Free Uninstaller v1.1

webfork on 18 Jun 2016

Free Uninstaller is a replacement for the "Add/Remove Program" control panel applet. It starts up slightly faster, gives a variety of information on every program installed on your computer, and can uninstall multiple programs consecutively.

Also allows you to remove invalid entries, which are highlighted in red, directly from the uninstall list. You can also choose to view only invalid entries when cleaning up the system.

System Requirements: Win98 / WinME / Win2K / WinXP / Vista
Writes settings to: Application folder. A couple of non-configurable values are stored in the registry.
Stealth: ? No
License: Freeware
How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch fun.exe.

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a 2008-08-26 21:58

@Chris, you were probably right. I removed a couple invalid entries and the error has stopped.

Webfork 2007-12-29 23:47

A great program with registry backup capability, detailed program information, and a net search tool to quickly find out even more.

Best of all, it will uninstall multiple programs simultaneously -- great with the useless software that comes pre-installed with Dell, Compaq, and other computers.

Chris 2007-11-02 07:06

At a guess - one of the programs in your uninstall list points to a drive that no longer exists. For example:
Program ABC ----> uninstall path may be a:\uninstall.exe and the A: drive may no longer exist
I got this error when I first upgraded to Vista - I copied across my SoftCAT configuration, and some of the programs in that database were installed to the E: drive (which I no longer had under Vista). So, everytime I would start up SoftCAT - boom, that error would appear. Once I updated the path to the main .exe's from E: to C:, the error went away.

a 2007-09-07 10:26

when i start it i'm getting an error "windows - no disk" "exception processing message" and some random numbers and letters. I pressed cancel 3 times and then it runs just fine. anyone know whats wrong?

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