files, lossless JPEG rotate/crop, and effects such as sharpen and blur. Other tools such as screen capture, scanner, slideshow, plugin support, and ability to capture icons from EXE or DLL

Alternatively, IrfanView Portable is also available and updates drive letters and handles registry keys.

Note: The "setup" version of IrfanView is adware.

System Requirements: WinAll / Wine
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? No. [HKCR\IrfanView]
Unicode support: Partial. There is a DLL that can be activated from the setting window but it doesn't cover everything.
License: Free for non-commerical use
How to extract:
  1. Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice
  2. Optionally
    • Delete iv_uninstall.exe
    • Download the plugins ZIP package and extract the contents to the Plugins sub folder
  3. Launch i_view32.exe
Note: Plugins adds 10 megs to the size and support for more graphics, audio, video, and more. Plugins for OCR and PDF tools are available separate download -- see the thread in forums on how to enable them with portable installations.
Similar/alternative apps: XnView, FastStone Image Viewer
What's new?
  • Metadata PlugIn ported to Unicode (EXIF/IPTC/Comment data in JPG files).
  • Batch scan dialog: Scan to multipage file works also with PDF output.
  • New Edit menu options: Remove or Insert strip (based on selection).
  • New Blur filter: Gaussian Blur.
  • New Blur filter: Fast Gaussian Blur.
  • New Properties->Fullscreen option: Show blurred image sides.
  • Option to show mouse coordinates (Properties->Viewing).
  • New options in Histogram dialog: modeless dialog, selections, curves.
  • New effect added: Vertical Shift (Effects browser dialog).
  • New Thumbnails menu: Show/hide filenames text for thumbnails.
  • New Image->Effects PlugIn: Film Simulation (check the PlugIns page for CLUT files download).
  • New wallpaper option: Fill (Hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + F).
  • New Rename dialog option: Rename also sidecar files.
  • New Print dialog option: Save settings (without printing).
  • Command line option "/append" works also with PDF output.
  • A BMP loading bug fixed.
  • The hotkey "D" (clear screen) works also in Fullscreen/Slideshow mode.
  • Loading crashes fixed in JP2 PlugIn (JPG-2000 format).
  • The Luratech formats (JP2/JPM) are now Freeware (Saving and Batch mode).
  • Command line: /convert accepts wildcard also for a single filename, like: i_view32.exe c:\testimg.bmp /convert=c:\tifs\*.tif => save as "testimg.tif"
  • Command line: /capture=7 can contain the input rectangle, like: i_view32.exe /capture=7=(0,0,800,600)

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Shahdan 2006-06-06 02:19

Hi..I love this program very-very much. I use it very regularly. It can load image faster then any other image viewer(i think). Try this ok!..

Raphael 2006-11-19 06:02

I'm using this baby for years for fast stuff (paintshop pro for the rest) and it is just great. Besides the ability of using photoshop plugins irfanview also creates great html image galeries, multiple image aopperations throug thumbnails an almost everything else besides serious editing.
This is all you need. I dare you to prove me wrong :-)

Rizole 2006-12-21 15:13

The finest light weight, speedy, simple, unencumbered, non-dependant and versitile graphics programme I have used. Had it for years and at a minimum it works great as a graphics clipboard.

The only limitation I have found is that it can't deal with large files copied and pasted from photoshop.

ken 2007-04-04 20:30

I find that running it from a flash drive messes up whatever settings (eg associations and shell menu settings) were set by the Irfanview on the host's hard drive. It's overwriting settings kept by the registry! This is not safe "portable app" behavior, especially if I'm doing this on someone else's machine.

tripex 2007-05-07 06:32

IrfanView is not stealth or even just portable when you activate file associations or shell functions. For this the exe has to be alway on the same place. On a fresh machine or if you move the app folder you need to reregister your desired file associations and of course they are written to the registry. ALL other settings are portable via ini.

Prekese 2007-09-08 04:39

Get the portable version here:

Cogmios 2008-04-20 15:28

Is there ANY way to work around the file-associations thing? If an USB user re-sets the file associations to his "F: drive" installation this causes problems for the original owner of the PC. I realize it is a Windows thing but I hope someone has a clue to maybe solve this/workaround.

