BluetoothView v1.66

Checker on 18 Feb 2013
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BluetoothView is a small utility that runs in the background and monitors the activity of Bluetooth devices around you. For each detected Bluetooth device, it displays the following information: Device Name, Bluetooth Address, Major Device Type, Minor Device Type, First Detection Time, Last Detection Time etc. BluetoothView can also notify you when a new Bluetooth device is detected, by displaying a balloon in the taskbar or by playing a small beep sound.

System Requirements: WinXP / Vista / Win7
Writes settings to: Application folder
Dependencies: For Windows XP: Service Pack 2 or above must be installed.
Stealth: ? Yes
License: Freeware
How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch BluetoothView.exe. Optionally, download oui.txt to the same folder to keep an up to date database of Bluetooth addresses.
What's new?
  • Added 'Mark Odd/Even Rows' option, under the View menu. When it's turned on, the odd and even rows are displayed in different color, to make it easier to read a single line.
  • Added 'Auto Size Columns+Headers' option, which allows you to automatically resize the columns according to the row values and column headers.

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LucW 2009-05-04 02:31

Unfortunately it doesn't work on my laptop with built-in Bluetooth.

Tecknosam 2009-05-04 16:03

It didn't work on my PC with USB Bluetooth dongle running Blue Soleil. OS is Windows XP SP1

Andrew Lee 2009-05-04 18:52

For Windows XP, you need SP2 or above, as detailed at the application website.

LucW 2009-05-05 00:06

I have tested it on a laptop with Windows XP SP3 and on another one with XP SP2. It didn't work on either. Pity because it looks like a neat little thing that I would love to try.

Bt-man 2009-12-03 15:21

Unfortunately doesn't work on HP EliteBook with embedded Bt and WinXP/SP2 :(

chevybowtie 2010-07-27 00:19

Does work on a Dell e6500 w/ built in bluetooth

Askanoulis 2010-07-27 05:15

Worked on my Vaio. Funny little app :-). Dont know if it could be useful in any way .. still you can see who's around.

Edu 2010-09-01 15:49

Doesn't work in my WinXP SP3 :-(

Unknown 2010-10-05 10:09

It didn't work on my Window 7 laptop for some reason.

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