The 'e' Chromatic Tuner v0.9

webfork on 25 Aug 2016

The 'e' Chromatic Tuner is an effective, lightweight, and easy-to-use instrument tuning program. You can choose the audio input, and optionally display the frequency of the waveform it "hears."

System Requirements: WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8
Writes settings to: None
Stealth: ? Yes
License: Freeware
How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch etune.exe.

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Onesimus Prime 2009-12-20 06:56

Tucows only lists Windows 2K and XP compatibility for this program. I tried it on Vista anyway, and it doesn't seem to work for me. Can anyone else verify that, or test it on Win7? Thanks

freakazoid 2009-12-20 19:51

Cool! Nice to see a tuning program! Bonus is its small filesize!

ashghost 2009-12-22 01:41

It works for me on Win7. Did it run for you, Onesimus Prime, but just look sort of grayed out in the display area? It did for me, too, but, as the readme says, you have to set Windows' default sound recording option in Control Panel -> Sounds -> Recording.

Onesimus Prime 2009-12-26 04:05

ashghost, that did work. I've changed the entry to include Vista and Win7. Anyone want to try on earlier OS's?

bassiliin 2010-02-12 18:23

Cool app. "Always on Top" option would be nice.

amos 2015-03-25 18:30

The zip is no longer available. Can I find it anyhow?


Checker 2015-03-26 16:46

@ amos: Klick on the green 'Download Now' button ;)


I am Baas 2015-03-27 00:01

@checker did you click on the green 'Download Now' button? 😒


Checker 2015-03-27 00:44

@ I am Baas: Yes, I did.
I've got a nice, working ZIP file, which extracted perfectly ;)


Checker 2015-03-27 01:05

Maybe the link isn't working correct permanently.
I'll try it out again this afternoon, when I'm home.


I am Baas 2015-03-27 04:29

@Checker Odd. No .zip file just an installer theechromatictuner-setup.exe (651 KB)


joby_toss 2015-03-27 13:26

Same here, I get only an .exe file (tried it with a German IP, too). We should find an alternative download link, or maybe Andrew saved a backup of the .zip file and can provide a download link (it's a small file). That .exe has issues!


I am Baas 2015-03-27 14:00

"That .exe has issues!"

Lol joby_toss, that is a mild way to say it's crapware.


lautrepay 2015-03-27 14:25

Here's a link:


Checker 2015-03-27 17:08

I tryed it again today (16:48 UTC) an got a perfect ZIP file named
It's 72361 byte before and 228766 byte after extracting to a folder.
The folder includes 3 files (etune.exe, licence.txt and ReadMe.txt).

@ I am Baas: Before asking ... I didn't have a beer before downloading ;)


lautrepay 2015-03-27 18:57

Download link updated.


I am Baas 2015-03-27 23:58




Weird. None of us was served the .zip package upon clicking on the green download button. I don't know, maybe your machine already has the Tucows downloader.


Checker 2015-03-28 10:22

@ I am Baas: Yes, that's weird, because I tried it later on other PCs and got only the installer.
Maybe it depends on the browser you use. I still use an old Opera-version (Opera@USB 10.0) for most of my work and there I got the ZIP.
On PC with Firefox 32.0.4, I got the installer

... that's weird!


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