Kermode 2008-05-31 13:35

The normal version if portable enough, the new machine doesn't know to call the program if someone clicks on a picture - because guess what - it hasn't been associated with that program. But that's not the programs fault, there is no reason to use a separate launcher.

ChronicChaos 2008-07-19 19:57

Faststone is MUCH better!!!

DeepAnger 2009-01-02 01:01

I've tried a lot of alternatives for years. None is as fast as IrfanView, especially in large folders with lots of files. It's the best and the only other picture viewer I use is XnView for its easier way to handle dual screens.

John Germann 2009-01-02 07:56

I was unable to find a mirror that would let me select a ZIP file. What was I doing wrong?

Nh 2009-02-06 23:27
Andy 2009-03-24 14:46

What I like is that it can make Windows Icons out of any image - so can Gimp by the way.
- Peace!!! masses

HansBKK 2009-09-06 08:29

For the File Associations, Shell extensions (Right-click) and other Registry issues, especially in a multi-user environment, have a look at ASSOX
Off-topic (not portable)
IrfanView's find for quick-and-dirty icons, but for making proper Windows ICO files (14 different size/resolution in one file - see, better to use Photoshop and the Icon Plugin from here

avoidz 2009-11-15 13:57

Best way I find to make IrfanView portable-friendly is to run a PC-installed version (with Plugins), go to Properties/Settings, under Extensions 'Clear all', then uncheck any 'Shell options'. Then copy the whole IrfanView folder to your USB drive. After doing that, re-enable the extensions and shell options on the install PC. I just drag-and-drop images into an open instance since there won't be file associations on the host machine.

webfork 2010-12-16 20:53

Loving the lossless jpg crop and rotation capabilities. Remarkably simple and effective. Fantastic for already faded photos you don't want to lose any quality / file size on.

TAIMAT 2010-12-17 17:14

switched to xnview long time ago .. but my respect for irfanview never ceased

Jeff Alexander 2011-05-19 09:22

This is a great piece of software: simple to use and performs almost any task. I especially like the custom/fine rotation feature which allows you to rotate images to a fraction of a degree both right and left. The batch rename and convert feature is fantastic too. It allows you to save in any format. Like many others, I've been using it for years and highly recommend it. The plugins allow you to do almost any task with it and I'm still discovering new things I can do with every day. The help files are easy to follow and it has a nice, clean, uncluttered interface. Incredibly well designed. Great program! (Did I mention it is free?)


david.lynch 2011-06-20 19:10

website still points to 4.28, but updated portable .zip version 4.30 is available:


Magibon 2011-12-20 11:03

Here's a mirror for v4.32 Zip file.. the official link is dreadfully slow for some reason:

CRC-32: f79688f7
MD4: c62211a701c3f93db56235a6b9296f12
MD5: 933863d485179823cef096f8dd79d7e0
SHA-1: bd629c83b62c704435fffc72cf5ebcaf1c4e7d8b
SiZE: 1.25 MB (1,312,440 bytes)


rodger123 2012-11-10 17:08

I dislike this program,have tried many a version and just dont like multiple windows I guess-I love Xnview Portable to death!


billon 2013-06-29 12:29

Last version is 4.36 (June 27)


billon 2013-12-18 04:41

updated to 4.37


AndTheWolf 2013-12-20 16:59

Secunia PSI is flagging 4.36 as having security issues. The page and the link should probably be updated to 4.37.


Checker 2013-12-21 16:39

@ billon
@ AndTheWolf
Thanks ... and updated.


smaragdus 2014-06-24 18:59

IrfanView version 4.38 is out.


Checker 2014-06-25 10:53

@ smaragdus: Thanks ... and updated ;)


billon 2015-08-05 20:58

V. 4.40 released (2015-07-31)
now have also 64-bit version


Checker 2015-08-05 21:52

@ billon: Thanks ... and updated ;)


TP109 2016-05-21 15:25

Irfanview is one of the oldest, but still one of the best programs of its type. Does just about everything, its fast and very lightweight, and even works from the command-line.


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